More Words

Words formed from any letters in fedoras, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

i -   foresaid

7 letters

a -   fedoras

b -   forbade

c -   scarfed

d -   deodars   fedoras   fodders

e -   fedoras

f -   affords   doffers   fedoras

g -   dogears   foraged   forages

i -   farside   roadies

k -   forsake

l -   fardels   folders   loaders   loafers   ordeals   refolds   reloads   safrole

m -   defoams   deforms   foamers   radomes   serfdom

o -   fedoras   fordoes   roadeos   seafood

r -   adorers   drosera   fedoras

s -   fedoras   sarodes

t -   defrost   frosted   roasted   strafed   torsade

u -   aroused

v -   favored   oversad   savored

w -   foresaw   redowas

y -   defrays   feodary   forayed

6 letters

a -   adores   afeard   faders   farads   fedora   oreads   sarode   soared

b -   abodes   adobes   adsorb   ardebs   bardes   barfed   beards   boards   breads   broads   debars   desorb   dobras   forbad   sabred   serdab   sorbed

c -   cadres   cedars   coarse   coders   credos   decafs   decors   facers   farced   farces   forced   forces   fresco   sacred   scared   scored

d -   adders   adored   adores   dadoes   deodar   dorsad   dreads   faders   farded   fedora   fodder   forded   oreads   readds   sadder   sarode   soared

e -   adores   deafer   defers   erased   erodes   faders   feared   feased   fedora   oreads   redoes   reseda   sarode   seared   soared

f -   afford   doffer   draffs   faders   fedora   offers

g -   dagoes   defogs   dogear   dosage   fadges   forage   forged   forges   gofers   grades   seadog

h -   afresh   ahorse   ashore   dasher   fashed   hoards   hoarse   hordes   horsed   reshod   shader   shared   shofar   shored

i -   aiders   ariose   aroids   deairs   dories   faired   ferias   fiords   fraise   irades   radios   raised   redias   resaid   roadie

j -   fjords

k -   arkose   drakes   fakers   forked   freaks   resoak   soaked   soaker

l -   alders   aldose   dorsal   dorsel   falser   fardel   farles   flared   flares   florae   floras   foaled   folder   laders   loader   loafed   loafer   ordeal   refold   reload   resold   rolfed   safrol   solder

m -   defoam   deform   dermas   dreams   farmed   femora   foamed   foamer   forams   formed   formes   framed   frames   madres   radome   ramose   roamed

n -   adorns   anodes   arseno   denars   drones   fonder   fronds   radons   reason   redans   redons   sander   senora   snared   snored   sonder   sorned

o -   adores   fedora   foredo   oreads   roadeo   rodeos   roofed   roosed   sarode   soared

p -   dopers   drapes   operas   padres   pareos   parsed   pedros   prosed   rasped   soaped   soaper   spader   spared   spored   spread

r -   adorer   adores   ardors   darers   dorser   drears   faders   farers   fedora   orders   oreads   roared   sarode   soared   soarer

s -   adores   dosers   dosser   faders   fossae   oreads   resods   sarode   sarods   serosa   soared   sofars

t -   afters   dafter   daters   defats   derats   doters   drafts   farted   fasted   faster   fetors   forest   fortes   foster   oaters   orated   orates   rafted   softer   sorted   stared   stored   strafe   strode   trades   treads

u -   arouse   douras   douser   feuars   frauds   roused   soured   surfed   uredos

v -   droves   favors   foveas   vadose

w -   dewars   dowers   dowser   drowse   dwarfs   redowa   waders   wafers

y -   defray   derays   forays   foyers   frayed

z -   dozers

5 letters

a -   adore   afars   afore   areas   arose   dares   dears   dorsa   fader   fades   fados   farad   fards   fared   fares   faros   fears   oared   oread   rased   reads   roads   safer   sarod   sofar

b -   abode   adobe   ardeb   barde   bards   bared   bares   barfs   based   baser   beads   beard   bears   board   boars   bodes   boras   bored   bores   brads   braes   bread   broad   brose   darbs   debar   dobra   drabs   forbs   orbed   robed   robes   sabed   saber   sabre   sober

