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Words formed from any letters in hexadic, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   hexadic

c -   hexadic

d -   hexadic

e -   hexadic

h -   hexadic

i -   hexadic

n -   chained   echidna

p -   edaphic

r -   chaired

x -   hexadic

6 letters

a -   acedia

b -   bached

c -   cached

d -   caddie   chided

e -   excide   hexade

f -   chafed

k -   hacked   hackie

l -   chield   childe   hailed   halide   heliac   lexica

m -   chimed   haemic   miched

n -   axenic   chaine   chined   inched   niched

o -   coaxed   codeia   cohead   hoaxed

r -   achier   arched   cahier   caried   chadri   chared   chider   dreich   echard   exarch   haired   herdic

s -   axised   cashed   chaise   chased   chides   hexads

t -   detach   itched   taxied

u -   adieux   caudex

v -   advice

w -   chawed

5 letters

a -   aahed   ached   aecia   ahead   dacha   hexad

b -   abide   beach   cebid   ceiba

c -   ached   cache   chide

d -   ached   aided   chide   diced   haded   hexad   hided

e -   ached   chide   deice   dexie   eched   hexad   hexed

f -   chafe   chief   decaf   faced   faxed   fiche   fixed

g -   cadge   caged

h -   ached   chide   hexad

i -   chide

j -   hadji   jehad   jihad

k -   caked   hacek   hiked   khadi   kheda

l -   ailed   alcid   axile   axled   calix   chela   chiel   child   chile   clade   decal   haled   halid   helix   ideal   ileac   laced   laich   leach

m -   admix   aimed   amice   amide   chime   cimex   hemic   maced   mache   media   medic   miche   mixed

n -   acned   caned   canid   chain   china   chine   dance   hance   index   nicad   niche   nixed   xenia   xenic

o -   chiao   codex   coxae   coxed   doxie   oxide

p -   aphid   caped   chape   cheap   paced   peach

r -   acred   acrid   aider   aired   arced   areic   cadre   caird   cared   carex   cedar   ceria   chair   chard   chare   cider   cried   daric   deair   dicer   erica   hared   heard   hider   hired   irade   raced   radix   raxed   reach   redia   riced   xeric

s -   aches   acids   aides   asdic   ashed   aside   cades   cadis   caids   cased   cedis   chads   chase   chias   daces   dashi   deash   dices   hades   heads   hides   ideas   sadhe   saice   shade   shied

t -   acted   aitch   axite   cadet   cheat   cited   death   dicta   ditch   edict   ethic   exact   hated   tache   taxed   teach   theca

u -   adieu

v -   caved   cavie   chive   hived   viced

w -   cawed   dewax   hawed   waxed

x -   hexad

y -   acidy   decay   dicey   hayed   heady

z -   azide   hazed

4 letters

a -   aced   ache   acid   aide   axed   cade   cadi   caid   chad   chia   dace   each   hade   haed   head   idea

b -   abed   bach   bade   bead   bice   bide   ibex

c -   aced   ache   acid   cade   cadi   caid   ceca   cedi   chad   chia   chic   chid   dace   dice   each   iced

d -   aced   acid   aide   axed   cade   cadi   caid   cedi   chad   chid   dace   dead   dice   died   hade   haed   head   hide   hied   iced   idea

e -   aced   ache   aide   axed   cade   cede   cedi   dace   dice   each   eche   eide   exec   hade   haed   head   heed   hide   hied   iced   idea

f -   cafe   chef   deaf   defi   face   fade   fice

g -   aged   cage   egad   gadi   gaed   gied

h -   ache   chad   chia   chid   each   hade   haed   head   hide   hied

i -   acid   aide   cadi   caid   cedi   chia   chid   dice   hide   hied   iced   idea   ixia

j -   hadj   haji   jade

k -   cake   deck   dhak   dick   dike   hack   haik   hake   heck   hick   hike   kadi

