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Words formed from any letters in frit, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   afrit

d -   drift

e -   refit

g -   grift

h -   firth   frith

l -   flirt

s -   first   frits   rifts

t -   fritt

u -   fruit

z -   fritz

4 letters

a -   airt   fair   fart   fiar   fiat   frat   raft

b -   brit

d -   dirt

e -   fire   fret   reft   reif   rife   rite   tier   tire   tref

f -   frit   riff   rift   tiff

g -   frig   gift   girt   grit   trig

h -   thir

i -   frit   rift

l -   flit   lift   tirl

m -   firm   trim

n -   firn

o -   fort   riot   roti   tiro   tori   trio

p -   trip

r -   frit   rift

s -   firs   fist   fits   rifs   sift   stir

t -   frit   rift

u -   turf

w -   writ

x -   fixt

z -   friz   ritz

3 letters

a -   aft   air   ait   arf   art   far   fat   rat   ria   tar

b -   bit   fib   rib

c -   tic

d -   dit   fid   rid

e -   eft   fer   fet   fie   ire   ref   rei   ret   tie

f -   fir   fit   iff   rif

g -   fig   git   rig

h -   hit

i -   fir   fit   rif

k -   irk   kif   kir   kit

l -   fil   lit   til

m -   mir   rim

n -   fin   nit   rin   tin

o -   for   fro   oft   ort   rot   tor

p -   pit   rip   tip

r -   fir   rif

s -   ifs   its   sir   sit   sri   tis

t -   fit   tit

u -   fur   rut   tui

w -   wit

x -   fix

y -   fry   try

z -   fiz   zit

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