c -   acred   acres   arced   cades   cadre   cafes   cards   cared   cares   carse   cased   cedar   ceros   codas   coder   codes   coeds   cords   cored   cores   corse   credo   daces   decaf   decor   decos   escar   faced   facer   faces   farce   force   ocrea   orcas   raced   races   scare   scarf   score   scrod   serac

d -   adder   adore   dados   dared   dares   deads   dears   doers   dorsa   dosed   doser   dread   faded   fader   fades   fados   fards   fared   feods   fords   oared   odder   oread   rased   readd   reads   redds   redos   resod   roads   rosed   sarod

e -   adore   aedes   afore   arose   dares   dears   deers   defer   doers   doser   drees   eared   eased   erase   erode   erose   fader   fades   fared   fares   fears   fease   feeds   feods   feres   fores   freed   frees   froes   oared   oread   rased   reads   redes   redos   reeds   reefs   refed   resod   rosed   safer   saree   seder   sered

f -   afore   daffs   doffs   draff   fader   fades   fados   fards   fared   fares   faros   fears   feods   fords   fores   froes   offed   offer   raffs   safer   sofar

g -   agers   dagos   defog   degas   doges   drags   dregs   egads   fadge   forge   frags   frogs   gears   goads   goers   gofer   gored   gores   gorse   grade   grads   ogres   raged   rages   sager   sarge

h -   ashed   deash   fresh   frosh   hades   hards   hared   hares   heads   heard   hears   herds   heros   hoard   hoars   hoers   horas   horde   horse   hosed   rheas   sadhe   shade   shard   share   sheaf   shear   sherd   shoed   shoer   shore   shred

i -   adios   afire   aider   aides   aired   arise   aroid   aside   deair   defis   dries   eidos   fairs   feria   fiars   fidos   fiord   fired   fires   fried   fries   frise   ideas   irade   osier   radio   raids   raise   redia   reifs   resid   rides   serai   serif   sired

j -   fjord   jades   rajes

k -   asked   asker   darks   dorks   drake   dreks   eskar   faked   faker   fakes   forks   freak   kerfs   okras   raked   rakes   saker

l -   alder   alefs   aloes   arles   dales   deals   delfs   doles   earls   false   farle   farls   feral   flare   fleas   floes   flora   foals   folds   lader   lades   lards   lares   lased   laser   leads   leafs   lears   loads   loafs   lodes   lords   lores   loser   older   orals   orles   rales   reals   roles   rolfs   seral   solar   soled   sorel

m -   armed   dames   demos   derma   derms   domes   dorms   drams   dream   famed   fames   farms   foams   foram   forme   forms   frame   fremd   madre   mares   marse   maser   meads   modes   morae   moras   mores   morse   omers   reams   roams   smear

n -   adorn   aeons   anode   arson   darns   deans   denar   donas   drone   earns   fanes   fanos   fends   ferns   fonds   frena   frond   frons   nards   nares   nears   nerds   nodes   nosed   radon   rands   redan   redon   rends   roans   saned   saner   sedan   senor   snare   snore   sonar   sonde

o -   adore   afore   arose   doers   doors   dorsa   doser   fados   faros   feods   foods   fordo   fords   fores   froes   oared   odors   ordos   oread   redos   resod   roads   rodeo   roods   roofs   roose   rosed   sarod   sofar

p -   apers   apods   apres   asper   dopas   doper   dopes   dorps   drape   drops   fraps   opera   padre   pards   pared   pareo   pares   parse   paseo   pears   pedro   pored   pores   posed   poser   praos   prase   presa   proas   prods   profs   prose   psoae   raped   rapes   reaps   repos   roped   ropes   sapor   spade   spado   spaed   spare   spear   spode   spore

r -   adore   afore   ardor   arose   darer   dares   dears   doers   dorrs   dorsa   doser   drear   fader   fards   fared   farer   fares   faros   fears   fords   fores   froes   frore   oared   order   oread   rared   rares   rased   raser   reads   rears   redos   resod   roads   roars   rosed   safer   sarod   sofar   sorer

