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Words formed from any letters in dungs, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

e -   nudges

i -   dingus

o -   sundog

5 letters

a -   dangs   gauds   guans

b -   bunds   bungs

d -   dungs

e -   dunes   genus   gudes   negus   nudes   nudge

f -   funds

g -   dungs

i -   dings   guids   nidus   suing   using

k -   dunks   gunks

l -   lungs   slung

n -   dungs

o -   dongs   nodus   sound

p -   pungs

r -   drugs   durns   nurds   rungs

s -   dungs   snugs

t -   dunts   stung   tungs

u -   dungs

w -   swung

y -   dungy

4 letters

a -   ands   anus   dags   dang   gads   gaud   gaun   guan   nags   sand   sang   snag

b -   buds   bugs   bund   bung   buns   dubs   nubs   snub

c -   cuds   scud

d -   duds   dugs   dung   duns   sudd

e -   dens   dues   dune   ends   engs   geds   gens   genu   gude   nude   send   sned   sued   unde   used

f -   fuds   fugs   fund   funs

g -   dugs   dung   gnus   guns   snug   sung

h -   gush   hugs   hung   huns   shun   sugh   ughs

i -   digs   ding   dins   gids   gins   guid   sign   sing

j -   jugs

k -   dunk   dusk   gunk   sunk

l -   guls   lugs   lung   slug

m -   gums   muds   mugs   muns   smug

n -   dung   duns   gnus   guns   nuns   snug   sung   sunn

o -   dogs   dong   dons   duos   gods   nods   nogs   nous   onus   ouds   snog   song   udos   undo

p -   dups   puds   pugs   pung   puns   spud   spun

r -   drug   durn   nurd   rugs   rung   runs   surd   urds   urns

s -   dugs   duns   gnus   guns   snug   suds   sung   suns

t -   dunt   dust   gust   guts   nuts   stud   stun   tugs   tung   tuns

u -   dugs   dung   duns   gnus   guns   snug   sung

v -   guvs   vugs

y -   guys   undy

3 letters

a -   ads   and   dag   gad   gan   gas   nag   sad   sag   sau

b -   bud   bug   bun   bus   dub   nub   sub

c -   cud

d -   dud   dug   dun

e -   den   due   eds   end   eng   ens   ged   gen   seg   sen   sue   use

f -   fud   fug   fun

g -   dug   gnu   gun

h -   duh   hug   hun   ugh

i -   dig   din   dis   dui   gid   gin   ids   ins   sin

j -   jug   jun   jus

l -   gul   lug

m -   gum   mud   mug   mun   mus   sum

n -   dun   gnu   gun   nun   nus   sun   uns

o -   dog   don   dos   duo   god   gos   nod   nog   nos   ods   ons   oud   sod   son   sou   udo

p -   dup   pud   pug   pun   pus   sup   ups

q -   suq

r -   rug   run   urd   urn

s -   nus   sun   uns

t -   gut   nut   tug   tun   uts

u -   dug   dun   gnu   gun   nus   sun   uns

v -   guv   vug

w -   wud

y -   guy   syn

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