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Words formed from any letters in folds, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

o -   floods

5 letters

a -   fados   foals   loads   loafs

b -   bolds

c -   clods   colds   flocs   scold

d -   folds

e -   delfs   doles   feods   floes   lodes   soled

f -   doffs   folds

g -   flogs   golds   golfs

h -   holds

i -   diols   fidos   filos   foils   idols   lidos   sloid   soldi   solid

j -   slojd

k -   folks

l -   dolls   folds

m -   molds

n -   fonds

o -   flood   folds   foods   fools   loofs   soldo

p -   flops   plods

r -   fords   lords   rolfs

s -   floss   folds

t -   dolts   lofts

u -   fouls   sulfo

w -   flows   fowls   wolds   wolfs

y -   odyls   sloyd

4 letters

a -   ados   also   dals   fado   fads   foal   lads   load   loaf   oafs   soda   sofa   sola

b -   bods   bold   fobs   lobs   slob

c -   clod   cods   cold   cols   docs   floc

d -   dols   fold   odds   olds   sold

e -   delf   dels   does   dole   dose   elds   feds   feod   fled   floe   foes   lode   lose   odes   oles   self   sled   sloe   sole

f -   doff   fold   offs

g -   dogs   flog   fogs   gods   gold   golf   logs   slog

h -   hods   hold   hols   shod

i -   diol   fido   fids   filo   fils   foil   idol   lido   lids   oils   sild   silo   slid   soil   soli

k -   folk

l -   doll   dols   fold   olds   sold

m -   doms   mods   mold   mols

n -   dons   fond   fons   nods

o -   dols   fold   food   fool   loof   loos   olds   sold   solo

p -   flop   fops   lops   plod   pods   pols   slop

r -   dors   ford   lord   rods   rolf   sord

s -   dols   doss   foss   loss   olds   sods   sold   sols

t -   dolt   dost   dots   loft   lost   lots   slot   soft   tods   told

u -   duos   flus   foul   fuds   loud   ouds   soul   udos

w -   dows   flow   fowl   lows   owls   slow   wold   wolf

y -   foys   odyl   oldy   yods

3 letters

a -   ado   ads   als   dal   fad   fas   lad   las   oaf   sad   sal

b -   bod   bos   fob   lob   sob

c -   cod   col   cos   doc

d -   dol   dos   odd   ods   old   sod

e -   del   doe   eds   efs   eld   elf   els   fed   foe   led   ode   oes   ole   ose   sel

f -   off

g -   dog   fog   god   gos   log

h -   foh   hod   ohs

i -   dis   fid   fil   ids   ifs   lid   lis   oil

k -   kos

l -   dol   old   sol

m -   dom   mod   mol   mos   oms   som

n -   don   fon   nod   nos   ons   son

o -   dol   dos   loo   ods   old   sod   sol

p -   fop   lop   ops   pod   pol   sop

r -   dor   for   fro   ors   rod

s -   dos   ods   sod   sol   sos

t -   dot   lot   oft   sot   tod

u -   duo   flu   fou   fud   oud   sou   udo

w -   dow   low   owl   sow   wos

x -   fox   lox   sox

y -   fly   foy   sly   soy   yod

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