s -   arose   arses   assed   dares   dears   doers   dorsa   doser   doses   dress   dross   fades   fados   fards   fares   faros   fears   feods   fords   fores   fossa   fosse   frass   froes   oases   rased   rases   reads   redos   resod   roads   rosed   roses   sades   safer   safes   sards   sarod   saros   sears   serfs   soars   sodas   sofar   sofas   soras   sords   sores

t -   after   aster   darts   dater   dates   datos   defat   derat   doats   doest   doter   dotes   draft   drats   drest   farts   fated   fates   fatso   feast   feats   fetas   fetor   forte   forts   frats   frets   frost   oater   ofter   orate   rafts   rated   rates   ratos   roast   roset   rotas   rotes   sated   softa   stade   stare   stead   stoae   store   tardo   tared   tares   taros   tears   toads   toeas   toras   tores   torse   trade   tread   trode   tsade

u -   aures   doura   douse   druse   duras   dures   duros   euros   feuar   feuds   fours   fraud   fused   roues   rouse   sudor   urase   ureas   uredo   ursae

v -   arvos   avers   devas   doves   drave   drove   faves   favor   fovea   oaves   overs   raved   raves   roved   roves   saved   saver   savor   servo   soave   verso

w -   dewar   dower   dowse   draws   dwarf   frows   resaw   resow   rowed   sawed   sawer   serow   sewar   sowar   sowed   sower   sward   sware   swarf   swear   sword   swore   wader   wades   wafer   wards   wared   wares   wears   woads   words   worse

x -   faxed   faxes   foxed   foxes   raxed   raxes   redox

y -   deary   deray   drays   dyers   eyras   faery   fayed   foray   foyer   frays   ofays   oyers   rayed   ready   resay   sayer   yards   years   yores

z -   adoze   adzes   dazes   dozer   dozes   fazed   fazes   froze   razed   razes   zarfs   zeros   zoeas

4 letters

a -   ados   aero   afar   area   ares   arfs   arse   asea   dare   deaf   dear   ears   eras   fade   fado   fads   fard   fare   faro   fear   fora   frae   oafs   oars   odea   orad   osar   rads   rase   read   road   sade   safe   sard   sear   sera   soar   soda   sofa   sora

b -   abed   abos   arbs   bade   bads   bard   bare   barf   bars   base   bead   bear   beds   boar   boas   bode   bods   bora   bore   brad   brae   bras   bred   bros   dabs   darb   debs   drab   fobs   forb   obes   orbs   rebs   robe   robs   sabe   sorb

c -   aced   aces   acre   arco   arcs   cade   cads   cafe   card   care   cars   case   cero   coda   code   cods   coed   cord   core   corf   cors   dace   deco   docs   face   ocas   orca   orcs   race   recs   rocs   scad   scar

d -   adds   ados   dado   dads   dare   dead   deaf   dear   doer   does   dore   dors   dose   eddo   fade   fado   fads   fard   feds   feod   ford   odds   odea   odes   orad   rads   read   redd   redo   reds   road   rode   rods   sade   sard   soda   sord

e -   aero   ares   arse   dare   deaf   dear   deer   dees   dere   doer   does   dore   dose   dree   ears   ease   eras   eros   fade   fare   fear   feds   feed   fees   feod   fere   foes   fore   frae   free   froe   odea   odes   ores   rase   read   rede   redo   reds   reed   reef   rees   refs   rode   roes   rose   sade   safe   sear   seed   seer   sera   sere   serf   sore

f -   arfs   daff   deaf   doff   effs   fade   fado   fads   fard   fare   faro   fear   feds   feod   foes   fora   ford   fore   frae   froe   oafs   offs   raff   refs   safe   serf   sofa

g -   aged   ager   ages   dago   dags   doge   dogs   drag   dreg   egad   egos   ergo   ergs   fags   fogs   frag   frog   gads   gaed   gaes   gars   gear   geds   goad   goas   gods   goer   goes   gore   grad   ogre   rage   rags   regs   sage   sago   sego

