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Words formed from any letters in futhorc, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   futhorcs

7 letters

a -   futharc

c -   futhorc

e -   couther   retouch   toucher

f -   futhorc

h -   futhorc

k -   futhork

n -   cothurn   functor

o -   futhorc

r -   futhorc

s -   fourths

t -   futhorc

u -   futhorc

6 letters

a -   author   factor   turaco

c -   crotch   crouch   crutch

d -   drouth

e -   couter   hector   rochet   rotche   rouche   tocher   touche   troche

f -   cutoff   fourth   offcut

g -   fought   grouch   grutch   trough

h -   fourth

i -   thoric

o -   cohort   fourth

r -   fourth

s -   chorus   courts   couths   crofts   froths   rouths   scouth

t -   fourth

u -   fourth

y -   frothy   outcry   torchy   touchy

5 letters

a -   actor   chart   chufa   craft   orach   ratch   roach   taroc   torah

b -   botch   broth   butch   throb   turbo

c -   couch   court   couth   croft   curch   cutch   occur   rotch   torch   touch

d -   chord   duroc   dutch

e -   chert   chore   chute   cruet   curet   cuter   eruct   fetch   fetor   force   forte   ocher   ochre   ofter   other   outer   outre   recto   recut   retch   route   ruche   teuch   throe   truce

f -   chuff   croft   forth   froth

g -   cough   grout   ought   rough   tough

h -   couth   forth   froth   hotch   hutch   rotch   routh   torch   touch

i -   chiro   choir   curio   fichu   firth   fitch   frith   fruit   houri   ichor   toric

k -   frock   trock   truck

l -   churl   cloth   clour   clout   flour   flout   fluor   lurch   thurl

m -   forum   humor   mohur   mouch   mouth   mucor   mucro   mutch   thrum   tumor

n -   churn   cornu   count   fount   front   futon   north   notch   thorn

o -   court   couth   croft   forth   froth   ortho   rotch   routh   thoro   torch   touch

p -   croup   porch   pouch   thorp

q -   quoth

r -   churr   court   croft   cruor   forth   froth   furor   rotch   routh   torch

s -   crush   crust   curfs   curst   focus   forts   fours   frosh   frost   hocus   horst   hours   hurst   hurts   roust   routs   ruths   scour   scout   scurf   short   shout   south   stour   thous   tofus   torcs   torus   tours   turfs

t -   chott   court   couth   croft   forth   froth   rotch   routh   torch   touch   troth   trout   truth   tutor

u -   court   couth   routh   touch

v -   vouch

w -   crwth   rowth   throw   whort   worth   wroth

y -   forty   ochry   turfy   youth

z -   zorch

4 letters

a -   arch   arco   auto   cart   chao   char   chat   coat   fact   faro   fart   fora   frat   haft   hart   haut   hoar   hora   oath   orca   raft   rath   rato   rota   tach   taco   tahr   taro   tora   tufa

b -   bhut   bort   both   bout   brut   buhr   chub   curb   forb

c -   coft   corf   croc   curf   curt   ouch   torc

d -   cord   crud   curd   doth   dour   duct   duro   ford   thud   trod   turd

e -   cero   chef   core   cote   cure   cute   echo   ecru   etch   euro   fore   fret   froe   heft   hero   hoer   reft   rote   roue   tore   tref   true

f -   coff   coft   corf   cuff   curf   fort   four   huff   ruff   toff   tofu   tuff   turf

g -   chug   frog   frug   gout   grot   thug   trug

h -   hour   hurt   ouch   ruth   thou   thro   thru

i -   chit   coif   coir   cuif   fico   foci   frit   fuci   huic   itch   otic   rich   rift   riot   roti   thio   thir   tiro   tori   trio   uric

k -   cork   fork   fuck   hock   huck   rock   ruck   tuck   turk

l -   clot   colt   cult   curl   floc   foul   furl   holt   hurl   loch   loft   loth   lour   lout   rolf   rotl   tolu

m -   chum   corm   form   from   mort   moth   much

n -   chon   corn   cunt   curn   fohn   font   horn   hunt   runt   torn   turn   unco   unto

o -   coft   coho   coof   coot   corf   foot   fort   four   hoof   hoot   hour   ouch   roof   root   roto   rout   thou   thro   tofu   torc   toro   tour

p -   chop   coup   crop   ouph   phot   phut   port   pouf   pour   pout   prof   roup   toph   trop

r -   corf   curf   curr   curt   fort   four   hour   hurt   rout   ruth   thro   thru   torc   torr   tour   turf

s -   cors   cosh   cost   cots   crus   curs   cuts   furs   host   hots   huts   orcs   orts   ours   oust   outs   rhos   rhus   rocs   rots   rush   rust   ruts   scot   scut   shot   shut   soft   sort   soth   sour   such   surf   thus   tors   tosh   tush

t -   coft   curt   fort   hurt   rout   ruth   thou   thro   thru   toft   tofu   torc   tort   tour   tout   trot   tuft   turf

u -   curf   curt   four   hour   hurt   ouch   rout   ruth   thou   thru   tofu   tour   turf

w -   chow   crow   frow   howf   trow   wort

x -   crux   roux

y -   cory   fury   ryot   tory   troy   tyro   your   yuch   yurt

z -   futz

3 letters

a -   act   aft   arc   arf   art   car   cat   far   fat   hao   hat   oaf   oar   oat   oca   ora   rah   rat   tao   tar   tau   uta

b -   bot   bro   bur   but   cob   cub   fob   fub   hob   hub   orb   rob   rub   tub   urb

c -   cor   cot   cur   cut   orc   roc

d -   cod   cud   doc   dor   dot   duh   duo   fud   hod   oud   rod   tod   udo   urd

e -   cue   ecu   eft   eth   feh   fer   fet   feu   foe   her   het   hoe   hue   ore   rec   ref   ret   roe   rue   the   toe

f -   foh   for   fou   fro   fur   off   oft

g -   cog   fog   fug   gor   got   gut   hog   hug   rug   tog   tug   ugh

h -   foh   hot   huh   hut   rho   tho

i -   chi   fir   fit   hic   hit   ich   rif   tic   tui

j -   jot   jut

k -   kor

l -   col   flu   lot

m -   cum   hum   mho   moc   mor   mot   mut   ohm   rom   rum   tom

n -   con   fon   fun   hon   hun   noh   nor   not   nth   nut   run   ton   tun   urn

o -   coo   cor   cot   foh   for   fou   fro   hot   oft   oho   ooh   oot   orc   ort   our   out   rho   roc   rot   tho   too   tor

p -   cop   cup   fop   hop   hup   opt   pht   poh   pot   pro   pur   put   top   tup   upo

r -   cor   cur   for   fro   fur   orc   ort   our   rho   roc   rot   rut   tor

s -   cos   ohs   ors   sot   sou   uts

t -   cot   cut   hot   hut   oft   ort   out   rot   rut   tho   tor   tot   tut

u -   cur   cut   fou   fur   hut   our   out   rut

w -   cow   how   row   tow   two   who   wot

x -   cox   fox   tux

y -   coy   cry   foy   fry   hoy   thy   toy   try   you

z -   coz

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