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Words formed from any letters in embosom, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   embosoms

7 letters

a -   mamboes

b -   embosom

c -   coombes

d -   bosomed

e -   embosom

i -   imbosom

m -   embosom

o -   embosom

r -   boomers

s -   embosom

6 letters

a -   mambos

b -   bombes

c -   combes   combos   comose   coombe   coombs

d -   boomed   demobs   modems

g -   goboes   gombos

h -   hoboes   hommos

i -   biomes   mimeos   simoom

j -   mojoes

k -   embosk

l -   blooms   oboles   osmole

r -   boomer   bromes   bromos   brooms   momser   morose   ombers   ombres   romeos   somber   sombre

s -   besoms   bosoms   emboss   osmose

w -   embows

y -   bosomy

z -   boozes

5 letters

a -   ambos   ammos   beams   bemas   mabes   mambo   sambo

b -   besom   bombe   bombs   boobs   booms   bosom   oboes

c -   combe   combo   combs   comes   coomb

d -   bodes   booed   demob   demos   domes   dooms   modem   modes   moods   mooed   sodom

e -   besom   memes   memos   momes   moose   obese   oboes

g -   gobos   gombo   goose

h -   hobos   homes   homos

i -   biome   mimeo   mimes

j -   mojos

k -   books   kobos   mokes   smoke

l -   bloom   boles   bolos   lobes   lobos   looms   loose   moles   mools   obole   obols   oleos   osmol

m -   besom   booms   bosom   memos   momes   moose

n -   bones   boons   boson   ebons   meson   monos   moons   nomes   nomos   noose   omens

o -   besom   booms   bosom   memos   momes   moose   oboes

p -   mopes   poems   pomes

r -   berms   boors   bores   brome   bromo   broom   broos   brose   moors   mores   morse   omber   ombre   omers   robes   romeo   rooms   roose   sober

s -   besom   booms   bosom   memos   momes   moose   mosso   oboes

t -   besot   boost   boots   moots   moste   motes   smote   tombs   tomes

u -   bouse   meous   momus   moues   mouse   sebum   umbos

v -   moves

w -   bowse   embow   meows   wombs

x -   boxes

y -   boomy   boyos   mosey   obeys   sooey

z -   booze   bozos   mozos   oozes   zooms

4 letters

a -   abos   ambo   ammo   bams   base   beam   bema   boas   mabe   maes   mesa   moas   sabe   same   seam   soma

b -   bobs   bomb   boob   boom   boos   ebbs   mobs   obes   oboe

c -   cobs   comb   come   coos   mocs

d -   beds   bode   bods   debs   demo   does   dome   doms   doom   dose   mode   mods   mood   odes

e -   bees   emes   meme   memo   mems   mome   obes   oboe   seem   seme   some

f -   emfs   fems   fobs   foes

g -   begs   bogs   egos   gems   gobo   gobs   goes   goos   megs   mogs   sego   smog

h -   bosh   hems   hobo   hobs   hoes   home   homo   hose   mesh   mhos   mosh   ohms   oohs   shmo   shoe   shoo

i -   bios   bise   mibs   mime   mise   miso   momi   obis   semi

j -   jobs   joes   mojo

k -   book   bosk   kobo   kobs   moke   mosk   okes   soke   sook

l -   bels   bole   bolo   elms   lobe   lobo   lobs   loom   loos   lose   mels   mole   mols   mool   obol   oleo   oles   slob   sloe   sole   solo

m -   boom   memo   mems   mobs   mome   moms   moos   some

n -   bens   bone   boon   ebon   eons   meno   mono   mons   moon   nebs   nobs   noes   nome   noms   nose   omen   ones   snob   sone   soon

o -   boom   boos   memo   mobs   mome   moms   moos   obes   oboe   some

p -   bops   epos   mope   mops   oops   opes   peso   poem   pome   poms   pose

r -   berm   boor   bore   broo   bros   eros   moor   more   mors   omer   orbs   ores   rebs   rems   robe   robs   roes   roms   room   rose   sorb   sore

s -   boos   boss   mems   mess   mobs   moms   moos   moss   obes   oses   sobs   some

t -   best   bets   boot   bots   moot   most   mote   mots   oots   soot   stem   stob   toes   tomb   tome   toms   toom

u -   bums   emus   meou   moue   mums   muse   sumo   umbo

v -   move   voes

w -   bows   meow   mews   mows   owes   owse   smew   swob   webs   woes   womb   woos

x -   oxes

y -   beys   boyo   boys   byes   obey   oyes   sybo   yobs

z -   bozo   mozo   ooze   zoom   zoos

3 letters

a -   abo   abs   bam   bas   boa   mae   mas   moa   sab   sae   sea

b -   bob   boo   bos   ebb   mob   obe   sob

c -   cob   coo   cos   moc   sec

d -   bed   bod   deb   doe   dom   dos   eds   med   mod   ode   ods   sod

e -   bee   eme   ems   mem   obe   oes   ose   see

f -   efs   emf   fem   fob   foe

g -   beg   bog   ego   gem   gob   goo   gos   meg   mog   seg

h -   hem   hes   hmm   hob   hoe   mho   ohm   oho   ohs   ooh   she

i -   bio   bis   ism   mib   mim   mis   obi   sei   sib   sim

j -   job   joe

k -   kob   kos   oke

l -   bel   elm   els   lob   loo   mel   mol   ole   sel   sol

m -   ems   mem   mob   mom   moo   mos   oms   som

n -   ben   ens   eon   men   mon   neb   nob   nom   noo   nos   one   ons   sen   son

o -   boo   bos   mob   mom   moo   mos   obe   oes   oms   ose   sob   som

p -   bop   mop   ope   ops   pes   pom   sop

r -   bro   ers   mor   orb   ore   ors   reb   rem   res   rob   roe   rom   ser

s -   bos   ems   ess   mos   oes   oms   ose   sob   som   sos

t -   bet   bot   met   mot   oot   set   sot   toe   tom   too

u -   bum   bus   emu   mum   mus   sou   sub   sue   sum   umm   use

v -   voe

w -   bow   mew   mow   owe   sew   sow   web   woe   woo   wos

x -   box   oxo   sex   sox

y -   bey   boy   bye   bys   soy   yes   yob   yom

z -   zoo

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