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Words formed from any letters in hymnist, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

e -   thymines

o -   thymosin

s -   hymnists

7 letters

c -   chymist

e -   thymine

h -   hymnist

i -   hymnist

m -   hymnist

n -   hymnist

s -   hymnist

t -   hymnist

y -   hymnist

6 letters

a -   mantis   matins   mynahs   sanity   satiny   shanti   shanty

c -   chints   mystic   mythic   snitch   thymic

d -   shindy

e -   enmity   hemins   hymens   inmesh   stymie   theins   theism   thymes

f -   shifty

g -   mights   mighty   nights   nighty   shying   stingy   stying   things

h -   smithy

i -   isthmi   minish   mishit   smithy

k -   stinky   thinks

l -   thinly

m -   shimmy   smithy

n -   ninths   shinny

o -   hominy   inmost   monish   monist   months   myosin   mythoi   mythos   simony   tonish   toyish

p -   nymphs

r -   mirths   shirty   thyrsi   yirths

s -   smiths   smithy   synths

t -   shitty   smithy   stithy

u -   mutiny   thymus

w -   whimsy

y -   smithy

5 letters

a -   amins   amity   antis   antsy   ayins   hants   hasty   mains   maist   mashy   maths   matin   mayst   minas   mynah   mynas   nasty   saint   saith   satin   snath   stain   tains   tamis   tansy

b -   bints   bitsy

c -   chins   chits   itchy   mincy   stich   synch

d -   dints   dishy   ditsy   hinds   midst   minds   mysid

e -   emits   heist   hemin   hents   hymen   inset   items   meiny   meshy   meths   metis   miens   mines   mites   neist   nites   senti   shent   shine   smite   stein   stime   thein   thens   thine   thyme   times   tines   tynes   yetis

f -   fishy   nifty   shift

g -   hying   might   mingy   nighs   night   sight   sting   thing   tings   tying

h -   hints   hymns   myths   shiny   smith   synth   thins   thymi

i -   hints   intis   minis   mints   minty   misty   mitis   shiny   smith   stimy   thins   thymi

k -   kiths   knish   knits   minks   shtik   skint   stink   think

l -   hilts   limns   lints   linty   lysin   milts   milty   shily   silty   slimy   styli

m -   hymns   mints   minty   misty   myths   smith   stimy   thymi

n -   hinny   hints   hymns   minny   mints   minty   ninth   shiny   synth   thins   tinny

o -   hoist   hyson   moist   month   moths   mothy   noisy   omits   stony   yonis

p -   nymph   pints   piths   pithy   pyins   spiny   tipsy

r -   mirth   shirt   trims   yirth

s -   hints   hissy   hists   hymns   mints   missy   mists   misty   myths   shims   shins   shiny   shist   shits   sinhs   smith   snits   stimy   synth   thins

t -   hints   mints   minty   misty   mitts   myths   nitty   smith   stimy   stint   synth   thins   thymi   tints

u -   hunts   minus   munis   mushy   musth   musty   nutsy   shunt   suint   tushy   units   unity

w -   swith   twins   twiny   whims   whins   whiny   whist   whits   whity   withy

x -   sixth   sixty   xysti

y -   hymns   minty   misty   myths   mythy   shiny   stimy   stymy   synth   thymi   thymy   tyiyn

4 letters

a -   aims   ains   aits   amin   amis   anis   anti   ants   ashy   ayin   hams   hant   hast   hats   hays   main   mans   many   mash   mast   math   mats   mays   mina   myna   nays   sain   sati   sham   shat   shay   sima   stay   tain   tams   tans   than   yams

b -   bins   bint   bits   inby   mibs   nibs   snib

c -   chin   chis   chit   cist   city   cyst   ichs   inch   itch   sync   tics

d -   dims   dins   dint   dish   dits   hind   mids   mind   tidy   yids

e -   emit   eths   hems   hens   hent   hest   hets   hies   hyte   item   mesh   meth   mien   mine   mise   mite   nest   nets   nite   semi   sent   sine   site   snye   stem   stey   stye   syne   tens   them   then   they   ties   time   tine   tyes   tyne   yens   yeti

