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Words formed from any letters in fewer, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

l -   reflew

5 letters

a -   wafer

b -   weber

d -   defer   freed   refed   rewed

e -   fewer

f -   fewer

h -   hewer   where

l -   fleer   refel

n -   newer   renew

r -   fewer   freer   frere   refer

s -   ewers   feres   frees   reefs   resew   sewer   sweer

t -   rewet

v -   fever

w -   fewer

y -   feyer   reefy

4 letters

a -   awee   fare   fear   frae   ware   wear

b -   beef   beer   bree   brew

c -   cere   crew

d -   deer   dere   dree   drew   feed   rede   reed   weed

e -   ewer   fere   free   reef   weer   were

f -   fere   free   reef

g -   eger   gree   grew

h -   here   whee

i -   fire   reif   rife   weir   wife   wire

j -   jeer   jefe

k -   keef   kerf   reek   week

l -   feel   flee   flew   leer   reel   weel

m -   feme   mere

n -   erne   fern   ween   wren

o -   fore   froe   frow   wore

p -   peer   pree   weep

r -   ewer   fere   free   reef   weer   were

s -   ewes   fees   rees   refs   seer   sere   serf   wees

t -   feet   fete   fret   reft   rete   tree   tref   twee   weet   weft   wert

v -   ever   veer

w -   ewer   weer   were

y -   eery   eyer   eyre

3 letters

a -   are   arf   awe   ear   era   far   raw   wae   war

b -   bee   reb   web

c -   cee   rec

d -   dee   dew   fed   red   wed

e -   ere   ewe   fee   fer   few   ree   ref   wee

f -   eff   fee   fer   few   ref

g -   erg   gee   reg

h -   feh   her   hew

i -   fie   fir   ire   rei   rif

j -   jee   jew

k -   eke   kef

l -   eel   elf   lee

m -   eme   emf   fem   mew   rem

n -   ern   fen   nee   new   wen

o -   foe   for   fro   ore   owe   roe   row   woe

p -   pee   per   pew   rep

r -   ere   err   fer   ree   ref

s -   efs   ers   res   see   ser   sew

t -   eft   fet   ret   tee   tew   wet

u -   feu   fur   rue

v -   eve   rev   vee

w -   ewe   few   wee

x -   rex

y -   eye   fey   fry   rye   wry   wye   yew

z -   fez   zee

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