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Words formed from any letters in haji, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

d -   hadji   jihad

j -   hajji

s -   hajis

4 letters

a -   haji

c -   chia

d -   hadj

h -   haji

i -   haji

j -   haji   hajj

k -   haik

l -   hail   hila   jail

o -   jiao   ohia

r -   hair

3 letters

a -   aah   aha   haj

b -   bah   jab   jib

c -   chi   hic   ich

d -   aid   dah   had   hid

e -   hae   hie

g -   ghi   hag   jag   jig

h -   hah   haj

j -   haj

k -   khi

l -   ail

m -   aim   ami   ham   him   jam

n -   ain   ani   hin   jin   nah

o -   hao

p -   hap   hip   pah   phi   pia

r -   air   jar   rah   raj   ria

s -   ais   ash   has   his   sha

t -   ait   hat   hit   taj

v -   via

w -   haw   jaw   wha

y -   hay   jay   yah

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