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Words formed from any letters in gums, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   gaums   magus   sagum

e -   geums

g -   muggs

4 letters

a -   amus   gams   gaum   mags

b -   bugs   bums

c -   scum

d -   dugs   muds

e -   emus   gems   geum   megs   muse

f -   fugs

g -   gums   mugg   mugs   smug

h -   gush   hugs   hums   mush   sugh   ughs

i -   migs

j -   jugs

k -   musk

l -   glum   guls   lugs   lums   slug   slum

m -   gums   mugs   mums   smug

n -   gnus   guns   muns   snug   sung

o -   mogs   smog   sumo

p -   pugs   sump   umps

r -   grum   rugs   rums

s -   gums   mugs   muss   smug   sums

t -   gust   guts   must   muts   smut   stum   tugs

u -   gums   mugs   smug

v -   guvs   vugs

w -   swum

y -   guys   gyms

3 letters

a -   amu   gam   gas   mag   mas   sag   sau

b -   bug   bum   bus   sub

c -   cum

d -   dug   mud

e -   ems   emu   gem   meg   seg   sue   use

f -   fug

g -   gum   mug

h -   hug   hum   ugh

i -   ism   mig   mis   sim

j -   jug   jus

l -   gul   lug   lum

m -   gum   mug   mum   mus   sum   umm

n -   gnu   gun   mun   nus   sun   uns

o -   gos   mog   mos   oms   som   sou

p -   pug   pus   sup   ump   ups

q -   suq

r -   rug   rum

s -   mus   sum

t -   gut   mut   tug   uts

u -   gum   mug   mus   sum

v -   guv   vug

y -   guy   gym   yum

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