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Words formed from any letters in didact, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

s -   addicts   didacts

6 letters

a -   addict   didact

c -   addict   didact

d -   addict   didact

e -   caddie

i -   addict   diacid   didact

n -   candid

o -   dacoit

s -   caddis   dicast

t -   addict   didact

u -   adduct

y -   dyadic

5 letters

a -   dicta

b -   tabid

c -   cacti   dicta

d -   dicta

e -   acted   aided   cadet   cited   dated   diced   edict   tided

g -   gaddi   gadid

h -   aitch   ditch

i -   dicta

l -   alcid   tical   tidal

m -   admit

n -   actin   antic   canid   nicad

o -   coati   dicot   octad

r -   acrid   caird   daric   triac   triad

s -   acids   adits   asdic   cadis   caids   didst   ditas   staid   tsadi

t -   attic   dicta   tacit

u -   audit   ducat

v -   davit   vatic

y -   acidy   caddy   dicty

4 letters

a -   acid   acta   adit   cadi   caid   dada   data   dita

b -   bait

c -   acid   cadi   caid

d -   acid   adit   cadi   caid   dita

e -   aced   aide   cade   cate   cedi   cite   dace   date   dead   dice   died   diet   dite   edit   etic   iced   idea   tace   tide   tied

f -   daft   fact   fiat

g -   gadi   gait

h -   chad   chat   chia   chid   chit   itch   tach

i -   acid   adit   cadi   caid   dita

k -   dick   ikat   kadi   tack   tick

l -   alit   clad   clit   dial   laic   laid   lati   tail   talc   tali

m -   amid   maid   mica

n -   anti   cain   cant   dint   tain

o -   ciao   coat   coda   dado   dato   dido   doat   doit   iota   odic   otic   taco   toad

p -   dipt   pact   padi   paid   pica   pita

q -   qaid

r -   airt   arid   card   cart   dart   dirt   drat   raid   trad

s -   acts   adds   aids   aits   asci   cads   cast   cats   cist   dads   dais   disc   dits   sadi   said   sati   scad   scat   tads   tics

t -   adit   dita   tact

u -   daut   duad   duci   duct   duit

v -   avid   diva   vita

w -   dawt   wadi   wait

x -   taxi

y -   city   didy   dyad   tidy

z -   ditz

3 letters

a -   act   add   aid   ait   cad   cat   dad   tad

b -   bad   bat   bid   bit   cab   dab   dib   tab

c -   act   cad   cat   tic

d -   add   aid   cad   dad   did   dit   tad

e -   ace   ate   die   eat   eta   ice   tae   tea   ted   tie

f -   aft   fad   fat   fid   fit

g -   cig   dag   dig   gad   gat   gid   git   tag

h -   chi   dah   had   hat   hic   hid   hit   ich

i -   aid   ait   did   dit   tic

j -   taj

k -   dak   ick   kat   kid   kit

l -   ail   alt   dal   lac   lad   lat   lid   lit   til

m -   aim   ami   cam   dam   dim   mac   mad   mat   mid   tam

n -   ain   and   ani   ant   can   din   nit   tan   tin

o -   ado   cod   cot   doc   dot   oat   oca   odd   tao   tod

p -   apt   cap   dap   dip   pac   pad   pat   pia   pic   pit   tap   tip

q -   qat

r -   air   arc   art   car   rad   rat   ria   rid   tar

s -   ads   ais   cis   dis   ids   its   sac   sad   sat   sic   sit   tas   tis

t -   act   ait   att   cat   dit   tad   tat   tic   tit

u -   cud   cut   dud   dui   tau   tui   uta

v -   tav   vac   vat   via

w -   caw   daw   taw   twa   wad   wat   wit

x -   tax

y -   cay   day   icy   yid

z -   adz   zit

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