More Words

Words formed from any letters in episode, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   episodes

t -   epidotes   poetised

x -   epoxides

7 letters

a -   adipose

c -   diocese

d -   deposed   depside   episode   seedpod

e -   episode

i -   episode

l -   despoil   diploes   dipoles   oilseed   speiled   spieled   spoiled

m -   episome   impedes   imposed

n -   depones   peonies   spondee

o -   episode

p -   episode

r -   deposer   oreides   periods   preside   reposed   speired   spiered

s -   deposes   despise   dispose   episode   poesies   speedos

t -   deposit   despite   dopiest   epidote   podites   poetise   posited   sopited   topside

x -   epoxide   epoxied   epoxies   exposed

6 letters

a -   pesade   soaped

b -   beside   bipeds   bipods   bodies   dobies

c -   copied   copies   cosied   deices   pieced   pieces   psocid   scoped   specie   spiced

d -   depose   didoes   diodes   eddies   eddoes   epodes   espied   peised   poised   speedo

e -   depose   epodes   espied   peised   poised   seeped   speedo

f -   defies

g -   dogies   geodes   geoids   pogies   sieged

h -   ephods   hoised   pished

i -   espied   iodise   peised   poised

k -   pekoes   pokies   spiked   spoked

l -   diesel   diploe   dipole   dispel   ediles   elides   eloped   elopes   lisped   oldies   pilose   poleis   polies   sedile   seidel   siloed   sliped   sloped   soiled   spiled

m -   demies   demise   impede   impose   mopeds

n -   denies   depone   dienes   donees   donsie   eosine   noised   onside   opened   opined   opines   peined   peones   poinds   ponied   ponies   seined   sniped   spined

o -   depose   epodes   isopod   poised   speedo

p -   depose   epodes   espied   peised   poised   popsie   sipped   sopped   speedo

r -   desire   dopers   dopier   dories   eiders   erodes   oreide   pedros   perdie   period   poiser   prides   prised   prosed   redips   redoes   repose   reside   soiree   spider   spired   spored

s -   depose   dieses   dipsos   epodes   eposes   espied   espies   peised   peises   pissed   poised   poises   posies   seised   speedo   speeds   speise   spodes

t -   depots   despot   podite   posted   potsie   sopite   spited   stiped   stoped   todies   topees

u -   pseudo   souped   upside

v -   devise   sieved   vespid   videos   viseed

w -   spewed   swiped   wisped

x -   dexies   doxies   expose   oxides

y -   speedy

z -   seized

5 letters

a -   adios   aedes   aides   apods   aside   dopas   eased   ideas   padis   paise   paseo   pease   podia   psoae   psoai   sapid   sepia   spade   spado   spaed

b -   beeps   bides   biped   bipod   bodes   dobie   obese

c -   cedes   cedis   cepes   codes   coeds   coped   copes   copse   cosie   decos   deice   dices   disco   epics   piece   pisco   scope   sepic   sodic   spice

d -   deeds   deeps   didos   diode   dipso   doped   dopes   dosed   eidos   epode   pedes   posed   sided   siped   speed   spied   spode

e -   deeps   dopes   eidos   epees   epode   pedes   peise   poise   posed   siped   speed   spied   spode

f -   defis   feeds   feods   fidos

g -   doges   dogie   edges   geode   geoid   ogees   sedge   siege

h -   ephod   heeds   hides   hoise   hoped   hopes   hosed   sheep   shied   shoed

i -   dipso   eidos   peise   poise   siped   spied

j -   jeeps

k -   dekes   dikes   keeps   kepis   peeks   pekes   pekoe   piked   pikes   poked   pokes   skeed   skied   spike   spoke

l -   deils   deles   delis   diols   doles   edile   elide   elope   idles   idols   isled   lidos   lodes   loped   lopes   oiled   oldie   peels   peles   piled   piles   plied   plies   plods   poled   poles   polis   sidle   sleep   slide   slipe   sloid   slope   soldi   soled   solei   solid   speel   speil   spiel   spile   spoil

m -   deems   deism   demes   demos   dimes   disme   domes   imped   meeds   misdo   modes   moped   mopes   poems   pomes

n -   denes   dense   diene   dines   donee   eosin   needs   neeps   nides   nodes   noise   nosed   opens   opine   opsin   peens   peins   pends   penes   penis   peons   pined   pines   pions   poind   ponds   pones   seine   snide   snipe   sonde   spend   spine

