More Words

Words formed from any letters in feudist, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

n -   unsifted

s -   feudists

7 letters

a -   dauties

b -   subedit

d -   feudist   studdie   studied

e -   feudist

f -   diffuse   feudist   stiffed   stuffed

g -   fidgets

h -   shifted

i -   feudist   fideist

l -   dilutes   duelist   stifled   sulfide   sulfite

m -   fumiest   tediums

n -   dunites   infused

o -   foisted   outside   tedious

p -   dispute

r -   dustier   fruited   fustier   studier   surfeit

s -   feudist   studies   tissued

t -   feudist

u -   feudist

6 letters

a -   adieus   audits   dautie   defats   fasted   fiesta   sauted

b -   bedsit   befits   bestud   bidets   busied   busted   debits   debuts

c -   cuties   edicts   educts   fustic

d -   dusted   duties   fisted   sifted   suited

e -   defies   defuse   duties   etudes   fisted   sifted   suited

f -   fisted   sifted   tiffed

g -   degust   digest   fidges   fidget   fudges   gifted   guides   guised   gusted

h -   dhutis   fetish   fished   histed   shuted   tushed   tushie

i -   duties   fisted   sifted   suited   teiids   tidies

j -   jesuit   justed

k -   skited   tusked

l -   delfts   delist   dilute   felids   fields   filets   fliest   flited   flites   fluids   fluted   flutes   fusile   futile   idlest   itself   lifted   listed   lusted   silted   stifle   sulfid   tildes

m -   demits   fumets   medius   misted   muftis   musted   tedium

n -   dunite   feints   fiends   finest   funest   indues   infest   infuse   nudest   nudies   nudist   teinds   tenuis   undies   unfits   united   unites   untied   unties

o -   foetid   foetus   ousted   softie   studio   todies   toused

p -   spited   stiped   stupid   upside

q -   equids   fiques   quiets

r -   direst   driest   drifts   duster   fruits   furies   refits   resift   rifest   rifted   rudest   rusted   sifter   stride   strife   suiter   surfed   turfed

s -   deists   desist   disuse   duties   feists   fisted   fussed   issued   sifted   suited   suites   tissue

t -   duties   fisted   fitted   sifted   suited   tufted

u -   duties   suited

v -   divest   duvets

w -   widest   wisted

y -   feisty

z -   ditzes   futzed   futzes

5 letters

a -   adieu   adits   adust   aides   aside   audit   dates   dauts   defat   ditas   fades   fated   fates   feast   feats   fetas   fiats   ideas   sated   saute   stade   staid   stead   tsade   tsadi   tufas

b -   befit   bides   bidet   bites   bused   butes   debit   debts   debut   tubed   tubes

c -   cedis   cesti   cited   cites   cuifs   cutes   cutie   cutis   dices   duces   ducts   edict   educt   fices   ficus   ictus   scudi   scute

d -   defis   deist   didst   diets   dites   dudes   duets   duits   edits   fetid   feuds   fused   sided   sited   stied   tided   tides

e -   deets   defis   deist   diets   dites   duets   edits   etude   etuis   feeds   feist   feted   fetes   fetid   fetus   feuds   feued   fused   fusee   sited   steed   stied   suede   suite   tides

f -   defis   duffs   feist   fetid   fetus   feuds   fiefs   fifed   fifes   fused   stiff   stuff   teffs   tiffs   tuffs

g -   fidge   fudge   gifts   gudes   guest   guide   guids   guise

h -   dhuti   hefts   heist   hides   shied   shift   shute   thief   thuds

i -   defis   deist   diets   dites   duits   edits   etuis   feist   fetid   sited   stied   suite   teiid   tides

j -   fujis   jutes

k -   dikes   dukes   kiefs   kited   kites   skied   skite   tikes   tsked

l -   deils   delfs   delft   delis   delts   duels   dulse   felid   felts   field   filed   files   filet   flied   flies   flite   flits   flued   flues   fluid   flute   fuels   fusel   fusil   idles   ileus   isled   islet   istle   lefts   leuds   lieus   lifts   ludes   luted   lutes   sidle   slide   slued   stile   tilde   tiled   tiles   tules   utile

m -   deism   demit   dimes   disme   emits   fumed   fumes   fumet   items   metis   midst   mites   mufti   mused   muted   mutes   sedum   smite   stime   timed   times   tumid

