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Words formed from any letters in each, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

b -   beach

c -   cache

d -   ached

f -   chafe

k -   hacek

l -   chela   leach

m -   mache

n -   hance

p -   chape   cheap   peach

r -   chare   reach

s -   aches   chase

t -   cheat   tache   teach   theca

4 letters

a -   ache   each

b -   bach

c -   ache   ceca   each

d -   aced   cade   chad   dace   hade   haed   head

e -   ache   each   eche

f -   cafe   chef   face

g -   cage

h -   ache   each

i -   chia

k -   cake   hack   hake   heck

l -   alec   hale   heal   lace   lech

m -   acme   ahem   came   cham   haem   hame   mace   mach

n -   acne   cane   haen

o -   chao   echo

p -   cape   caph   chap   epha   heap   pace   pech

r -   acre   arch   care   char   hare   hear   race   rhea

s -   aces   case   cash   haes   shea

t -   cate   chat   eath   etch   haet   hate   heat   tace   tach   thae

v -   cave   have

w -   chaw   chew

y -   achy   chay   yeah   yech

z -   chez   haze

3 letters

a -   aah   ace   aha   hae

b -   bah   cab

c -   ace

d -   cad   dah   edh   had

e -   ace   cee   hae

f -   feh

g -   age   gae   hag

h -   hae   hah   heh

i -   chi   hic   hie   ice   ich

j -   haj

k -   kae   kea

l -   ale   cel   lac   lea

m -   cam   ham   hem   mac   mae

n -   ane   can   hen   nae   nah

o -   hao   hoe   oca

p -   ape   cap   cep   hap   hep   pac   pah   pea   pec   peh

r -   arc   are   car   ear   era   her   rah   rec

s -   ash   has   hes   sac   sae   sea   sec   sha   she

t -   act   ate   cat   eat   eta   eth   hat   het   tae   tea   the

u -   cue   eau   ecu   hue

v -   ave   vac

w -   awe   caw   haw   hew   wae   wha

x -   axe   hex

y -   aye   cay   hay   hey   yah   yea   yeh

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