More Words

Words formed from any letters in eidolic, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

c -   cleidoic

h -   helicoid

m -   domicile

n -   indocile

t -   idiolect

7 letters

b -   biocide

c -   codicil   eidolic   icicled

d -   eidolic

e -   eidolic

h -   cheloid

i -   eidolic

l -   collide   collied   eidolic

m -   domicil   melodic

o -   eidolic   oceloid

p -   diploic   policed

r -   ericoid

s -   doilies   idolise

v -   ovicide

z -   idolize

6 letters

a -   coaled   codeia   colead   eidola

b -   bodice   boiled   bolide   ceboid   libido

c -   cilice   coiled   docile   icicle

d -   coddle   coiled   dildoe   docile   doiled   iodide

e -   ceiled   coiled   decile   docile

f -   coifed   deific   foiled

g -   geodic

h -   chield   childe

i -   coiled   docile

k -   dickie   keloid   licked   locked

l -   coiled   collie   docile   lilied   ocelli

m -   medico   meloid   moiled

n -   cineol   cloned   codein   codlin   coined   enolic   indole   iodine

o -   coiled   cooled   coolie   docile   doolie   locoed

p -   copied   diploe   dipole   lipide   lipoid   police

r -   clerid   coiler   colder   dicier   oilier   recoil   roiled

s -   closed   colies   cosied   iodise   oldies   siloed   sliced   soiled   solidi

t -   citied   citole   coedit   delict   deltic   elicit   iolite   toiled

v -   voiced

w -   cowled

x -   exilic   oxidic

y -   cloyed   dioecy   idiocy

z -   cozied   iodize

5 letters

a -   acold   ailed   aioli   alcid   cilia   clade   decal   ideal   ileac   iliac   iliad   laced   oidia

b -   bield   cebid   cibol   coble   dobie   lobed   obeli

c -   codec   coled   colic   dolce   dolci   iodic   oleic

d -   coded   coled   diced   didie   dildo   diode   dolce   dolci   doled   idled   iodic   iodid   oiled   oldie

e -   coled   deice   dolce   edile   elide   oiled   oldie   oleic

f -   felid   field   filed   flied

g -   dogie   gelid   geoid   glide   lodge   logic   ogled

h -   chide   chiel   child   chile   chili   dhole   helio   holed   lichi

i -   dolci   iodic   oiled   oldie   oleic

k -   coked   liked

l -   celli   cello   coled   dolce   dolci   oiled   oldie   oleic

m -   celom   clime   domic   idiom   imide   imido   limed   medic   medii   melic   model

n -   cline   clone   coden   colin   coned   eloin   indie   indol   iodin   ionic   lined   loden   nicol   olden   olein

o -   coled   cooed   dolce   dolci   iodic   looed   looie   oiled   oldie   oleic

p -   coped   lipid   loped   piled   pilei   plied   poled

r -   ceorl   cider   coder   cored   credo   cried   decor   dicer   icier   idler   oiler   older   oriel   relic   reoil   riced   riled

s -   cedis   ceils   clods   close   codes   coeds   coils   colds   coles   cosie   decos   deils   delis   dices   diols   disci   disco   doles   eidos   idles   idols   isled   lidos   lodes   scold   sidle   slice   slide   sloid   socle   sodic   soldi   soled   solei   solid

t -   cited   coted   dicot   edict   idiot   licit   lotic   teiid   telic   teloi   tilde   tiled   toile   toled

u -   cloud   clued   coude   could   douce   louie   lucid   ludic   oculi

v -   civie   civil   clove   coved   devil   ivied   lived   livid   loved   olive   viced   video   voice   voile   voled

w -   cowed   dowel   dowie   lowed   wield   wilco   wiled

x -   codex   coxed   doxie   loxed   oxide

y -   coyed   decoy   dicey   doily   icily   odyle   yield   yodel   yodle

z -   cloze   cozie

4 letters

a -   aced   acid   aide   alec   aloe   cade   cadi   caid   calo   ciao   clad   coal   coda   cola   dace   dale   deal   dial   idea   ilea   ilia   lace   lade   laic   laid   lead   load   loca   odea   olea

b -   bice   bide   bile   bled   bloc   bode   boil   bold   bole   lobe

c -   cedi   ceil   clod   code   coed   coil   cold   cole   deco   dice   iced   lice   loci   odic

d -   cedi   clod   code   coed   cold   deco   deil   deli   dice   dido   died   diel   diol   dole   eddo   iced   idle   idol   lido   lied   lode   odic