o -   dipso   dopes   eidos   epode   poise   poods   posed   spode

p -   deeps   dipso   dopes   epode   pedes   peeps   peise   pepos   piped   pipes   poise   popes   posed   siped   speed   spied   spode

r -   deers   doers   doper   dorps   doser   drees   dries   drips   drops   eider   erode   erose   osier   pedro   peers   peris   perse   piers   pored   pores   poser   preed   prees   prese   pride   pried   pries   prise   prods   prose   redes   redip   redos   reeds   repos   resid   resod   rides   riped   ripes   roped   ropes   rosed   seder   sered   sired   siree   speer   speir   spier   spire   spore   spree

s -   deeps   dipso   dopes   doses   eidos   pedes   peise   pesos   pisos   poise   posed   poses   posse   seeds   seeps   seise   sides   siped   sipes   speed   spied   spies   spode

t -   deets   deist   depot   diets   dites   doest   doits   dotes   edits   estop   odist   opted   pesto   piste   poets   posit   sited   spite   steed   steep   stied   stipe   stope   tepid   tides   toped   topee   topes   topis

u -   douse   dupes   pious   pseud   spued   suede   updos

v -   dives   doves   sieve   veeps   video   vised   voids

w -   dowie   dowse   sewed   sowed   swede   sweep   swipe   weeds   weeps   wides   wiped   wipes   wised

x -   desex   dexes   dexie   doxie   expos   oxide   oxids   pixes   poxed   poxes   sexed

y -   dopey   poesy   pyoid   seedy   seepy   sepoy   yipes

z -   dozes   seize   sized

4 letters

a -   ados   aide   aids   aped   apes   apod   apse   dais   daps   dopa   ease   idea   odea   padi   pads   paid   pase   peas   pias   sade   sadi   said   soap   soda   spae

b -   beds   beep   bees   bide   bids   bios   bise   bode   bods   bops   debs   dibs   obes   obis

c -   cede   cedi   cees   cepe   ceps   code   cods   coed   cope   cops   deco   dice   disc   docs   epic   iced   ices   odic   pecs   pice   pics   scop   sice   spec   spic

d -   deed   deep   dees   dido   died   dies   dips   does   dope   dose   eddo   eide   ides   odds   odes   oped   peds   peed   pied   pods   seed   side   sped

e -   deep   dees   dies   does   dope   dose   eide   epee   epos   ides   odes   oped   opes   peds   peed   pees   peso   pied   pies   pose   seed   seep   side   sipe   sped

f -   defi   feds   feed   fees   feod   fido   fids   foes   fops   seif

g -   digs   doge   dogs   edge   egis   egos   geds   geed   gees   gids   gied   gies   gips   gods   goes   ogee   pegs   pigs   sego

h -   dish   edhs   heed   hide   hied   hies   hips   hods   hoed   hoes   hope   hops   hose   ohed   pehs   phis   pish   posh   shed   ship   shod   shoe   shop   soph

i -   dies   dips   eide   ides   pied   pies   piso   pois   side   sipe

j -   jeed   jeep   jees   joes

k -   deke   desk   dike   disk   eked   ekes   keep   kepi   keps   kids   kips   kois   kops   okes   peek   peke   pike   poke   seek   sike   skee   skep   skid   skip   soke   spik

l -   deil   dele   deli   dels   diel   diol   dole   dols   eels   elds   else   idle   idol   isle   lees   leis   lido   lids   lied   lies   lipe   lips   lisp   lode   lope   lops   lose   oils   olds   oles   peel   pele   pile   pled   plie   plod   pole   pols   seel   sild   silo   sled   slid   slip   sloe   slop   soil   sold   sole   soli

m -   deem   deme   demo   dime   dims   dome   doms   emes   idem   imps   meed   mids   mise   miso   mode   modi   mods   mope   mops   poem   pome   poms   seem   seme   semi   simp   some

n -   dene   deni   dens   dine   dins   done   dons   ends   eons   ions   need   neep   nide   nips   node   nodi   nods   noes   nope   nose   ones   open   peen   pein   pend   pens   peon   pine   pins   pion   pond   pone   pons   seen   send   sene   sine   sned   snip   sone   spin

o -   does   dope   dose   epos   odes   oops   oped   opes   peso   piso   pods   pois   pood   pose