n -   dents   dines   dints   dunes   dunts   feint   fends   fiend   finds   fined   fines   fundi   funds   indue   inset   neifs   neist   nides   nidus   nites   nudes   nudie   senti   snide   stein   suint   teind   tends   tined   tines   tuned   tunes   unfed   unfit   unite   units   unset   untie

o -   doest   doits   dotes   douse   eidos   feods   fidos   foist   odist   outed   tofus   touse

p -   dupes   piste   pseud   setup   siped   situp   spied   spite   spued   stipe   stupe   tepid   upset

q -   equid   fique   quest   quids   quiet   quite   quits   squid

r -   dirts   drest   dries   drift   druse   dures   durst   fired   fires   first   frets   fried   fries   frise   frits   fruit   refit   reifs   resid   rides   rifts   rites   serif   sieur   sired   tiers   tired   tires   tried   tries   trued   trues   turds   turfs   uteri

s -   defis   deist   diets   dites   duets   duits   dusts   edits   etuis   feist   fetus   feuds   fists   fused   fuses   issue   seifs   sides   sifts   sited   sites   situs   stied   sties   studs   suets   suite   suits   tides

t -   deist   diets   dites   duets   duits   edits   etuis   feist   fetid   fetus   sited   stied   suite   tides   tufts

u -   duets   duits   etuis   fetus   feuds   fused   suite

v -   dives   duvet   fives   vised

w -   swift   wefts   wides   wifed   wifes   wised   wited   wites

x -   exist   exits   fixed   fixes   sixte   tuxes

y -   deify   deity   ditsy   dusty   edify   fusty   study   styed   suety   yetis

z -   fuzed   fuzes   sized

4 letters

a -   adit   aide   aids   aits   ates   daft   dais   date   daut   deaf   dita   east   eats   etas   fade   fads   fast   fate   fats   feat   feta   fiat   idea   sade   sadi   safe   said   sate   sati   seat   seta   tads   taus   teas   tufa   utas

b -   beds   bedu   best   bets   bide   bids   bise   bite   bits   buds   bust   bute   buts   debs   debt   dibs   dubs   fibs   fubs   stub   tube   tubs

c -   cedi   cist   cite   cuds   cued   cues   cuif   cute   cuts   dice   disc   duce   duci   duct   ecus   etic   fice   fisc   fuci   iced   ices   scud   scut   sect   sice   tics

d -   defi   deft   died   dies   diet   dite   dits   dude   duds   dues   duet   duit   dust   edit   feds   feud   fids   fuds   ides   side   stud   sudd   sued   teds   tide   tied   used

e -   dees   deet   defi   deft   dies   diet   dite   dues   duet   edit   efts   eide   etui   feds   feed   fees   feet   fete   fets   feud   feus   fuse   ides   seed   seif   side   site   sued   suet   teds   teed   tees   tide   tied   ties   used

f -   defi   deft   duff   effs   efts   feds   fets   feud   feus   fids   fief   fife   fist   fits   fuds   fuse   seif   sift   teff   tiff   tuff

g -   digs   dugs   egis   figs   fugs   geds   gest   gets   gids   gied   gies   gift   gist   gits   gude   guid   gust   guts   tegs   tugs

h -   dish   edhs   eths   fehs   fish   heft   hest   hets   hide   hied   hies   hist   hits   hued   hues   huts   shed   shit   shut   sith   this   thud   thus   tush

i -   defi   dies   diet   dite   dits   duit   edit   etui   fids   fist   fits   ides   seif   side   sift   site   suit   tide   tied   ties   tuis

j -   fuji   jest   jets   just   jute   juts

k -   desk   dike   disk   duke   dusk   kefs   kids   kief   kifs   kist   kite   kits   kues   sike   skid   skit   tike   tusk   ukes

l -   deil   delf   deli   dels   delt   diel   duel   elds   felt   file   fils   fled   flit   flue   flus   fuel   idle   isle   left   leis   lest   lets   leud   lids   lied   lief   lies   lieu   life   lift   list   lite   lits   litu   lude   lues   lust   lute   self   sild   silt   sled   slid   slit   slue   slut   tels   tile   tils   tule

m -   dime   dims   emfs   emit   emus   fems   fume   idem   item   mids   mise   mist   mite   muds   muse   must   mute   muts   semi   smit   smut   stem   stum   time

n -   deni   dens   dent   dine   dins   dint   dune   duns   dunt   ends   fend   fens   find   fine   fins   fund   funs   neif   nest   nets   nide   nite   nits   nude   nuts   send   sent   sine   sned   snit   stun   tend   tens   tine   tins   tune   tuns   unde   unit

