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Words formed from any letters in hotfoot, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   hotfoots

7 letters

f -   hotfoot

h -   hotfoot

o -   hotfoot

t -   hotfoot

u -   outfoot

6 letters

r -   toroth

s -   tooths

y -   toothy

5 letters

a -   afoot

b -   bhoot   booth

c -   chott

e -   theft

h -   tooth

l -   lotto

m -   motto

o -   tooth

p -   photo   potto

r -   forth   froth   ortho   thoro   torot   troth

s -   foots   hoofs   hoots   ottos   shoot   shott   sooth   tofts   toots

t -   tooth

w -   whoof

y -   footy   hooty

4 letters

a -   haft   oath   that

b -   boot   both   bott   hobo

c -   coft   coho   coof   coot

d -   doth   food   hood

e -   heft   teth   tote

f -   foot   hoof   toff   toft

g -   goof

h -   hoof   hoot

i -   thio   toit

k -   hook   koto   took

l -   fool   holt   loft   loof   loot   loth   tool

m -   homo   moot   moth   mott   toom

n -   fohn   font   onto   toon

o -   foot   hoof   hoot   otto   toft   toot

p -   hoop   phot   poof   pooh   toph

r -   fort   roof   root   roto   thro   toro   tort   trot

s -   host   hots   oohs   oots   shoo   shot   soft   soot   soth   tosh   tost   tots

t -   foot   hoot   otto   toft   toot

u -   thou   tofu   tout   tuft

w -   howf   woof

y -   toyo

3 letters

a -   aft   att   fat   hao   hat   oaf   oat   tao   tat

b -   boo   bot   fob   hob

c -   coo   cot

d -   dot   hod   tod

e -   eft   eth   feh   fet   foe   het   hoe   tet   the   toe

f -   foh   off   oft

g -   fog   goo   got   hog   tog

h -   foh   hot   oho   ooh   tho

i -   fit   hit   tit

j -   jot

l -   loo   lot

m -   mho   moo   mot   ohm   tom

n -   fon   hon   noh   noo   not   nth   ton

o -   foh   hot   oft   oho   ooh   oot   tho   too   tot

p -   fop   hop   opt   pht   poh   pot   top

r -   for   fro   ort   rho   rot   tor

s -   ohs   sot

t -   hot   oft   oot   tho   too   tot

u -   fou   hut   out   tut

w -   how   tow   two   who   woo   wot

x -   fox   oxo

y -   foy   hoy   thy   toy

z -   zoo

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