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Words formed from any letters in guess, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   usages

e -   segues

h -   gushes

i -   guises   gussie

q -   squegs

r -   surges

t -   guests   gusset

5 letters

a -   agues   gases   gauss   sages   usage

b -   buses

d -   gudes

e -   guess   segue

f -   fuses

g -   guess

h -   sughs

i -   guise   issue

k -   skegs

l -   glues   gules   luges   slues   slugs

m -   geums   muses

n -   genus   negus   snugs

o -   gesso   segos   souse

p -   puses   spues   supes

q -   squeg

r -   grues   ruses   suers   surge   urges   users

s -   guess

t -   gests   guest   gusts   suets

u -   guess

y -   gussy

4 letters

a -   ages   ague   gaes   sage   sags   seas

b -   begs   bugs   buss   subs

c -   cess   cues   cuss   ecus   secs

d -   dues   dugs   geds   gude   suds   sued   used

e -   eses   gees   sees   segs   sues   uses

f -   fess   feus   fugs   fuse   fuss

g -   eggs   segs

h -   gush   hues   huge   hugs   shes   sugh   ughs

i -   egis   gies   seis

j -   jess   jugs

k -   kegs   kues   skeg   ukes

l -   gels   glue   guls   legs   less   lues   luge   lugs   sels   slue   slug

m -   emus   gems   geum   gums   megs   mess   mugs   muse   muss   smug   sums

n -   engs   gens   genu   gnus   guns   ness   snug   sung   suns

o -   egos   goes   oses   sego   sous

p -   pegs   pugs   puss   spue   supe   sups

q -   suqs

r -   ergs   grue   regs   rues   rugs   ruse   sers   suer   sure   urge   user

s -   segs   sues   suss   uses

t -   gest   gets   gust   guts   sets   suet   tegs   tugs

u -   sues   uses

v -   guvs   vugs

w -   sews   wuss

y -   guys

3 letters

a -   age   ass   eau   gae   gas   sae   sag   sau   sea

b -   beg   bug   bus   sub

c -   cue   ecu   sec

d -   due   dug   eds   ged

e -   ess   gee   see   seg   sue   use

f -   efs   feu   fug

g -   egg   seg

h -   hes   hue   hug   she   ugh

i -   gie   sei   sis

j -   jeu   jug   jus

k -   keg   kue   uke

l -   els   gel   gul   leg   leu   lug   sel

m -   ems   emu   gem   gum   meg   mug   mus   sum

n -   eng   ens   gen   gnu   gun   nus   sen   sun   uns

o -   ego   gos   oes   ose   sos   sou

p -   peg   pes   pug   pus   sup   ups

q -   suq

r -   erg   ers   reg   res   rue   rug   ser

s -   ess   seg   sue   use

t -   get   gut   set   teg   tug   uts

u -   sue   use

v -   guv   veg   vug

w -   sew

x -   sex

y -   gey   guy   yes

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