l -   alec   axel   axil   axle   calx   ceil   clad   dahl   dale   deal   deil   deli   dhal   dial   diel   elhi   hail   hale   heal   heil   held   hila   idle   ilea   ilex   lace   lade   laic   laid   lead   lech   lice   lich   lied

m -   acme   ahem   amid   amie   came   cham   dame   dime   emic   exam   haem   hame   idem   mace   mach   made   maid   maxi   mead   mica   mice

n -   acne   cain   cane   chin   cine   dean   deni   dine   haen   hand   hind   inch   nice   nide   nixe

o -   chao   ciao   coax   coda   code   coed   coxa   deco   echo   hoax   hoed   odea   odic   ohed   ohia   oxid

p -   aped   apex   cape   caph   chap   chip   epha   epic   heap   pace   padi   paid   pech   pica   pice   pied

q -   qaid

r -   acre   arch   arid   card   care   char   cire   dare   dear   dire   hair   hard   hare   hear   heir   herd   hire   ired   race   raid   read   rhea   rice   rich   ride

s -   aces   aids   asci   axes   axis   cads   case   cash   chis   dahs   dais   dash   dies   disc   dish   edhs   haes   hies   ices   ichs   ides   sade   sadi   said   scad   shad   shea   shed   sice   side

t -   adit   cate   chat   chit   cite   date   diet   dita   dite   eath   edit   etch   etic   exit   haet   hate   heat   itch   tace   tach   taxi   thae   tide   tied

u -   cued   duce   duci   eaux   hued   huic

v -   avid   cave   deva   diva   dive   have   hive   vice   vide   vied

w -   awed   chaw   chew   wade   wadi   whid   wich   wide

x -   axed

y -   achy   chay   dexy   yeah   yech

z -   adze   chez   daze   haze

3 letters

a -   aah   ace   aha   aid   axe   cad   dah   had   hae

b -   bad   bah   bed   bid   cab   dab   deb   dib

c -   ace   cad   chi   hic   ice   ich

d -   add   aid   cad   dad   dah   dex   did   die   edh   had   hid

e -   ace   axe   cee   dee   dex   die   edh   hae   hex   hie   ice

f -   fad   fax   fed   feh   fid   fie   fix

g -   age   cig   dag   dig   gad   gae   ged   ghi   gid   gie   hag

h -   chi   dah   edh   had   hae   hah   heh   hex   hic   hid   hie   ich

i -   aid   chi   die   hic   hid   hie   ice   ich

j -   haj

k -   dak   ick   kae   kea   kex   khi   kid

l -   ail   ale   cel   dal   del   eld   lac   lad   lax   lea   led   lei   lex   lid   lie

m -   aim   ami   cam   dam   dim   ham   hem   him   mac   mad   mae   max   med   mid   mix

n -   ain   and   ane   ani   can   den   din   end   hen   hin   nae   nah   nix

o -   ado   cod   cox   doc   doe   hao   hod   hoe   oca   ode

p -   ape   cap   cep   dap   dip   hap   hep   hip   pac   pad   pah   pax   pea   pec   ped   peh   phi   pia   pic   pie   pix

r -   air   arc   are   car   ear   era   her   ire   rad   rah   rax   rec   red   rei   rex   ria   rid

s -   ads   ais   ash   cis   dis   eds   has   hes   his   ids   sac   sad   sae   sax   sea   sec   sei   sex   sha   she   sic   six   xis

t -   act   ait   ate   cat   dit   eat   eta   eth   hat   het   hit   tad   tae   tax   tea   ted   the   tic   tie

u -   cud   cue   due   duh   dui   eau   ecu   hue

v -   ave   dev   vac   vex   via   vie

w -   awe   caw   daw   dew   haw   hew   wad   wae   wax   wed   wha

x -   axe   dex   hex

y -   aye   cay   day   dey   dye   hay   hey   icy   yah   yea   yeh   yid

z -   adz   zax   zed

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