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Words formed from any letters in furrowy, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

f -   furrowy

o -   furrowy

r -   furrowy

s -   furrows

u -   furrowy

w -   furrowy

y -   furrowy

6 letters

a -   arrowy   farrow   orfray   yarrow

b -   burrow

e -   furore

f -   furrow

h -   forwhy

l -   floury   flurry

o -   furrow

r -   furrow

s -   frowsy   furors

u -   furrow

w -   furrow

z -   frouzy   frowzy

5 letters

a -   arrow   foray

b -   burro   burry   forby

c -   cowry   cruor   curry

d -   dowry   rowdy   wordy

e -   ferry   foyer   frore   fryer   refry   rower   wryer

f -   furor   furry

g -   gurry

h -   hurry

i -   firry

j -   juror

k -   forky

l -   flour   fluor   lorry   loury   woful

m -   forum   murry   rumor   wormy

n -   frown   yourn

o -   furor   worry

p -   roupy

r -   furor   furry   worry

s -   fours   frows   sorry   surfy   yours

t -   forty   turfy

u -   furor   furry

v -   vrouw

w -   worry

y -   furry   worry

z -   furzy

4 letters

a -   awry   faro   fora   fray   ofay   orra   roar   wary   waur

b -   brow   buoy   burr   bury   forb   orby   ruby

c -   corf   cory   cowy   crow   curf   curr

d -   dorr   dory   dour   duro   durr   ford   word

e -   euro   fore   froe   oyer   roue   ruer   wore   yore   yowe

f -   four   frow   fury   ruff

g -   fogy   frog   frug   gory   grow   gyro   orgy

h -   hour   howf

i -   wiry   yirr

j -   jury

k -   fork   work

l -   flow   foul   fowl   furl   lory   lour   rolf   ruly   wolf   yowl

m -   form   from   fumy   murr   worm

n -   worn

o -   four   frow   roof   woof   your

p -   pouf   pour   prof   prow   purr   ropy   roup

r -   four   frow   fury   your

s -   foys   furs   ours   rosy   rows   sour   surf   yows

t -   fort   rout   ryot   tofu   torr   tory   tour   towy   trow   troy   turf   tyro   wort   yurt

u -   four   fury   your

v -   vrow

w -   frow

x -   foxy   oryx   roux

y -   fury   your

z -   fozy

3 letters

a -   arf   far   fay   oaf   oar   ora   raw   ray   rya   war   way   yar   yaw

b -   bow   boy   bro   brr   bur   buy   fob   fub   orb   rob   rub   urb   yob

c -   cor   cow   coy   cry   cur   orc   roc

d -   dor   dow   dry   duo   fud   oud   rod   udo   urd   wud   yod

e -   err   fer   feu   few   fey   foe   ore   owe   ref   roe   rue   rye   woe   wye   yew

f -   for   fou   foy   fro   fry   fur   off

g -   fog   fug   gor   goy   guy   rug   wog

h -   foh   how   hoy   rho   who   why

i -   fir   rif

j -   jow   joy

k -   kor   wok   yok   yuk

l -   flu   fly   low   owl

m -   mor   mow   rom   rum   yom   yum

n -   fon   fun   nor   now   own   run   urn   won   wyn   yon

o -   for   fou   foy   fro   our   row   woo   you   yow

p -   fop   pow   pro   pry   pur   upo   wop   yup

r -   for   fro   fry   fur   our   row   wry

s -   ors   sou   sow   soy   wos

t -   oft   ort   out   rot   rut   tor   tow   toy   try   two   wot

u -   fou   fur   our   you

v -   vow

w -   row   wow   wry   yow

x -   fox   oxy

y -   foy   fry   wry   you   yow

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