h -   dahs   dash   edhs   fash   fehs   hade   haed   haes   hard   hare   head   hear   herd   hero   hers   hoar   hods   hoed   hoer   hoes   hora   hose   ohed   rash   resh   rhea   rhos   shad   shea   shed   shod   shoe

i -   aide   aids   airs   arid   dais   defi   dies   dire   fair   fiar   fido   fids   fire   firs   idea   ides   ired   ires   raid   reif   reis   rias   ride   rids   rife   rifs   rise   sadi   said   sari   seif   side   sire   sori

j -   jade   jars   joes   soja

k -   arks   daks   dark   desk   dork   drek   fake   fork   kaes   kafs   keas   kefs   kerf   koas   kore   kors   oaks   okas   okes   okra   rake   sake   sark   soak   soke

l -   alef   ales   aloe   also   dale   dals   deal   delf   dels   dole   dols   earl   elds   farl   feal   flea   fled   floe   foal   fold   lade   lads   lard   lars   lase   lead   leaf   lear   leas   load   loaf   lode   lord   lore   lose   olds   olea   oles   oral   orle   rale   real   role   rolf   sale   seal   self   sled   sloe   sola   sold   sole

m -   arms   dame   dams   demo   derm   dome   doms   dorm   dram   emfs   fame   farm   fems   foam   form   from   made   mads   maes   mare   mars   mead   mesa   moas   mode   mods   mora   more   mors   omer   rams   ream   rems   roam   roms   same   seam   soma   some

n -   aeon   ands   anes   darn   dean   dens   dona   done   dons   earn   ends   eons   erns   fane   fano   fans   fend   fens   fern   fond   fons   naos   nard   near   nerd   node   nods   noes   nose   ones   rand   rend   roan   sand   sane   send   sned   sone   sorn

o -   ados   aero   doer   does   door   dore   dors   dose   eros   fado   faro   feod   foes   food   fora   ford   fore   froe   oafs   oars   odea   odes   odor   orad   ordo   ores   osar   redo   road   rode   rods   roes   rood   roof   rose   soar   soda   sofa   sora   sord   sore

p -   aped   aper   apes   apod   apse   daps   dopa   dope   dorp   drop   epos   fops   frap   oped   opes   pads   pard   pare   pars   pase   pear   peas   peds   peso   pods   pore   pose   prao   proa   prod   prof   pros   rape   raps   rasp   reap   repo   reps   rope   soap   spae   spar   sped

r -   aero   ares   arfs   arse   dare   dear   doer   dore   dorr   dors   ears   eras   eros   errs   fard   fare   faro   fear   fora   ford   fore   frae   froe   oars   orad   ores   orra   osar   rads   rare   rase   read   rear   redo   reds   refs   road   roar   rode   rods   roes   rose   sard   sear   sera   serf   soar   sora   sord   sore

s -   ados   ares   arfs   arse   does   dors   dose   doss   ears   eras   eros   fads   feds   fess   foes   foss   oafs   oars   odes   ores   osar   oses   ossa   rads   rase   reds   refs   rods   roes   rose   sade   safe   sard   sear   seas   sera   serf   sers   soar   soda   sods   sofa   sora   sord   sore

t -   arts   ates   daft   dart   date   dato   deft   doat   dost   dote   dots   drat   east   eats   efts   erst   etas   fart   fast   fate   fats   feat   feta   fets   fort   frat   fret   oast   oats   orts   raft   rate   rato   rats   reft   rest   rets   rota   rote   rots   sate   seat   seta   soft   sort   star   stoa   tads   taos   tare   taro   tars   tear   teas   teds   toad   tods   toea   toed   toes   tora   tore   tors   trad   tref   trod   tsar

u -   dour   dues   duos   dura   dure   duro   euro   feud   feus   four   fuds   furs   fuse   ouds   ours   roue   rude   rued   rues   ruse   sour   sued   suer   sura   surd   sure   surf   udos   urds   urea   ursa   used   user