p -   deep   dips   dope   epos   oped   opes   peds   peed   peep   pees   pepo   peps   peso   pied   pies   pipe   pips   piso   pods   pois   pope   pops   pose   seep   sipe   sped

r -   deer   dere   dire   doer   dore   dorp   dors   dree   drip   drop   eros   ired   ires   ores   peer   peri   pier   pore   pree   prod   pros   rede   redo   reds   reed   rees   reis   repo   reps   ride   rids   ripe   rips   rise   rode   rods   roes   rope   rose   seer   sere   sire   sord   sore   sori

s -   dees   dies   dips   diss   does   dose   doss   epos   eses   ides   odes   opes   oses   peds   pees   peso   pies   piso   piss   pods   pois   pose   psis   seed   seep   sees   seis   side   sipe   sips   sods   sops   sped

t -   deet   diet   dipt   dite   dits   doit   dost   dote   dots   edit   opts   pest   pets   pits   poet   post   pots   sept   site   spit   spot   step   stop   teds   teed   tees   tide   tied   ties   tips   tods   toed   toes   tope   topi   tops

u -   dues   duos   dupe   dups   opus   ouds   puds   soup   spud   spue   sued   supe   udos   updo   used

v -   devs   dive   dove   eves   spiv   veep   vees   vide   vied   vies   vise   voes   void

w -   dews   dows   ewes   owed   owes   owse   pews   pows   spew   swop   weds   weed   weep   wees   wide   wipe   wise   wisp   woes   wops

x -   exes   expo   oxes   oxid

y -   deys   dopy   dyes   espy   eyed   eyes   oyes   posy   pyes   yids   yipe   yips   yods

z -   doze   size   zeds   zees   zips

3 letters

a -   ado   ads   aid   ais   ape   asp   dap   pad   pas   pea   pia   sad   sae   sap   sea   spa

b -   bed   bee   bid   bio   bis   bod   bop   bos   deb   dib   obe   obi   sib   sob

c -   cee   cep   cis   cod   cop   cos   doc   ice   pec   pic   sec   sic

d -   dee   did   die   dip   dis   doe   dos   eds   ids   odd   ode   ods   ped   pod   sod

e -   dee   die   doe   eds   ode   oes   ope   ose   ped   pee   pes   pie   see   sei

f -   efs   fed   fee   fid   fie   foe   fop   ifs

g -   dig   dog   ego   ged   gee   gid   gie   gip   god   gos   peg   pig   seg

h -   edh   hep   hes   hid   hie   hip   his   hod   hoe   hop   ohs   peh   phi   poh   she

i -   die   dip   dis   ids   pie   pis   poi   psi   sei   sip

j -   jee   joe

k -   eke   kep   kid   kip   koi   kop   kos   oke   ski

l -   del   dol   eel   eld   els   led   lee   lei   lid   lie   lip   lis   lop   oil   old   ole   pol   sel   sol

m -   dim   dom   eme   ems   imp   ism   med   mid   mis   mod   mop   mos   oms   pom   sim   som

n -   den   din   don   end   ens   eon   ins   ion   nee   nip   nod   nos   one   ons   pen   pin   sen   sin   son

o -   doe   dos   ode   ods   oes   ope   ops   ose   pod   poi   sod   sop

p -   dip   ope   ops   ped   pee   pep   pes   pie   pip   pis   pod   poi   pop   psi   sip   sop

r -   dor   ere   ers   ire   ore   ors   per   pro   red   ree   rei   rep   res   rid   rip   rod   roe   ser   sir   sri

s -   dis   dos   eds   ess   ids   ods   oes   ops   ose   pes   pis   psi   see   sei   sip   sis   sod   sop   sos

t -   dit   dot   its   opt   pet   pit   pot   set   sit   sot   ted   tee   tie   tip   tis   tod   toe   top

u -   due   dui   duo   dup   oud   piu   pud   pus   sou   sue   sup   udo   upo   ups   use

v -   dev   eve   vee   vie   vis   voe

w -   dew   dow   ewe   owe   pew   pow   sew   sow   wed   wee   wis   woe   wop   wos

x -   dex   pix   pox   sex   six   sox   xis

y -   dey   dye   eye   pye   soy   spy   yep   yes   yid   yip   yod

z -   zed   zee   zip

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