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Words formed from any letters in dictate, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

d -   dictated

l -   latticed

n -   nictated

r -   citrated   tetracid   tetradic

s -   dictates

7 letters

a -   dictate

b -   tabetic

c -   dictate   ectatic

d -   dictate

e -   dictate

h -   chatted

i -   dictate

l -   citadel   deltaic   dialect   edictal   lattice   tactile

n -   nictate   tainted   tetanic   tincted

r -   attired   cattier   citrate   detract

s -   catties   scatted   statice

t -   dictate

v -   cavetti

y -   edacity

6 letters

a -   acedia   catted   cattie

b -   baited   batted   bitted

c -   acetic   catted   cattie   tactic   tictac

d -   addict   caddie   catted   didact

e -   catted   cattie   deceit   detect   ideate   teated

f -   fatted   fitted

g -   gaited

h -   detach   hatted   itched   thetic   tithed

i -   cattie   citied

k -   detick   diktat   kitted   tacked   tacket   ticked   ticket

l -   atelic   cattle   delict   deltic   detail   dilate   tailed   talced   tectal   tilted   titled

m -   matted

n -   acetin   attend   cadent   canted   centai   decant   detain   enatic   intact   tinted

o -   coated   codeia   coedit   cottae   dacoit   iodate   toited

p -   depict   patted   pattie   pitted   tipcat

r -   airted   attire   caried   carted   crated   credit   direct   ratite   ratted   redact   tarted   tetrad   tirade   traced   triced

s -   attics   cadets   dicast   edicts   stacte   stated   static   tasted

t -   catted   cattie   tatted   tattie

u -   dautie   tauted

v -   active   advect   advice   dative   vatted   vittae

w -   dawtie   waited   witted

x -   taxied   taxite

5 letters

a -   aceta   acted   aecia   attic   cadet   dicta   tacet   tacit   tecta

b -   abide   bated   betta   bidet   cebid   ceiba   debit   tabid

c -   acted   attic   cacti   cadet   cited   dicta   edict   tacet   tacit   tecta

d -   acted   aided   cadet   cited   dated   diced   dicta   edict   tided

e -   acted   cadet   cited   deice   edict   tacet   tecta

f -   decaf   defat   faced   facet   fated   fetid

g -   cadge   caged   gated

h -   ached   aitch   cheat   chide   death   ditch   ethic   hated   tache   teach   theca   theta   tithe

i -   attic   cited   dicta   edict   tacit   teiid

k -   caked   kited

l -   ailed   alcid   atilt   clade   cleat   dealt   decal   delta   eclat   ideal   ileac   laced   lated   latte   telia   telic   tical   tidal   tilde   tiled   title

m -   admit   aimed   amice   amide   demit   maced   mated   matte   media   medic   tamed   timed

n -   acned   actin   anted   antic   caned   canid   dance   enact   entia   nicad   taint   teind   tenia   tinct   tinea   tined   titan

o -   coati   coted   cotta   datto   dicot   ditto   octad   octet   toted

p -   adept   caped   epact   paced   pated   petit   petti   pieta   taped   tepid

r -   acred   acrid   aider   aired   arced   areic   cadre   caird   cared   caret   carte   cater   cedar   ceria   cider   citer   crate   cried   daric   dater   deair   derat   dicer   erica   irade   irate   raced   rated   react   recta   recti   redia   retia   riced   tared   tater   terai   tetra   tired   titer   titre   trace   tract   trade   trait   tread   treat   triac   triad   trice   tried   trite

s -   acids   adits   aides   asdic   aside   cades   cadis   caids   cased   caste   cates   cedis   cesta   cesti   cites   daces   dates   deist   dices   diets   ditas   dites   edits   ideas   saice   sated   scatt   sited   stade   staid   state   stead   stied   taces   tacts   taste   tates   teats   testa   tides   tsade   tsadi

t -   acted   attic   cadet   cited   dicta   edict   tacet   tacit   tecta

u -   acute   adieu   audit   cutie   ducat   educt

v -   caved   cavie   civet   davit   evict   vatic   viced   vitae   vitta

w -   cawed   tawed   tawie   twice   wited

x -   axite   exact   taxed

y -   acidy   catty   decay   deity   dicey   dicty   ditty

z -   azide

4 letters

a -   aced   acid   acta   adit   aide   cade   cadi   caid   cate   dace   data   date   dita   idea   tace   tact   tate   teat

b -   abed   abet   bade   bait   bate   batt   bead   beat   beta   bice   bide   bite   bitt   debt

c -   aced   acid   cade   cadi   caid   cate   ceca   cedi   cite   dace   dice   etic   iced   tace   tact

d -   aced   acid   adit   aide   cade   cadi   caid   cedi   dace   date   dead   dice   died   diet   dita   dite   edit   iced   idea   tide   tied

e -   aced   aide   cade   cate   cede   cedi   cete   cite   dace   date   deet   dice   diet   dite   edit   eide   etic   iced   idea   tace   tate   teat   teed   tide   tied

