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Words formed from any letters in forsook, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

f -   forsook

k -   forsook

o -   forsook

r -   forsook

s -   forsook

6 letters

a -   karoos

b -   brooks

c -   crooks   frocks

i -   irokos

l -   floors   kloofs

n -   kroons

p -   proofs

t -   strook

u -   kouros

5 letters

a -   faros   karoo   okras   sofar

b -   books   boors   brook   broos   forbs   kobos

c -   coofs   cooks   corks   crook   frock   rocks   socko

d -   doors   dorks   foods   fordo   fords   odors   ordos   roods

e -   fores   froes   kerfs   roose

f -   forks   roofs

g -   forgo   frogs   goofs   gooks   sorgo

h -   frosh   hoofs   hooks   shook

i -   frisk   iroko

k -   forks   kooks   rooks

l -   floor   folks   fools   kloof   kolos   loofs   looks   rolfs   sokol

m -   forms   moors   rooms

n -   frons   kroon   nooks   snook

o -   forks   roofs   rooks

p -   poofs   porks   profs   proof   proso   sopor   spoof   spook   spoor

r -   forks   roofs   rooks

s -   forks   roofs   rooks   sooks

t -   foots   forts   frost   kotos   roost   roots   rotos   stook   stork   toros   torsk   torso

u -   fours

w -   frows   woofs   works

y -   forky   rooky

z -   orzos   zooks

4 letters

a -   arfs   arks   faro   fora   kafs   koas   oafs   oaks   oars   okas   okra   osar   sark   soak   soar   sofa   sora

b -   book   boor   boos   bosk   broo   bros   fobs   forb   kobo   kobs   orbs   robs   sorb

c -   coof   cook   coos   corf   cork   cors   orcs   rock   rocs   sock

d -   door   dork   dors   food   ford   odor   ordo   rods   rood   sord

e -   eros   foes   fore   froe   kefs   kerf   kore   okes   ores   refs   roes   rose   serf   soke   sore

f -   fork   offs   roof

g -   fogs   frog   goof   gook   goos

h -   hoof   hook   oohs   rhos   shoo

i -   firs   irks   kifs   kirs   kois   kris   rifs   risk   sori

k -   fork   kook   kors   rook   sook

l -   folk   fool   kolo   loof   look   loos   rolf   solo

m -   form   from   moor   moos   mors   mosk   roms   room

n -   fons   nook   soon   sorn

o -   fork   kors   roof   rook   sook

p -   fops   kops   oops   poof   poor   pork   prof   pros

r -   fork   kors   roof   rook

s -   foss   kors   koss   sook

t -   foot   fort   koto   oots   orts   root   roto   rots   soft   soot   sort   took   toro   tors

u -   four   furs   ours   rusk   souk   sour   surf

w -   frow   rows   woks   woof   woos   work

y -   foys   rosy   yoks

z -   orzo   zoos

3 letters

a -   arf   ark   ars   ask   far   fas   kaf   kas   koa   oaf   oak   oar   oka   ora   ras   ska

b -   boo   bos   bro   fob   kob   orb   rob   sob

c -   coo   cor   cos   orc   roc

d -   dor   dos   ods   rod   sod

e -   efs   ers   fer   foe   kef   oes   oke   ore   ose   ref   res   roe   ser

f -   for   fro   off

g -   fog   goo   gor   gos

h -   foh   oho   ohs   ooh   rho

i -   fir   ifs   irk   kif   kir   koi   rif   sir   ski   sri

k -   kor   kos

l -   loo   sol

m -   moo   mor   mos   oms   rom   som

n -   fon   noo   nor   nos   ons   son

o -   for   fro   kor   kos   ors

p -   fop   kop   ops   pro   sop

r -   for   fro   kor   ors

s -   kos   ors   sos

t -   oft   oot   ort   rot   sot   too   tor   tsk

u -   fou   fur   our   sou

w -   row   sow   wok   woo   wos

x -   fox   oxo   sox

y -   foy   fry   sky   soy   yok

z -   zoo

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