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Words formed from any letters in fideism, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

l -   misfield   misfiled

o -   modifies

r -   misfired

s -   fideisms

w -   midwifes

7 letters

d -   fideism   middies

e -   deifies   edifies   fideism

f -   fideism

i -   fideism

l -   midlife   misfile

m -   fideism

r -   misfire

s -   fideism

t -   fideist   misedit   semifit   stimied

w -   midwife

z -   midsize

6 letters

a -   amides   medias

b -   bedims   ibidem   imbeds

c -   deific   medics

d -   desmid   didies   imides   misdid

e -   defies   demies   demise   imides

f -   miffed

g -   fidges   midges   smidge

h -   fished

i -   imides

l -   felids   fields   filmed   misled   mislie   simile   slimed   smiled

m -   imides   immies

n -   denims   fiends   imines   indies   inside

o -   idioms   iodise   iodism

r -   dermis   dimers   fermis   firmed   irides   irised

s -   deisms   diesis   dismes   imides   missed

t -   demits   fisted   misfit   misted   sifted   teiids   tidies

u -   medius

x -   deixis

5 letters

a -   aides   aimed   amide   amids   amies   aside   dames   fades   famed   fames   ideas   maids   meads   media

b -   bedim   bides   bifid   imbed

c -   cedis   dices   disci   fices   medic   mesic

d -   defis   deism   didie   dimes   disme   imide   imids   medii   midis   sided

e -   deems   defis   deism   demes   dimes   disme   feeds   femes   imide   medii   meeds

f -   defis   fiefs   fifed   fifes   miffs

g -   fidge   midge

h -   hides   shied

i -   defis   deism   dimes   disme   imide   imids   medii   midis

k -   dikes   kiefs   miked   mikes   skied

l -   deils   delfs   delis   felid   field   filed   files   films   flied   flies   idles   isled   limed   limes   melds   miles   sidle   slide   slime   smile

m -   deism   dimes   disme   imide   imids   medii   midis   mimed   mimes

n -   denim   dines   fends   fiend   finds   fined   fines   finis   imine   indie   mends   miens   minds   mined   mines   minis   neifs   nides   nisei   snide

o -   demos   domes   eidos   feods   fidos   idiom   imido   misdo   modes

p -   imped   impis   siped   spied

r -   derms   dimer   dries   emirs   fermi   fired   fires   firms   fremd   fried   fries   frise   irids   mired   mires   miser   reifs   resid   rides   rimed   rimes   serif   sired

s -   defis   deism   dimes   disme   imids   issei   midis   mises   seifs   seism   semis   sides

t -   deist   demit   diets   dites   edits   emits   feist   fetid   items   metis   midst   mites   mitis   sited   smite   stied   stime   teiid   tides   timed   times   timid

u -   feuds   fumed   fumes   fused   mused   sedum

v -   dives   fives   ivied   ivies   vised

w -   wides   wifed   wifes   wised

x -   fixed   fixes   mixed   mixes

y -   deify   edify   emyds   mysid

z -   sized

4 letters

a -   aide   aids   aims   amid   amie   amis   dais   dame   dams   deaf   fade   fads   fame   idea   made   mads   maes   maid   mead   mesa   sade   sadi   safe   said   same   seam   sima

b -   beds   bide   bids   bise   debs   dibs   fibs   ibis   mibs

c -   cedi   dice   disc   emic   fice   fisc   iced   ices   mice   sice

d -   defi   died   dies   dime   dims   feds   fids   idem   ides   imid   midi   mids   side

e -   deem   dees   defi   deme   dies   dime   eide   emes   emfs   feds   feed   fees   feme   fems   idem   ides   meed   mise   seed   seem   seif   seme   semi   side

f -   defi   effs   emfs   feds   fems   fids   fief   fife   miff   seif

g -   digs   egis   figs   geds   gems   gids   gied   gies   megs   migs

h -   dish   edhs   fehs   fish   hems   hide   hied   hies   mesh   shed   shim

i -   defi   dies   dime   dims   fids   idem   ides   imid   midi   mids   mise   seif   semi   side

j -   jism

k -   desk   dike   disk   kefs   kids   kief   kifs   mike   sike   skid   skim

l -   deil   delf   deli   dels   diel   elds   elms   file   film   fils   fled   idle   isle   leis   lids   lied   lief   lies   life   lime   meld   mels   mild   mile   mils   self   sild   sled   slid   slim

m -   dime   dims   emfs   fems   idem   imid   mems   midi   mids   mime   mise   semi

n -   deni   dens   dine   dins   ends   fend   fens   find   fine   fins   mend   mien   mind   mine   mini   neif   nide   nidi   nims   nisi   send   sine   sned

o -   demo   does   dome   doms   dose   feod   fido   foes   miso   mode   modi   mods   odes   some

p -   dips   impi   imps   peds   pied   pies   simp   sipe   sped

r -   derm   dire   emir   fire   firm   firs   ired   ires   irid   iris   mire   miri   mirs   reds   refs   reif   reis   rems   ride   rids   rife   rifs   rime   rims   rise   serf   sire

s -   dies   dims   diss   emfs   feds   fems   fess   fids   ides   isms   mess   mids   mise   miss   seif   seis   semi   side   sims

t -   deft   diet   dite   dits   edit   efts   emit   fets   fist   fits   item   mist   mite   sift   site   smit   stem   teds   tide   tied   ties   time

u -   dues   emus   feud   feus   fuds   fume   fuse   muds   muse   sued   used

v -   devs   dive   five   vide   vied   vies   vims   vise

w -   dews   iwis   mews   smew   swim   weds   wide   wife   wise

y -   defy   demy   deys   dyes   emyd   yids

z -   size   zeds

3 letters

a -   ads   aid   aim   ais   ami   dam   fad   fas   mad   mae   mas   sad   sae   sea

b -   bed   bid   bis   deb   dib   fib   mib   sib

c -   cis   ice   sec   sic

d -   did   die   dim   dis   eds   fed   fid   ids   med   mid

e -   dee   die   eds   efs   eme   emf   ems   fed   fee   fem   fie   med   see   sei

f -   eff   efs   emf   fed   fem   fid   fie   iff   ifs

g -   dig   fig   ged   gem   gid   gie   meg   mig   seg

h -   edh   feh   hem   hes   hid   hie   him   his   she

i -   die   dim   dis   fid   fie   ids   ifs   ism   mid   mis   sei   sim

k -   kef   kid   kif   ski

l -   del   eld   elf   elm   els   fil   led   lei   lid   lie   lis   mel   mil   sel

m -   dim   emf   ems   fem   ism   med   mem   mid   mim   mis   sim

n -   den   din   end   ens   fen   fin   ins   men   nim   sen   sin

o -   doe   dom   dos   foe   mod   mos   ode   ods   oes   oms   ose   sod   som

p -   dip   imp   ped   pes   pie   pis   psi   sip

r -   ers   fer   fir   ire   mir   red   ref   rei   rem   res   rid   rif   rim   ser   sir   sri

s -   dis   eds   efs   ems   ess   ids   ifs   ism   mis   sei   sim   sis

t -   dit   eft   fet   fit   its   met   set   sit   ted   tie   tis

u -   due   dui   emu   feu   fud   mud   mus   sue   sum   use

v -   dev   vie   vim   vis

w -   dew   few   mew   sew   wed   wis

x -   dex   fix   mix   sex   six   xis

y -   dey   dye   fey   yes   yid

z -   fez   fiz   zed

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