o -   does   doit   dose   dost   dote   dots   duos   feod   fido   foes   odes   ouds   oust   outs   soft   tods   toed   toes   tofu   udos

p -   dips   dipt   dupe   dups   peds   pest   pets   pfui   pied   pies   pits   puds   puts   sept   sipe   sped   spit   spud   spue   step   supe   tips   tups

q -   quid   quit

r -   dire   dirt   dure   erst   fire   firs   fret   frit   furs   ired   ires   reds   refs   reft   reif   reis   rest   rets   ride   rids   rife   rifs   rift   rise   rite   rude   rued   rues   ruse   rust   ruts   serf   sire   stir   suer   surd   sure   surf   tier   tire   tref   true   turd   turf   urds   user

s -   dies   diss   dits   dues   dust   efts   feds   fess   fets   feus   fids   fist   fits   fuds   fuse   fuss   ides   seif   seis   sets   side   sift   site   sits   stud   suds   sued   sues   suet   suit   teds   ties   tuis   used   uses

t -   deft   diet   dite   dits   duet   duit   dust   edit   efts   etui   fets   fist   fits   sett   sift   site   stet   stud   suet   suit   teds   test   tets   tide   tied   ties   tits   tuft   tuis   tuts

u -   dues   duet   duit   dust   etui   feud   feus   fuds   fuse   stud   sued   suet   suit   tuis   used

v -   devs   dive   five   vest   vets   vide   vied   vies   vise

w -   dews   stew   tews   weds   weft   west   wets   wide   wife   wise   wist   wite   wits

x -   exit   fixt   sext

y -   defy   deys   duty   dyes   stey   stye   tidy   tyes   yeti   yids

z -   ditz   futz   fuze   size   zeds   zest   zits

3 letters

a -   ads   aft   aid   ais   ait   ate   eat   eau   eta   fad   fas   fat   sad   sae   sat   sau   sea   tad   tae   tas   tau   tea   uta

b -   bed   bet   bid   bis   bit   bud   bus   but   deb   dib   dub   fib   fub   sib   sub   tub

c -   cis   cud   cue   cut   ecu   ice   sec   sic   tic

d -   did   die   dis   dit   dud   due   dui   eds   fed   fid   fud   ids   ted

e -   dee   die   due   eds   efs   eft   fed   fee   fet   feu   fie   see   sei   set   sue   ted   tee   tie   use

f -   eff   efs   eft   fed   fet   feu   fid   fie   fit   fud   iff   ifs

g -   dig   dug   fig   fug   ged   get   gid   gie   git   gut   seg   teg   tug

h -   duh   edh   eth   feh   hes   het   hid   hie   his   hit   hue   hut   she   the

i -   die   dis   dit   dui   fid   fie   fit   ids   ifs   its   sei   sit   tie   tis   tui

j -   jet   jeu   jus   jut

k -   kef   kid   kif   kit   kue   ski   tsk   uke

l -   del   eld   elf   els   fil   flu   led   lei   let   leu   lid   lie   lis   lit   sel   tel   til

m -   dim   emf   ems   emu   fem   ism   med   met   mid   mis   mud   mus   mut   sim   sum

n -   den   din   dun   end   ens   fen   fin   fun   ins   net   nit   nus   nut   sen   sin   sun   ten   tin   tun   uns

o -   doe   dos   dot   duo   foe   fou   ode   ods   oes   oft   ose   oud   out   sod   sot   sou   tod   toe   udo

p -   dip   dup   ped   pes   pet   pie   pis   pit   piu   psi   pud   pus   put   sip   sup   tip   tup   ups

q -   suq

r -   ers   fer   fir   fur   ire   red   ref   rei   res   ret   rid   rif   rue   rut   ser   sir   sri   urd

s -   dis   eds   efs   ess   ids   ifs   its   sei   set   sis   sit   sue   tis   use   uts

t -   dit   eft   fet   fit   its   set   sit   ted   tet   tie   tis   tit   tui   tut   uts

u -   due   dui   feu   fud   sue   tui   use   uts

v -   dev   vet   vie   vis

w -   dew   few   sew   tew   wed   wet   wis   wit   wud

x -   dex   fix   sex   six   tux   xis

y -   dey   dye   fey   sty   tye   yes   yet   yid

z -   fez   fiz   zed   zit

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