More Words

Words formed from any letters in hitless, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

a -   heliasts   shaliest

e -   shelties

g -   sleights

l -   hiltless

o -   hostiles

p -   pithless

r -   slithers

t -   thistles

w -   whistles

7 letters

a -   ashiest   halites   haslets   hatless   heliast   salties   saltish   sheilas   sheltas   tahsils

c -   chisels

d -   delists   shields

e -   hessite   hitless   listees   sheltie   telesis   tieless

f -   hisself   leftish   selfish   stifles

g -   legists   sleighs   sleight   slights

h -   hitless

i -   hitless

l -   hitless   listels

m -   theisms

n -   enlists   listens   silents   sithens   tinsels

o -   eoliths   holiest   holists   hostels   hostile   isohels

p -   hipless   spilths   stipels   tipless

r -   hirsels   hirsles   listers   relists   slither

s -   hitless

t -   hitless   lithest   shtetls   theists   thistle

u -   hustles   lushest   sleuths   tushies

w -   whistle   witless

y -   stylise   stylish

6 letters

a -   aisles   halest   halite   haslet   hassel   hassle   hastes   lashes   lassie   lathes   lathis   latish   leasts   saithe   saltie   selahs   shales   sheals   sheila   shelta   siesta   slates   stales   steals   stelai   tahsil   tassel   tassie   teslas

b -   blites   blithe

c -   chests   chiels   chiles   chisel   ethics   itches   liches   lichts   schist   slices   stelic   stichs

d -   deists   delist   desist   dishes   hilted   hissed   histed   idlest   listed   shield   sidles   silted   slides   tildes

e -   elites   heists   islets   istles   lethes   listee   sheets   shiels   shiest   sleets   sliest   steels   steles   stiles   theses   thesis

f -   elfish   feists   fetish   filets   filses   filths   fishes   fliest   flites   itself   shifts   stifle

g -   eights   legist   legits   lights   sights   sleigh   slight

h -   heists   shiels   shiest   thesis

i -   heists   islets   istles   shiels   shiest   sliest   stiles   thesis

k -   kithes   likest   sheiks   shikse   shtiks   skites

l -   illest   islets   istles   lisles   listel   shells   shiels   shills   sliest   stiles   stills   thills

m -   missel   misset   slimes   smelts   smiles   smites   smiths   stimes   theism   tmesis

n -   elints   enlist   inlets   insets   listen   shines   silent   steins   theins   tinsel

o -   eolith   helios   helots   hoises   hoists   holies   holist   hosels   hostel   hotels   isohel   lithos   sheols   shotes   sloths   stoles   thiols   tholes   toiles   toshes

p -   pishes   pistes   plisse   shleps   slipes   speils   spelts   spiels   spiles   spilth   spites   splits   stipel   stipes

r -   hirsel   hirsle   hisser   lister   liters   lither   litres   relish   relist   resist   shiers   shires   shirts   sister   theirs   thirls   tilers

s -   heists   hisses   islets   istles   shiels   shiest   shists   sliest   stiles   thesis

t -   heists   islets   istles   shiest   shtetl   sliest   stiles   stilts   testis   theist   thesis   tilths   tithes   titles

u -   hustle   lushes   shutes   sleuth   suites   tissue   tushes   tushie   tusseh   tussle

v -   elvish   livest   shives   vilest

w -   swithe   whiles   whilst   whists   whites   wisest   wishes   withes

x -   exists   ixtles   sexist   sixtes   sixths

y -   ethyls   shelty   shyest   slyest   styles

5 letters

a -   aisle   alist   ashes   asset   easts   haets   hails   hales   halts   haste   hates   heals   heats   laith   lases   lasts   lathe   lathi   laths   leash   least   litas   sails   saith   sales   salts   sates   satis   seals   seats   selah   setal   shale   shalt   sheal   sheas   sials   sisal   slash   slate   slats   stale   stash   steal   stela   taels   tails   tales   tasse   teals   telia   tesla

b -   belts   bests   beths   biles   bises   bites   bless   blest   blets   bliss   blite

c -   ceils   celts   cesti   chess   chest   chiel   chile   chits   cists   cites   clits   ethic   letch   licht   sects   sices   slice   stich   telic

d -   deils   deist   delis   delts   diets   dites   edits   hides   idles   isled   sheds   shied   sides   sidle   silds   sited   sleds   slide   stied   tides   tilde   tiled

e -   elite   heels   heils   heist   hests   isles   islet   istle   leets   lethe   lithe   seels   seise   sheet   shiel   shies   sites   sleet   steel   stele   sties   stile   teels   teles   these   tiles

f -   feist   felts   files   filet   filth   fists   flesh   flies   flite   flits   hefts   lefts   lifts   seifs   selfs   shelf   shift   sifts   thief