v -   arvo   aver   aves   avos   deva   devs   dove   fave   over   rave   revs   rove   save   vars   vase   vera   voes

w -   awed   awes   daws   dews   dows   draw   drew   frow   owed   owes   owse   raws   rows   wade   wads   waes   ward   ware   wars   wear   weds   woad   woes   word   wore

x -   axed   axes   oxes

y -   aery   ayes   days   defy   deys   dory   dray   drys   dyer   dyes   easy   eyas   eyra   fays   foys   fray   ofay   oyer   oyes   rays   rosy   ryas   ryes   soya   yard   yare   year   yeas   yods   yore

z -   adze   daze   doze   faze   raze   zarf   zeds   zero   zoea

3 letters

a -   aas   ado   ads   are   arf   ars   ear   era   fad   far   fas   oaf   oar   ora   rad   ras   sad   sae   sea

b -   abo   abs   arb   bad   bar   bas   bed   boa   bod   bos   bra   bro   dab   deb   fob   obe   orb   reb   rob   sab   sob

c -   ace   arc   cad   car   cod   cor   cos   doc   oca   orc   rec   roc   sac   sec

d -   add   ado   ads   dad   doe   dor   dos   eds   fad   fed   odd   ode   ods   rad   red   rod   sad   sod

e -   are   dee   doe   ear   eds   efs   era   ere   ers   fed   fee   fer   foe   ode   oes   ore   ose   red   ree   ref   res   roe   sae   sea   see   ser

f -   aff   arf   eff   efs   fad   far   fas   fed   fer   foe   for   fro   oaf   off   ref

g -   age   ago   dag   dog   ego   erg   fag   fog   gad   gae   gar   gas   ged   goa   god   gor   gos   rag   reg   sag   seg

h -   ash   dah   edh   feh   foh   had   hae   hao   has   her   hes   hod   hoe   ohs   rah   rho   sha   she

i -   aid   air   ais   die   dis   fid   fie   fir   ids   ifs   ire   rei   ria   rid   rif   sei   sir   sri

j -   jar   joe   raj

k -   ark   ask   dak   kae   kaf   kas   kea   kef   koa   kor   kos   oak   oka   oke   ska

l -   ale   als   dal   del   dol   eld   elf   els   lad   lar   las   lea   led   old   ole   sal   sel   sol

m -   arm   dam   dom   emf   ems   fem   mad   mae   mar   mas   med   moa   mod   mor   mos   oms   ram   rem   rom   som

n -   and   ane   den   don   end   ens   eon   ern   fan   fen   fon   nae   nod   nor   nos   one   ons   ran   sen   son

o -   ado   doe   dor   dos   foe   for   fro   oaf   oar   ode   ods   oes   ora   ore   ors   ose   rod   roe   sod

p -   ape   asp   dap   fop   ope   ops   pad   par   pas   pea   ped   per   pes   pod   pro   rap   rep   sap   sop   spa

r -   are   arf   ars   dor   ear   era   err   ers   far   fer   for   fro   oar   ora   ore   ors   rad   ras   red   ref   res   rod   roe   ser

s -   ads   ars   ass   dos   eds   efs   ers   ess   fas   ods   oes   ors   ose   ras   res   sad   sae   sea   ser   sod   sos

t -   aft   art   ate   dot   eat   eft   eta   fat   fet   oat   oft   ort   rat   ret   rot   sat   set   sot   tad   tae   tao   tar   tas   tea   ted   tod   toe   tor

u -   due   duo   eau   feu   fou   fud   fur   oud   our   rue   sau   sou   sue   udo   urd   use

v -   ave   avo   dev   ova   rev   var   vas   voe

w -   awe   daw   dew   dow   few   owe   raw   row   saw   sew   sow   wad   wae   war   was   wed   woe   wos

x -   axe   dex   fax   fox   rax   rex   sax   sex   sox

y -   aye   ays   day   dey   dry   dye   fay   fey   foy   fry   ray   rya   rye   say   soy   yar   yea   yes   yod

z -   adz   azo   fez   zed   zoa

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