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Words formed from any letters in ecru, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

b -   cuber

d -   crude   cured

h -   ruche

i -   curie   ureic

l -   cruel   lucre   ulcer

r -   curer   recur

s -   cruse   cures   curse   ecrus   sucre

t -   cruet   curet   cuter   eruct   recut   truce

v -   curve

4 letters

a -   acre   care   race   urea

b -   cube   curb   rube

c -   cure   ecru

d -   crud   cued   curd   duce   dure   rude   rued

e -   cere   cure   ecru

f -   curf

g -   grue   urge

i -   cire   rice   uric

k -   cuke   reck   ruck

l -   clue   curl   luce   lure   rule

m -   mure

n -   curn   rune

o -   cero   core   euro   roue

p -   puce   pure

r -   cure   curr   ecru   ruer

s -   crus   cues   curs   ecus   recs   rues   ruse   suer   sure   user

t -   curt   cute   true

u -   cure   ecru

w -   crew

x -   crux

3 letters

a -   ace   arc   are   car   ear   eau   era

b -   bur   cub   reb   rub   urb

c -   cue   cur   ecu   rec

d -   cud   due   red   urd

e -   cee   cue   ecu   ere   rec   ree   rue

f -   fer   feu   fur   ref

g -   erg   reg   rug

h -   her   hue

i -   ice   ire   rei

j -   jeu

k -   kue   uke

l -   cel   leu

m -   cum   emu   rem   rum

n -   ern   run   urn

o -   cor   orc   ore   our   roc   roe

p -   cep   cup   pec   per   pur   rep

r -   cur   err   rec   rue

s -   ers   res   sec   ser   sue   use

t -   cut   ret   rut

u -   cue   cur   ecu   rue

v -   rev

x -   rex

y -   cry   rye

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