g -   eight   gelts   gests   gilts   gists   legit   light   sighs   sight

h -   heils   heist   hests   heths   hilts   hists   lithe   shiel   shies   shist   shits

i -   heils   heist   hilts   hists   isles   islet   issei   istle   lists   lithe   shiel   shies   shist   shits   silts   sites   slits   sties   stile   tiles

j -   jests   jilts

k -   hikes   khets   kilts   kists   kites   kithe   kiths   likes   sheik   shtik   sikes   silks   skies   skite   skits   tikes

l -   heils   hells   hills   hilts   isles   islet   istle   lilts   lisle   lists   lithe   sells   shell   shiel   shill   sills   silts   slits   stile   still   tells   thill   tiles   tills

m -   emits   helms   items   limes   melts   meths   metis   miles   milts   mises   mists   mites   seism   semis   shims   slime   slims   smelt   smile   smite   smith   stems   stime   times

n -   elint   hents   hints   inlet   inset   lenis   liens   lines   lints   neist   nests   nites   senti   shent   shine   shins   sines   sinhs   snits   stein   thein   thens   thine   thins   tines

o -   ethos   helio   helos   helot   hoise   hoist   holes   holts   hosel   hoses   hosts   hotel   litho   loess   loses   sheol   shoes   shote   shots   silos   sloes   slosh   sloth   slots   soils   solei   soles   soths   stole   teloi   telos   thiol   thole   those   toile   toils   toles

p -   helps   lisps   pelts   pests   piles   piste   piths   plies   septs   ships   shlep   sipes   slept   slipe   slips   slipt   speil   spelt   spiel   spies   spile   spilt   spite   spits   split   steps   stipe

r -   heirs   herls   hires   ither   lehrs   liers   liter   litre   relit   rests   riels   riles   rises   rites   shier   shire   shirt   shris   sires   slier   stirs   their   thirl   tiers   tiler   tires   tirls   tress   tries

s -   heils   heist   hests   hilts   hists   isles   islet   istle   lists   shiel   shies   shist   shits   silts   sises   sites   slits   sties   stile   tiles

t -   heist   hests   hilts   hists   islet   istle   lists   lithe   setts   shist   shits   silts   sites   slits   stets   sties   stile   stilt   tests   teths   tiles   tilth   tilts   tithe   title

u -   etuis   hilus   ileus   issue   lieus   lusts   lutes   shuls   shute   shuts   situs   slues   slush   sluts   suets   suite   suits   sushi   tules   utile

v -   evils   hives   lives   shive   shivs   veils   vests   vises

w -   lewis   lweis   shews   slews   stews   swish   swith   thews   welsh   welts   wests   whets   while   whist   white   whits   wiles   wilts   wises   wists   wites   withe

x -   exist   exits   helix   ixtle   lexis   sexts   silex   sixes   sixte   sixth

y -   ethyl   hissy   lyses   lysis   shily   silty   styes   style   styli   sylis   yetis

z -   sizes   zests

4 letters

a -   ails   aits   ales   alit   alts   ates   east   eath   eats   etas   haes   haet   hail   hale   halt   hast   hate   hats   heal   heat   hila   ilea   lase   lash   lass   last   late   lath   lati   lats   leas   sail   sale   sals   salt   sash   sate   sati   seal   seas   seat   seta   shat   shea   sial   slat   tael   tail   tale   tali   tass   teal   teas   tela   thae

b -   bels   belt   best   beth   bets   bile   bise   bite   bits   blet   libs   sibs

c -   ceil   cels   celt   cess   chis   chit   cist   cite   clit   etch   etic   ices   ichs   itch   lech   lice   lich   secs   sect   sice   sics   tics

d -   deil   deli   dels   delt   diel   dies   diet   dish   diss   dite   dits   edhs   edit   elds   held   hide   hied   ides   idle   lids   lied   shed   side   sild   sled   slid   teds   tide   tied

e -   eels   elhi   else   eses   eths   heel   heil   hest   hets   hies   isle   lees   leet   leis   less   lest   lets   lies   lite   seel   sees   seis   sels   sets   shes   site   teel   tees   tele   tels   thee   ties   tile

f -   efts   fehs   felt   fess   fets   file   fils   fish   fist   fits   flit   heft   left   lief   life   lift   seif   self   sift

g -   egis   gels   gelt   gest   gets   ghis   gies   gilt   gist   gits   legs   segs   sigh   tegs

h -   elhi   eths   hehs   heil   hest   heth   hets   hies   hilt   hiss   hist   hits   shes   shit   sith   this

