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Words formed from any letters in frows, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

n -   frowns

t -   frowst

y -   frowsy

5 letters

a -   faros   sofar   sowar   swarf

b -   brows   forbs

c -   crows

d -   fords   sword   words

e -   fores   froes   resow   serow   sower   swore   worse

f -   frows

g -   frogs   grows

h -   frosh   howfs

k -   forks   works

l -   flows   fowls   rolfs   wolfs

m -   forms   worms

n -   frons   frown   sworn

o -   frows   roofs   woofs

p -   profs   prows

r -   frows

s -   frows

t -   forts   frost   strow   trows   worst   worts

u -   fours

v -   vrows

w -   frows

4 letters

a -   arfs   faro   fora   oafs   oars   osar   raws   soar   sofa   sora   wars

b -   bows   bros   brow   fobs   forb   orbs   robs   sorb   swob

c -   corf   cors   cows   crow   orcs   rocs   scow

d -   dors   dows   ford   rods   sord   word

e -   eros   foes   fore   froe   ores   owes   owse   refs   roes   rose   serf   sore   woes   wore

f -   frow   offs

g -   fogs   frog   grow   wogs

h -   howf   hows   rhos   show

i -   firs   rifs   sori

j -   jows

k -   fork   kors   woks   work

l -   flow   fowl   lows   owls   rolf   slow   wolf

m -   form   from   mors   mows   roms   worm

n -   fons   nows   owns   snow   sorn   sown   wons   worn

o -   frow   roof   rows   woof   woos

p -   fops   pows   prof   pros   prow   swop   wops

r -   frow   rows

s -   foss   rows   sows

t -   fort   orts   rots   soft   sort   stow   swot   tors   tows   trow   twos   wort   wost   wots

u -   four   furs   ours   sour   surf

v -   vows   vrow

w -   frow   rows   wows

y -   foys   rosy   yows

3 letters

a -   arf   ars   far   fas   oaf   oar   ora   ras   raw   saw   war   was

b -   bos   bow   bro   fob   orb   rob   sob

c -   cor   cos   cow   orc   roc

d -   dor   dos   dow   ods   rod   sod

e -   efs   ers   fer   few   foe   oes   ore   ose   owe   ref   res   roe   ser   sew   woe

f -   for   fro   off

g -   fog   gor   gos   wog

h -   foh   how   ohs   rho   who

i -   fir   ifs   rif   sir   sri   wis

j -   jow

k -   kor   kos   wok

l -   low   owl   sol

m -   mor   mos   mow   oms   rom   som

n -   fon   nor   nos   now   ons   own   son   won

o -   for   fro   ors   row   sow   woo   wos

p -   fop   ops   pow   pro   sop   wop

r -   for   fro   ors   row

s -   ors   sos   sow   wos

t -   oft   ort   rot   sot   tor   tow   two   wot

u -   fou   fur   our   sou

v -   vow

w -   row   sow   wos   wow

x -   fox   sox

y -   foy   fry   soy   wry   yow

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