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Words formed from any letters in figwort, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   figworts

7 letters

f -   figwort

g -   figwort

i -   figwort

n -   trowing

o -   figwort

r -   figwort

t -   figwort

w -   figwort

6 letters

a -   forgat

d -   godwit

e -   forget   goiter   goitre   twofer

h -   fright   growth   righto   wright

n -   forint   rowing   towing   trigon

o -   forgot

p -   profit

r -   forrit   worrit

s -   fortis   frowst   grifts   griots   trigos

z -   zoftig

5 letters

a -   afrit   argot   fagot   gator   graft   groat   ratio   tragi

b -   bigot   orbit

c -   corgi   croft   orgic   toric

d -   drift   droit   fiord

e -   ergot   fetor   fogie   forge   forte   gofer   grief   ofter   refit   tiger   tower   towie   twier   write   wrote

f -   griff   grift

g -   gigot   grift   griot   trigo

h -   fight   firth   forth   frith   froth   girth   grith   right   rowth   throw   whort   wight   worth   wroth

i -   grift   griot   torii   trigo

l -   flirt   growl   lirot   triol   twirl

m -   motif

n -   front   frown   giron   gonif   groin   grown   ingot   intro   nitro   owing   tigon   wring   wrong

o -   forgo   griot   trigo

p -   gript   pirog   twirp

r -   grift   griot   rigor   trigo

s -   first   foist   forts   frigs   frits   frogs   frost   frows   gifts   giros   girts   grist   grits   grots   grows   rifts   riots   rotis   strow   swift   tiros   torsi   trigs   trios   trois   trows   twigs   worst   worts   wrist   writs

t -   fritt   grift   griot   trigo

u -   fruit   fugio   grout   guiro

v -   vigor

y -   forty   wifty

z -   fritz

4 letters

a -   agio   airt   fair   faro   fart   fiar   fiat   fora   frag   frat   gait   goat   grat   iota   raft   ragi   rato   rota   taro   toga   tora   waft   waif   wair   wait   wart

b -   bort   brig   brio   brit   brow   forb   obit

c -   coft   coif   coir   corf   crow   fico   foci   otic   torc

d -   dirt   doit   fido   ford   gird   gowd   grid   trod   word

e -   ergo   fire   fore   fret   froe   goer   gore   grew   ogre   reft   reif   rife   rite   rote   tier   tire   tore   tref   weft   weir   wert   wife   wire   wite   wore

f -   fort   frig   frit   frog   frow   gift   riff   rift   tiff   toff

g -   frig   frog   gift   giro   girt   grig   grit   grog   grot   grow   trig   twig

h -   howf   thio   thir   thro   whig   whir   whit   with

i -   frig   frit   gift   giro   girt   grit   rift   riot   roti   tiro   tori   trig   trio   twig   writ

k -   fork   gowk   work

l -   filo   flit   flog   flow   foil   fowl   gilt   girl   glow   golf   lift   loft   loti   roil   rolf   rotl   tirl   toil   wilt   wolf

m -   firm   form   from   grim   mort   omit   trim   worm

n -   fino   firn   foin   font   girn   gown   grin   info   inro   into   iron   noir   nori   nowt   ring   ting   tong   torn   town   twin   wing   wino   wont   worn

o -   foot   fort   frog   frow   giro   goof   grot   grow   riot   roof   root   roti   roto   tiro   tori   toro   trio   trow   woof   wort

p -   gorp   grip   port   prig   prof   prog   prow   topi   trip   trop

r -   fort   frig   frit   frog   frow   giro   girt   grit   grot   grow   rift   riot   roti   tiro   tori   torr   trig   trio   trow   wort   writ

s -   figs   firs   fist   fits   fogs   gist   gits   orts   rifs   rigs   rots   rows   sift   soft   sori   sort   stir   stow   swig   swot   togs   tors   tows   twos   wigs   wist   wits   wogs   wost   wots

t -   fort   frit   gift   girt   grit   grot   rift   riot   roti   tiro   toft   toit   tori   tort   trig   trio   trot   trow   twig   twit   wort   writ

u -   four   frug   gout   rout   tofu   tour   trug   turf

v -   vrow

w -   frow   grow   trow   twig   wort   writ

x -   fixt

y -   fogy   gory   gyri   gyro   orgy   ryot   tory   towy   troy   tyro   wiry   yogi

z -   friz   ritz   zori

3 letters

a -   aft   ago   air   ait   arf   art   fag   far   fat   gar   gat   goa   oaf   oar   oat   ora   rag   rat   raw   ria   tag   tao   tar   taw   twa   wag   war   wat

b -   big   bio   bit   bog   bot   bow   bro   fib   fob   gib   gob   obi   orb   rib   rob

c -   cig   cog   cor   cot   cow   orc   roc   tic

d -   dig   dit   dog   dor   dot   dow   fid   gid   god   rid   rod   tod

e -   eft   ego   erg   fer   fet   few   fie   foe   get   gie   ire   ore   owe   ref   reg   rei   ret   roe   teg   tew   tie   toe   wet   woe

f -   fig   fir   fit   fog   for   fro   iff   off   oft   rif

g -   fig   fog   gig   git   gor   got   rig   tog   wig   wog

h -   foh   ghi   hit   hog   hot   how   rho   tho   who

i -   fig   fir   fit   git   rif   rig   wig   wit

j -   jig   jog   jot   jow

k -   irk   kif   kir   kit   koi   kor   wok

l -   fil   lit   log   lot   low   oil   owl   til

m -   mig   mir   mog   mor   mot   mow   rim   rom   tom

n -   fin   fon   gin   ion   nit   nog   nor   not   now   own   rin   tin   ton   win   won

o -   fog   for   fro   goo   gor   got   oft   oot   ort   rot   row   tog   too   tor   tow   two   wog   woo   wot

p -   fop   gip   opt   pig   pit   poi   pot   pow   pro   rip   tip   top   wop

r -   fir   for   fro   gor   ort   rif   rig   rot   row   tor

s -   gos   ifs   its   ors   sir   sit   sot   sow   sri   tis   wis   wos

t -   fit   git   got   oft   ort   rot   tit   tog   tor   tot   tow   two   wit   wot

u -   fou   fug   fur   gut   our   out   rug   rut   tug   tui

v -   vig   vow

w -   row   tow   two   wig   wit   wog   wot   wow

x -   fix   fox   gox

y -   foy   fry   goy   toy   try   wry   yow

z -   fiz   wiz   zig   zit

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