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Words formed from any letters in empower, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   empowers

7 letters

b -   embower

c -   compeer   compere

d -   powered

e -   empower

i -   impower

l -   eelworm

m -   empower

o -   empower

p -   empower

r -   emperor   empower   repower

w -   empower

6 letters

a -   ampere   womera

b -   beworm

d -   deperm   deworm   emerod   meowed   permed   powder   premed   romped   wormed

e -   weeper

f -   formee

i -   empire   epimer   mopier   premie

k -   rewoke

l -   eloper   mewler   plower

m -   pommee

n -   erenow   moreen   opener   pereon   premen   reopen

p -   mopper

r -   prower   romper   wormer

s -   mopers   mowers   powers   proems   repose   sempre   spewer

t -   emoter   meteor   metope   pewter   powter   remote   temper   trompe

v -   remove   rewove

y -   empery   mopery

5 letters

a -   ameer   morae   opera   pareo   pawer   perea   ramee   remap

b -   berme   bower   brome   ember   embow   omber   ombre   probe   rebop   weber

c -   comer   coper   cower   creep   creme   crepe

d -   doper   dower   epode   erode   merde   mewed   moped   mowed   pedro   pored   preed   rewed   roped   rowed

e -   emeer   moper   mower   pewee   power   proem

f -   fewer   forme

g -   grope   merge   repeg

h -   ephor   hewer   homer   hoper   morph   rehem   wheep   where   whomp   whore

i -   moire   prime   primo   wiper

k -   kreep   pekoe   poker

l -   elope   leper   loper   lower   merle   morel   poler   prole   prowl   repel   rowel

m -   emmer   moper   mower   proem

n -   enorm   newer   owner   preen   prone   renew   rewon   rowen   women

o -   moper   mower   power   proem   promo   romeo   wooer

p -   moper   power   proem

r -   merer   moper   mower   ormer   power   proem   repro   roper   rower

s -   erose   ewers   meows   meres   mopes   mores   morse   omers   peers   perms   perse   poems   pomes   pores   poser   prees   prese   proms   prose   prows   repos   resew   resow   romps   ropes   serow   sewer   sower   speer   sperm   spore   spree   sweep   sweer   swore   weeps   worms   worse

t -   emote   meter   metre   metro   peter   remet   repot   retem   rewet   tempo   topee   toper   tower   tromp   trope   twerp   wrote

u -   puree   rupee

v -   mover   prove   vomer   vower

w -   mower   power

x -   remex

y -   emery   mopey   myope   peery   ropey   weepy   wormy

4 letters

a -   aero   aper   awee   mare   mora   pare   pear   pram   prao   proa   ramp   rape   ream   reap   roam   wame   ware   warm   warp   wear   wrap

b -   beep   beer   berm   bore   bree   brew   brow   robe   womb

c -   cepe   cere   cero   come   comp   cope   core   corm   crew   crop   crow

d -   deem   deep   deer   deme   demo   dere   derm   doer   dome   dope   dore   dorm   dorp   dree   drew   drop   meed   mode   oped   owed   peed   prod   rede   redo   reed   rode   weed   word

e -   epee   ewer   meow   mere   mope   more   omer   peer   perm   poem   pome   pore   pree   repo   rope   weep   weer   were   wore

f -   feme   fere   fore   form   free   froe   from   frow   prof   reef

g -   eger   ergo   germ   goer   gore   gorp   gree   grew   grow   ogee   ogre   prog

h -   heme   hemp   here   herm   hero   hoer   home   hope   howe   phew   whee   whom   whop

i -   emir   mire   peri   pier   prim   rime   ripe   weir   wimp   wipe   wire

j -   jeep   jeer

k -   keep   kemp   kore   meek   merk   moke   peek   peke   perk   poke   pork   reek   week   woke   work

l -   leer   lope   lore   lowe   merl   mewl   mole   orle   peel   pele   plew   plow   pole   reel   role   weel

m -   meme   memo   meow   mere   mome   mope   more   omer   perm   poem   pome   prom   romp   worm

n -   enow   erne   meno   morn   mown   neem   neep   nome   nope   norm   omen   open   peen   peon   pone   porn   ween   worn   wren

o -   meow   moor   mope   more   omer   poem   pome   poor   pore   prom   prow   repo   romp   room   rope   wore   worm

p -   mope   peep   peer   pepo   perm   perp   poem   pome   pomp   pope   pore   pree   prep   prom   prop   prow   repo   repp   romp   rope   weep

r -   ewer   mere   more   omer   peer   perm   pore   pree   prom   prow   repo   romp   rope   weer   were   wore   worm

s -   emes   epos   eros   ewes   mews   mops   mors   mows   opes   ores   owes   owse   pees   peso   pews   poms   pose   pows   pros   rees   rems   reps   roes   roms   rose   rows   seem   seep   seer   seme   sere   smew   some   sore   spew   swop   wees   woes   wops

t -   meet   mete   mort   mote   pert   poet   port   rete   rote   teem   temp   term   tome   tope   tore   tree   trop   trow   twee   weet   wept   wert   wort

u -   emeu   euro   meou   moue   mure   pour   pure   roue   roup   rump

v -   ever   move   over   rove   veep   veer   vrow   wove

w -   ewer   meow   prow   weep   weer   were   wore   worm

x -   expo   prex

y -   eery   eyer   eyre   mopy   oyer   prey   pyre   ropy   yore   yowe

z -   meze   prez   zero

3 letters

a -   amp   ape   are   arm   awe   ear   era   mae   map   mar   maw   moa   oar   ora   pam   par   paw   pea   ram   rap   raw   wae   wap   war

b -   bee   bop   bow   bro   mob   obe   orb   reb   rob   web

c -   cee   cep   cop   cor   cow   cwm   moc   orc   pec   rec   roc

d -   dee   dew   doe   dom   dor   dow   med   mod   ode   ped   pod   red   rod   wed

e -   eme   ere   ewe   mew   ope   ore   owe   pee   per   pew   ree   rem   rep   roe   wee   woe

f -   emf   fee   fem   fer   few   foe   fop   for   fro   ref

g -   ego   erg   gee   gem   gor   meg   mog   peg   reg   wog

h -   hem   hep   her   hew   hoe   hop   how   mho   ohm   peh   poh   rho   who

i -   imp   ire   mir   pie   poi   rei   rim   rip

j -   jee   jew   joe   jow

k -   eke   kep   kop   kor   oke   wok

l -   eel   elm   lee   lop   low   mel   mol   ole   owl   pol

m -   eme   mem   mew   mom   mop   mor   mow   pom   rem   rom

n -   eon   ern   men   mon   nee   new   nom   nor   now   one   own   pen   wen   won

o -   moo   mop   mor   mow   ope   ore   owe   pom   pow   pro   roe   rom   row   woe   woo   wop

p -   mop   ope   pee   pep   per   pew   pom   pop   pow   pro   rep   wop

r -   ere   err   mor   ore   per   pro   ree   rem   rep   roe   rom   row

s -   ems   ers   mos   oes   oms   ops   ors   ose   pes   res   see   ser   sew   som   sop   sow   wos

t -   met   mot   opt   ort   pet   pot   ret   rot   tee   tew   toe   tom   top   tor   tow   two   wet   wot

u -   emu   our   pur   rue   rum   ump   upo

v -   eve   rev   vee   voe   vow

w -   ewe   mew   mow   owe   pew   pow   row   wee   woe   wop   wow

x -   pox   rex

y -   eye   pry   pye   rye   wry   wye   yep   yew   yom   yow

z -   zee

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