e -   cede   cedi   ceil   code   coed   cole   deco   deil   dele   deli   dice   diel   dole   eide   iced   idle   lice   lied   lode

f -   clef   coif   defi   delf   feod   fice   fico   fido   file   filo   fled   flic   floc   floe   foci   foil   fold   lief   life

g -   clog   doge   geld   gied   gild   gled   gold   loge   ogle

h -   chid   echo   elhi   heil   held   helo   hide   hied   hili   hoed   hold   hole   lech   lich   loch   ohed

i -   cedi   ceil   coil   deil   deli   dice   diel   diol   iced   idle   idol   lice   lido   lied   loci   odic

j -   jole

k -   coke   deck   dick   dike   dock   kilo   koel   lick   like   lock

l -   ceil   cell   clod   coil   cold   cole   deil   deli   dell   diel   dill   diol   dole   doll   idle   idol   lice   lido   lied   loci   lode

m -   come   demo   dime   dome   emic   idem   imid   lime   limo   meld   mice   midi   mild   mile   milo   mode   modi   moil   mold   mole

n -   cine   cion   clon   coin   cone   coni   deni   dine   done   enol   icon   lend   leno   lien   line   lino   lion   loin   lone   nice   nide   nidi   node   nodi   noel   noil   once

o -   clod   code   coed   coil   cold   cole   cool   deco   diol   dole   idol   lido   loci   loco   lode   odic   oleo   olio

p -   clip   clop   cope   dope   epic   lipe   lope   oped   pice   pied   pile   pili   pled   plie   plod   pole

r -   cero   cire   coir   cord   core   dire   dirl   doer   dore   ired   irid   lier   lire   liri   lord   lore   orle   redo   rice   ride   riel   rile   rode   roil   role

s -   cels   cods   cols   dels   dies   disc   docs   does   dols   dose   elds   ices   ides   isle   leis   lids   lies   lose   odes   oils   olds   oles   sice   side   sild   silo   sled   slid   sloe   soil   sold   sole   soli

t -   celt   cite   clit   clot   colt   cote   delt   diet   dite   doit   dolt   dote   edit   etic   lite   loti   otic   tide   tied   tile   toed   toil   told   tole

u -   clue   cued   duce   duci   duel   leud   lieu   loud   luce   lude

v -   cove   dive   dove   evil   levo   live   love   veil   veld   vice   vide   vied   vile   viol   void   vole

w -   clew   cowl   lewd   lowe   lwei   owed   weld   wide   wild   wile   wold

x -   ilex   oxid

y -   cloy   coly   idly   idyl   odyl   oily   oldy   yeld

z -   doze   zoic

3 letters

a -   ace   ado   aid   ail   ale   cad   dal   lac   lad   lea   oca

b -   bed   bel   bid   bio   bod   cob   deb   dib   lib   lob   obe   obi

c -   cel   cod   col   doc   ice

d -   cod   del   did   die   doc   doe   dol   eld   led   lid   odd   ode   old

e -   cee   cel   dee   del   die   doe   eel   eld   ice   led   lee   lei   lie   ode   ole

f -   elf   fed   fid   fie   fil   foe

g -   cig   cog   dig   dog   ego   ged   gel   gid   gie   god   leg   log

h -   chi   edh   hic   hid   hie   hod   hoe   ich

i -   die   ice   lei   lid   lie   oil

j -   joe

k -   elk   ick   ilk   kid   koi   lek   oke

l -   cel   col   del   dol   eld   ell   ill   led   lei   lid   lie   oil   old   ole

m -   dim   dom   elm   med   mel   mid   mil   moc   mod   mol

n -   con   den   din   don   end   eon   ion   lin   nil   nod   one

o -   cod   col   coo   doc   doe   dol   loo   ode   oil   old   ole

p -   cep   cop   dip   lip   lop   ope   pec   ped   pic   pie   pod   poi   pol

r -   cor   dor   ire   orc   ore   rec   red   rei   rid   roc   rod   roe

s -   cis   cos   dis   dos   eds   els   ids   lis   ods   oes   ose   sec   sei   sel   sic   sod   sol

t -   cot   dit   dot   let   lit   lot   ted   tel   tic   tie   til   tod   toe

u -   cud   cue   due   dui   duo   ecu   leu   oud   udo

v -   dev   lev   vie   voe

w -   cow   dew   dow   low   owe   owl   wed   woe

x -   cox   dex   lex   lox

y -   coy   dey   dye   icy   ley   lye   yid   yod

z -   coz   lez   zed

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