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Words formed from any letters in fucked, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

b -   bucked

c -   fucked

d -   ducked   fucked

e -   fucked

f -   cuffed   fucked

i -   duckie

k -   fucked

l -   fluked   lucked

m -   mucked

n -   fecund   funked

r -   ducker   fucker   rucked

s -   sucked

t -   tucked

u -   fucked

y -   yucked

5 letters

a -   caked   decaf   faced   faked

b -   cubed

d -   duked

e -   deuce   educe   feued

g -   fudge

j -   juked

l -   clued   fleck   flued   fluke

m -   fumed

n -   dunce   nuked   unfed

o -   coked   coude   douce

p -   puked

r -   crude   cured   dreck

s -   cukes   decks   duces   ducks   dukes   fecks   feuds   fucks   fused

t -   educt

y -   ducky

z -   fuzed

4 letters

a -   aced   cade   cafe   cake   dace   deaf   face   fade   fake

b -   beck   bedu   buck   cube

c -   cued   cuke   deck   duce   duck   feck   fuck

d -   cued   deck   duce   duck   dude   duke   feud

e -   cede   cued   cuke   deck   deke   duce   duke   eked   feck   feed   feud   keef

f -   cuff   duff   feck   feud   fuck

g -   geck   guck   gude

h -   chef   heck   huck   hued

i -   cedi   cuif   defi   dice   dick   dike   duci   fice   fuci   iced   kief

j -   juke

k -   cuke   deck   duck   duke   feck   fuck   keck

l -   clef   clue   delf   duel   fled   flue   fuel   leku   leud   luce   luck   lude

m -   fume   muck

n -   dune   dunk   fend   fund   funk   kune   neck   neuk   nude   nuke   unde

o -   code   coed   coke   deco   dock   feod   kudo

p -   dupe   peck   puce   puck   puke

r -   crud   curd   cure   curf   drek   dure   ecru   kerf   reck   ruck   rude   rued

s -   cuds   cues   cusk   desk   dues   dusk   ecus   feds   feus   fuds   fuse   kefs   kues   scud   suck   sued   ukes   used

t -   cute   deft   duct   duet   tuck

u -   cued   cuke   duce   duck   duke   feud   fuck   kudu

y -   defy   dyke   fyce   fyke   yeuk   yuck

z -   fuze

3 letters

a -   ace   auk   cad   dak   eau   fad   kae   kaf   kea

b -   bed   bud   cub   deb   dub   fub

c -   cud   cue   ecu

d -   cud   dud   due   fed   fud

e -   cee   cue   dee   due   ecu   eke   fed   fee   feu   kef   kue   uke

f -   eff   fed   feu   fud   kef

g -   dug   fug   ged   keg

h -   duh   edh   feh   hue

i -   die   dui   fid   fie   ice   ick   kid   kif

j -   jeu

k -   kef   kue   uke

l -   cel   del   eld   elf   elk   flu   led   lek   leu

m -   cum   emf   emu   fem   med   mud

n -   den   dun   end   fen   fun   ken

o -   cod   doc   doe   duo   foe   fou   ode   oke   oud   udo

p -   cep   cup   dup   kep   pec   ped   pud

r -   cur   fer   fur   rec   red   ref   rue   urd

s -   eds   efs   sec   sue   use

t -   cut   eft   fet   ted

u -   cud   cue   due   ecu   feu   fud   kue   uke

v -   dev

w -   dew   few   wed   wud

x -   dex   kex

y -   dey   dye   fey   key   yuk

z -   fez   zed   zek

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