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Words formed from any letters in exodos, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

d -   dodoes   exodos

e -   exodos

g -   goosed

h -   shooed

i -   doxies   exodoi   oxides

l -   loosed   oodles   soloed

n -   nodose   noosed   odeons

o -   exodos

r -   rodeos   roosed

s -   exodos

t -   sooted

u -   exodus

x -   exodos

y -   desoxy

5 letters

b -   bodes   booed   boxed   boxes   oboes

c -   codes   codex   coeds   cooed   coxed   coxes   decos

d -   dodos   dosed

e -   desex   dexes   sexed

f -   feods   foods   foxed   foxes

g -   doges   goods   goose   goxes

h -   hoods   hosed   oohed   shoed

i -   doxie   eidos   oxide   oxids

j -   dojos

l -   doles   lodes   looed   loose   loxed   loxes   oleos   soldo   soled

m -   demos   domes   dooms   modes   moods   mooed   moose   sodom

n -   exons   nodes   noose   nosed   odeon   snood   sonde

p -   dopes   expos   poods   posed   poxed   poxes   spode

r -   doers   doors   doser   odors   ordos   redos   redox   resod   rodeo   roods   roose   rosed

s -   doses

t -   detox   doest   dotes   sexto   stood

u -   douse

v -   doves

w -   dowse   sowed   woods   wooed

y -   deoxy   sooey

z -   dozes   oozed   oozes

4 letters

a -   ados   axed   axes   odea   sade   soda

b -   beds   bode   bods   boos   debs   obes   oboe

c -   code   cods   coed   coos   deco   docs

d -   dodo   does   dose   eddo   odds   odes

e -   dees   does   dose   exes   odes   oxes   seed

f -   feds   feod   foes   food

g -   doge   dogs   egos   geds   gods   goes   good   goos   sego

h -   edhs   hods   hoed   hoes   hood   hose   ohed   oohs   shed   shod   shoe   shoo

i -   dies   ides   oxid   side

j -   dojo   joes

k -   desk   okes   soke   sook

l -   dels   dole   dols   elds   lode   loos   lose   olds   oleo   oles   sled   sloe   sold   sole   solo

m -   demo   dome   doms   doom   mode   mods   mood   moos   some

n -   dens   done   dons   ends   eons   exon   node   nods   noes   nose   ones   oxen   send   sned   sone   soon

o -   does   dose   odes   oxes

p -   dope   epos   expo   oops   oped   opes   peds   peso   pods   pood   pose   sped

r -   doer   door   dore   dors   eros   odor   ordo   ores   redo   reds   rode   rods   roes   rood   rose   sord   sore

s -   does   dose   doss   odes   oses   oxes   sods

t -   dost   dote   dots   oots   sext   soot   teds   tods   toed   toes

u -   doux   dues   duos   ouds   sued   udos   used

v -   devs   dove   voes

w -   dews   dows   owed   owes   owse   weds   woes   wood   woos

x -   oxes

y -   dexy   deys   doxy   dyes   oyes   sexy   yods

z -   doze   ooze   zeds   zoos

3 letters

a -   ado   ads   axe   sad   sae   sax   sea

b -   bed   bod   boo   bos   box   deb   obe   sob

c -   cod   coo   cos   cox   doc   sec

d -   dex   doe   dos   eds   odd   ode   ods   sod

e -   dee   dex   doe   eds   ode   oes   ose   see   sex

f -   efs   fed   foe   fox

g -   dog   ego   ged   god   goo   gos   gox   seg

h -   edh   hes   hex   hod   hoe   oho   ohs   ooh   she

i -   die   dis   ids   sei   six   xis

j -   joe

k -   kex   kos   oke

l -   del   dol   eld   els   led   lex   loo   lox   old   ole   sel   sol

m -   dom   ems   med   mod   moo   mos   oms   som

n -   den   don   end   ens   eon   nod   noo   nos   one   ons   sen   son

o -   doe   dos   ode   ods   oes   ose   oxo   sod   sox

p -   ope   ops   ped   pes   pod   pox   sop

r -   dor   ers   ore   ors   red   res   rex   rod   roe   ser

s -   dos   eds   ess   ods   oes   ose   sex   sod   sos   sox

t -   dot   oot   set   sot   ted   tod   toe   too

u -   due   duo   oud   sou   sue   udo   use

v -   dev   vex   voe   vox

w -   dew   dow   owe   sew   sow   wed   woe   woo   wos

x -   dex   oxo   sex   sox

y -   dey   dye   oxy   soy   yes   yod

z -   zed   zoo

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