i -   elhi   heil   hies   hili   hilt   hiss   hist   hits   isle   leis   lies   list   lite   lits   seis   shit   silt   site   sith   sits   slit   this   ties   tile   tils

j -   jess   jest   jets   jilt

k -   elks   hike   ilks   khet   khis   kilt   kiss   kist   kite   kith   kits   leks   like   sike   silk   skis   skit   tike   tsks

l -   elhi   ells   heil   hell   hill   hilt   ills   isle   leis   less   lest   lets   lies   lilt   list   lite   lits   sell   sels   sill   silt   slit   tell   tels   tile   till   tils

m -   elms   emit   helm   hems   isms   item   lime   mels   melt   mesh   mess   meth   mile   mils   milt   mise   miss   mist   mite   semi   shim   sims   slim   smit   stem   them   time

n -   hens   hent   hins   hint   hisn   lens   lent   lien   line   lins   lint   ness   nest   nets   nils   nite   nits   sent   shin   sine   sinh   sins   snit   tens   then   thin   tine   tins

o -   helo   hoes   hole   hols   holt   hose   host   hots   lose   loss   lost   loth   loti   lots   oils   oles   oses   shoe   shot   silo   sloe   slot   soil   sole   soli   sols   soth   sots   thio   toes   toil   tole   tosh   toss

p -   help   hips   lept   lipe   lips   lisp   pehs   pelt   pest   pets   phis   pies   pile   pish   piss   pith   pits   plie   psis   psst   sept   ship   sipe   sips   slip   spit   step   tips

r -   erst   heir   herl   hers   hire   ires   lehr   lier   lire   reis   resh   rest   rets   riel   rile   rise   rite   sers   shri   sire   sirs   sris   stir   thir   tier   tire   tirl

s -   eths   hest   hets   hies   hiss   hist   hits   isle   leis   less   lest   lets   lies   list   lits   seis   sels   sets   shes   shit   silt   site   sith   sits   slit   tels   this   ties   tils

t -   eths   hest   hets   hilt   hist   hits   lest   lets   list   lite   lits   sets   sett   shit   silt   site   sith   sits   slit   stet   tels   test   teth   tets   this   ties   tile   tils   tilt   tits

u -   etui   hues   huts   lieu   litu   lues   lush   lust   lute   shul   shut   slue   slut   sues   suet   suit   thus   tuis   tule   tush   uses

v -   evil   hive   live   shiv   veil   vest   vets   vies   vile   vise

w -   hews   lwei   sews   shew   slew   stew   tews   thew   welt   west   wets   whet   whit   wile   wilt   wise   wish   wiss   wist   wite   with   wits

x -   exit   ilex   sext

y -   hyte   leys   lyes   lyse   stey   stye   syli   they   tyes   yeti

z -   size   zest   zits

3 letters

a -   ail   ais   ait   ale   als   alt   ash   ass   ate   eat   eta   hae   has   hat   las   lat   lea   sae   sal   sat   sea   sha   tae   tas   tea

b -   bel   bet   bis   bit   lib   sib

c -   cel   chi   cis   hic   ice   ich   sec   sic   tic

d -   del   die   dis   dit   edh   eds   eld   hid   ids   led   lid   ted

e -   eel   els   ess   eth   hes   het   hie   lee   lei   let   lie   see   sei   sel   set   she   tee   tel   the   tie

f -   efs   eft   elf   feh   fet   fie   fil   fit   ifs

g -   gel   get   ghi   gie   git   leg   seg   teg

h -   eth   heh   hes   het   hie   his   hit   she   shh   the

i -   hie   his   hit   its   lei   lie   lis   lit   sei   sis   sit   tie   til   tis

j -   jet

k -   elk   ilk   khi   kit   lek   ski   tsk

l -   ell   els   ill   lei   let   lie   lis   lit   sel   tel   til

m -   elm   ems   hem   him   ism   mel   met   mil   mis   sim

n -   ens   hen   hin   ins   lin   net   nil   nit   nth   sen   sin   ten   tin

o -   hoe   hot   lot   oes   ohs   oil   ole   ose   sol   sos   sot   tho   toe

p -   hep   hip   lip   peh   pes   pet   phi   pht   pie   pis   pit   psi   sip   tip

r -   ers   her   ire   rei   res   ret   ser   sir   sri

s -   els   ess   hes   his   its   lis   sei   sel   set   she   sis   sit   tis

t -   eth   het   hit   its   let   lit   set   sit   tel   tet   the   tie   til   tis   tit

u -   hue   hut   leu   sue   tui   use   uts

v -   lev   vet   vie   vis

w -   hew   sew   tew   wet   wis   wit

x -   hex   lex   sex   six   xis

y -   hey   ley   lye   shy   sly   sty   thy   tye   yeh   yes   yet

z -   lez   zit

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