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Words formed from any letters in fishing, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

k -   kingfish

s -   fishings

t -   infights   shifting

7 letters

a -   fashing

d -   dishing   hidings   shindig

f -   finfish   fishing

g -   fishgig   fishing   sighing

h -   fishing

i -   fishing

l -   filings

n -   finings   fishing   shining

o -   hoising

p -   pigfish   pinfish   pishing

r -   firings

s -   fishing   hissing

t -   fisting   histing   infight   insight   sifting

w -   wishing

x -   fixings

y -   signify

6 letters

a -   ashing   fagins

c -   ficins   icings

d -   hiding   siding

e -   feigns   hieing   hinges   neighs

f -   fifing   finish

h -   finish

i -   finish

k -   hiking   skiing

l -   filing   flings   isling   nihils

m -   minish

n -   fining   finish

o -   gonifs   hosing

p -   siping

r -   firing   hiring   rising   siring

s -   finish

t -   fights   nights   siting   things

u -   fusing

v -   hiving   vising

w -   wifing   winish   wising

x -   fixing

y -   ignify   shying

z -   sizing

5 letters

a -   fagin   fangs   gains   gnash   hafis   hangs   naifs   sangh

c -   chins   ficin   finch   icing

d -   dings   finds   hinds

e -   feign   fines   genii   hinge   neifs   neigh   nisei   segni   sengi   shine   singe

f -   finis   sniff

g -   nighs

h -   highs   nighs

i -   finis   nighs

k -   finks   ginks   kings   knish

l -   fling   lings   nihil   sigil   sling

m -   minis

n -   finis   nighs

o -   finos   fohns   foins   gonif   hongs   infos   ohing

p -   piing   pings

r -   firns   frigs   girns   girsh   grins   iring   rings   rishi

s -   finis   nighs   shins   sighs   signs   sings   sinhs

t -   fight   gifts   hints   intis   night   shift   sight   sting   thing   thins   tings

u -   fungi   suing   using

w -   swing   whigs   whins   wings

x -   infix

y -   fishy   hying   shiny

z -   zings

4 letters

a -   agin   ains   anis   fags   fain   fang   fans   fash   gain   gash   hags   hang   inia   nags   naif   sain   sang   shag   snag

b -   bigs   bins   fibs   gibs   ibis   nibs   snib

c -   chin   chis   cigs   fisc   ichs   inch

d -   digs   ding   dins   dish   fids   find   gids   hind   nidi

e -   egis   engs   fehs   fens   fine   gens   gien   gies   hens   hies   neif   seif   sine

f -   figs   fins   fish

g -   figs   ghis   gigs   gins   nigh   sigh   sign   sing

h -   fish   ghis   high   hins   hisn   nigh   shin   sigh   sinh

i -   figs   fins   fish   ghis   gins   hins   hisn   nigh   nisi   shin   sigh   sign   sing   sinh

j -   jigs   jins

k -   fink   gink   inks   khis   kifs   king   kins   sink   skin

l -   fils   hili   ling   lins   nils

m -   migs   mini   nims   shim

n -   fins   gins   hins   hisn   inns   nigh   nisi   shin   sign   sing   sinh

o -   fino   fogs   fohn   foin   fons   gosh   hogs   hong   hons   info   ions   nogs   nosh   shog   snog   song

p -   gips   hips   nips   phis   pigs   ping   pins   pish   ship   snip   spin

r -   firn   firs   frig   girn   grin   iris   rifs   rigs   ring   rins   shri

s -   figs   fins   fish   ghis   gins   hins   hisn   hiss   nisi   shin   sigh   sign   sing   sinh   sins

t -   fist   fits   gift   gist   gits   hint   hist   hits   inti   nits   shit   sift   sith   snit   thin   this   ting   tins

u -   fugs   funs   gnus   guns   gush   hugs   hung   huns   shun   snug   sugh   sung   ughs

v -   shiv   vigs

w -   iwis   swig   whig   whin   wigs   wing   wins   wish

y -   yins

z -   zigs   zing   zins

3 letters

a -   ain   ais   ani   ash   fag   fan   fas   gan   gas   hag   has   nag   nah   sag   sha

b -   big   bin   bis   fib   gib   nib   sib

c -   chi   cig   cis   hic   ich   sic

d -   dig   din   dis   fid   gid   hid   ids

e -   efs   eng   ens   feh   fen   fie   gen   gie   hen   hes   hie   seg   sei   sen   she

f -   fig   fin   iff   ifs

g -   fig   ghi   gig   gin

h -   ghi   hin   his   shh

i -   fig   fin   ghi   gin   hin   his   ifs   ins   sin

j -   jig   jin

k -   ink   khi   kif   kin   ski

l -   fil   lin   lis   nil

m -   him   ism   mig   mis   nim   sim

n -   fin   gin   hin   inn   ins   sin

o -   fog   foh   fon   gos   hog   hon   ion   nog   noh   nos   ohs   ons   son

p -   gip   hip   nip   phi   pig   pin   pis   psi   sip

r -   fir   rif   rig   rin   sir   sri

s -   his   ifs   ins   sin   sis

t -   fit   git   hit   its   nit   nth   sit   tin   tis

u -   fug   fun   gnu   gun   hug   hun   nus   sun   ugh   uns

v -   vig   vis

w -   wig   win   wis

x -   fix   nix   six   xis

y -   shy   syn   yin

z -   fiz   zig   zin

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