f -   fins   fish   fist   fits   sift

g -   ghis   gins   gist   gits   gyms   migs   nigh   sigh   sign   sing   ting

h -   hins   hint   hisn   hist   hits   hymn   myth   shim   shin   shit   sinh   sith   thin   this

i -   hins   hint   hisn   hist   hits   inti   mini   mint   mist   mity   nims   nisi   nits   shim   shin   shit   sinh   sith   smit   snit   thin   this   tins   tiny   tyin   yins

j -   jins   jism

k -   inks   inky   khis   kins   kist   kith   kits   knit   mink   sink   skim   skin   skit

l -   hilt   inly   limn   limy   lins   lint   liny   list   lits   mils   milt   nils   silt   slim   slit   syli   tils

m -   hymn   immy   mint   mist   mity   myth   nims   shim   smit

n -   hins   hint   hisn   hymn   inns   mint   nims   nits   shin   sinh   snit   thin   tins   tiny   tyin   yins

o -   homy   hons   host   hots   hoys   into   ions   mhos   miso   mons   mony   mosh   most   moth   mots   noms   nosh   nosy   ohms   omit   shmo   shot   snot   soth   thio   toms   tons   tony   tosh   toys   yoni

p -   hips   hyps   imps   nips   phis   pins   pint   piny   pish   pith   pits   pity   pyin   ship   simp   snip   spin   spit   syph   tips   yips

r -   mirs   miry   rims   rimy   rins   shri   stir   thir   trim

s -   hins   hisn   hiss   hist   hits   isms   miss   mist   nims   nits   shim   shin   shit   sims   sinh   sins   sith   sits   smit   snit   this   tins   yins

t -   hint   hist   hits   mint   mist   mitt   mity   myth   nits   shit   sith   smit   snit   thin   this   tins   tint   tiny   tits   tyin

u -   hums   huns   hunt   huts   muni   muns   mush   must   muts   nuts   shun   shut   smut   stum   stun   suit   thus   tuis   tuns   tush   unit

v -   shiv   tivy   vims   viny

w -   swim   twin   whim   whin   whit   whys   wins   winy   wish   wist   with   wits   wyns   ywis

x -   minx   mixt   nixy   xyst

y -   hymn   mity   myth   tiny   tyin   yins

z -   sizy   zins   zits

3 letters

a -   aim   ain   ais   ait   ami   ani   ant   any   ash   ays   ham   has   hat   hay   man   mas   mat   may   nah   nam   nay   sat   say   sha   tam   tan   tas   yah   yam

b -   bin   bis   bit   bys   mib   nib   sib

c -   chi   cis   hic   ich   icy   sic   tic

d -   dim   din   dis   dit   hid   ids   mid   yid

e -   ems   ens   eth   hem   hen   hes   het   hey   hie   men   met   net   sei   sen   set   she   ten   the   tie   tye   yeh   yen   yes   yet

f -   fin   fit   ifs

g -   ghi   gin   git   gym   mig

h -   him   hin   his   hit   nth   shh   shy   thy

i -   him   hin   his   hit   ins   ism   its   mis   nim   nit   sim   sin   sit   tin   tis   yin

j -   jin

k -   ink   khi   kin   kit   ski   sky   tsk

l -   lin   lis   lit   mil   nil   sly   til

m -   him   hmm   ism   mim   mis   nim   sim

n -   hin   inn   ins   nim   nit   nth   sin   syn   tin   yin

o -   hon   hot   hoy   ion   mho   mon   mos   mot   noh   nom   nos   not   ohm   ohs   oms   ons   som   son   sot   soy   tho   tom   ton   toy   yom   yon

p -   hip   hyp   imp   nip   phi   pht   pin   pis   pit   psi   sip   spy   tip   yip

r -   mir   rim   rin   sir   sri   try

s -   his   ins   ism   its   mis   shy   sim   sin   sis   sit   sty   syn   tis

t -   hit   its   nit   nth   sit   sty   thy   tin   tis   tit

u -   hum   hun   hut   mun   mus   mut   nus   nut   sum   sun   tui   tun   uns   uts   yum

v -   ivy   vim   vis

w -   why   win   wis   wit   wyn

x -   mix   nix   six   xis

y -   shy   sty   syn   thy   yin

z -   zin   zit

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