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Words formed from any letters in hewing, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

c -   chewing

d -   whinged

s -   shewing   whinges

6 letters

a -   aweigh   aweing   haeing   hawing   wahine

c -   eching

d -   dewing   hinged   nighed   whined   winged

e -   hewing   whinge

g -   hewing   whinge

h -   hewing   whinge

i -   hewing   hieing   whinge

j -   jewing

m -   mewing

n -   hewing   whinge

o -   hoeing   wigeon

r -   hinger   nigher   whiner   winger

s -   hinges   neighs   newish   sewing   swinge   weighs   whines

t -   tewing   twinge   weight   whiten

w -   hewing   whinge

x -   hexing

y -   whiney

5 letters

a -   awing   whang   wigan

b -   begin   being   bewig   binge

c -   chine   genic   niche   wench   wince   winch

d -   deign   dinge   dwine   widen   wined

e -   genie   hinge   neigh   newie   ngwee   weigh   wheen   whine

f -   feign

g -   gighe   hinge   neigh   weigh

h -   heigh   hinge   neigh   weigh   whine

i -   genii   hinge   neigh   weigh   whine

k -   eking

l -   ingle   while

m -   hemin

n -   hinge   neigh   whine

o -   ohing   owing

p -   genip

r -   reign   renig   rewin   wring

s -   nighs   segni   sengi   shewn   shine   sinew   singe   swine   swing   whens   whigs   whins   wines   wings

t -   eight   night   thegn   thein   thine   thing   tinge   twine   white   wight   withe

v -   given

w -   weigh   whine

y -   eying   hying   whiny   winey   wingy

z -   winze   wizen

4 letters

a -   agin   anew   gaen   gain   gane   gnaw   haen   hang   hwan   wage   wain   wane   wean

b -   bine   gibe

c -   chew   chin   cine   inch   nice   wich

d -   deni   dine   ding   gied   hide   hied   hind   nide   wend   whid   wide   wind

e -   gene   ghee   gien   hewn   ween   whee   when   wine

f -   fine   neif   wife

g -   gien   nigh   whig   wing

h -   hewn   high   nigh   when   whig   whin

i -   gien   nigh   whig   whin   wine   wing

k -   gink   hike   kine   king   knew   wink

l -   elhi   glen   heil   lien   line   ling   lwei   wile

m -   mien   mine   whim

n -   gien   hewn   nigh   nine   when   whin   wine   wing

o -   enow   gone   gown   hone   hong   howe   wino

p -   pein   phew   pine   ping   whip   wipe

r -   girn   grew   grin   heir   hern   hire   rein   ring   weir   whir   wire   wren

s -   egis   engs   gens   ghis   gies   gins   hens   hews   hies   hins   hisn   news   sewn   shew   shin   sigh   sign   sine   sing   sinh   swig   wens   wigs   wins   wise   wish

t -   gent   hent   hint   newt   nite   then   thew   thin   tine   ting   twig   twin   went   whet   whit   wite   with

u -   genu   huge   hung

v -   give   hive   nevi   vein   view   vine   wive

w -   hewn   when   whew   whig   whin   wine   wing

x -   nixe

y -   whey   winy

z -   whiz   zein   zing

3 letters

a -   age   ain   ane   ani   awe   awn   gae   gan   hae   hag   haw   nae   nag   nah   naw   wae   wag   wan   wha

b -   beg   ben   big   bin   gib   neb   nib   web

c -   chi   cig   hic   ice   ich

d -   den   dew   die   dig   din   edh   end   ged   gid   hid   wed

e -   eng   ewe   gee   gen   gie   hen   hew   hie   nee   new   wee   wen

f -   feh   fen   few   fie   fig   fin

g -   egg   eng   gen   ghi   gie   gig   gin   wig

h -   ghi   heh   hen   hew   hie   hin

i -   ghi   gie   gin   hie   hin   wig   win

j -   jew   jig   jin

k -   ink   keg   ken   khi   kin

l -   gel   leg   lei   lie   lin   nil

m -   gem   hem   him   meg   men   mew   mig   nim

n -   eng   gen   gin   hen   hin   inn   new   wen   win

o -   ego   eon   hoe   hog   hon   how   ion   nog   noh   now   one   owe   own   who   woe   wog   won

p -   gip   hep   hip   nip   peg   peh   pen   pew   phi   pie   pig   pin

r -   erg   ern   her   ire   reg   rei   rig   rin

s -   ens   hes   his   ins   seg   sei   sen   sew   she   sin   wis

t -   eth   get   git   het   hit   net   nit   nth   teg   ten   tew   the   tie   tin   wet   wit

u -   gnu   gun   hue   hug   hun   ugh

v -   veg   vie   vig

w -   hew   new   wen   wig   win

x -   hex   nix

y -   gey   hey   why   wye   wyn   yeh   yen   yew   yin

z -   wiz   zig   zin

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