f -   cafe   daft   deaf   defi   deft   face   fact   fade   fate   feat   feta   fiat   fice

g -   aged   cage   egad   gadi   gaed   gait   gate   geta   gied

h -   ache   chad   chat   chia   chid   chit   each   eath   etch   hade   haed   haet   hate   head   heat   hide   hied   itch   tach   teth   thae   that

i -   acid   adit   aide   cadi   caid   cedi   cite   dice   diet   dita   dite   edit   etic   iced   idea   tide   tied   titi

j -   jade

k -   cake   deck   dick   dike   ikat   kadi   kite   tack   take   teak   tick   tike

l -   alec   alit   ceil   celt   clad   clit   dale   deal   deil   deli   delt   dial   diel   idle   ilea   lace   lade   laic   laid   late   lati   lead   lice   lied   lite   tael   tail   talc   tale   tali   teal   tela   tile   tilt

m -   acme   amid   amie   came   dame   dime   emic   emit   idem   item   mace   made   maid   mate   matt   mead   meat   meta   mica   mice   mite   mitt   tame   team   time

n -   acne   ante   anti   cain   cane   cant   cent   cine   dean   deni   dent   dine   dint   etna   neat   nett   nice   nide   nite   tain   tend   tent   tine   tint

o -   ciao   coat   coda   code   coed   cote   dato   deco   doat   doit   dote   iota   odea   odic   otic   taco   toad   toea   toed   toit   tote

p -   aped   cape   dipt   epic   pace   pact   padi   paid   pate   peat   pica   pice   pied   pita   tape   tepa

q -   qaid

r -   acre   airt   arid   card   care   cart   cire   dare   dart   dear   dire   dirt   drat   ired   race   raid   rate   read   rice   ride   rite   tare   tart   tear   tier   tire   trad   tret

s -   aces   acts   aids   aits   asci   ates   cads   case   cast   cats   cist   dais   dies   disc   dits   east   eats   etas   ices   ides   sade   sadi   said   sate   sati   scad   scat   seat   sect   seta   sett   sice   side   site   stat   stet   tads   tats   teas   teds   test   tets   tics   ties   tits

t -   adit   cate   cite   date   diet   dita   dite   edit   etic   tace   tact   tate   teat   tide   tied

u -   cued   cute   daut   duce   duci   duct   duet   duit   etui   taut

v -   avid   cave   deva   diva   dive   vice   vide   vied   vita

w -   awed   dawt   twae   twat   twit   wade   wadi   wait   watt   wide   wite

x -   axed   exit   taxi   text

y -   city   tidy   yeti   yett

z -   adze   daze   ditz   zeta

3 letters

a -   ace   act   aid   ait   ate   att   cad   cat   eat   eta   tad   tae   tat   tea

b -   bad   bat   bed   bet   bid   bit   cab   dab   deb   dib   tab

c -   ace   act   cad   cat   ice   tic

d -   add   aid   cad   dad   did   die   dit   tad   ted

e -   ace   ate   cee   dee   die   eat   eta   ice   tae   tea   ted   tee   tet   tie

f -   aft   eft   fad   fat   fed   fet   fid   fie   fit

g -   age   cig   dag   dig   gad   gae   gat   ged   get   gid   gie   git   tag   teg

h -   chi   dah   edh   eth   had   hae   hat   het   hic   hid   hie   hit   ich   the

i -   aid   ait   die   dit   ice   tic   tie   tit

j -   jet   taj

k -   dak   ick   kae   kat   kea   kid   kit

l -   ail   ale   alt   cel   dal   del   eld   lac   lad   lat   lea   led   lei   let   lid   lie   lit   tel   til

m -   aim   ami   cam   dam   dim   mac   mad   mae   mat   med   met   mid   tam

n -   ain   and   ane   ani   ant   can   den   din   end   nae   net   nit   tan   ten   tin

o -   ado   cod   cot   doc   doe   dot   oat   oca   ode   tao   tod   toe   tot

p -   ape   apt   cap   cep   dap   dip   pac   pad   pat   pea   pec   ped   pet   pia   pic   pie   pit   tap   tip

q -   qat

r -   air   arc   are   art   car   ear   era   ire   rad   rat   rec   red   rei   ret   ria   rid   tar

s -   ads   ais   cis   dis   eds   ids   its   sac   sad   sae   sat   sea   sec   sei   set   sic   sit   tas   tis

t -   act   ait   ate   att   cat   dit   eat   eta   tad   tae   tat   tea   ted   tet   tic   tie   tit

u -   cud   cue   cut   due   dui   eau   ecu   tau   tui   tut   uta

v -   ave   dev   tav   vac   vat   vet   via   vie

w -   awe   caw   daw   dew   taw   tew   twa   wad   wae   wat   wed   wet   wit

x -   axe   dex   tax

y -   aye   cay   day   dey   dye   icy   tye   yea   yet   yid

z -   adz   zed   zit

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