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Words formed from any letters in derms, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   dermas   dreams   madres

e -   merdes

i -   dermis   dimers

u -   demurs

5 letters

a -   armed   dames   dares   dears   derma   drams   dream   madre   mares   marse   maser   meads   rased   reads   reams   smear

b -   berms

d -   derms   redds

e -   deems   deers   demes   derms   drees   meeds   merde   meres   redes   reeds   seder   sered

f -   fremd

g -   dregs   germs

h -   herds   herms   sherd   shred

i -   deism   dimer   dimes   disme   dries   emirs   mired   mires   miser   resid   rides   rimed   rimes   sired

k -   dreks   merks   smerk

l -   melds   merls

m -   derms

n -   mends   nerds   rends

o -   demos   doers   domes   dorms   doser   modes   mores   morse   omers   redos   resod   rosed

p -   perms   sperm

r -   derms

s -   derms   dress

t -   drest   terms

u -   demur   drums   druse   dures   mured   mures   mused   muser   sedum   serum

y -   dyers   emyds

4 letters

a -   ares   arms   arse   dame   dams   dare   dear   dram   ears   eras   made   mads   maes   mare   mars   mead   mesa   rads   rams   rase   read   ream   sade   same   sard   seam   sear   sera

b -   beds   berm   bred   debs   rebs

c -   recs

d -   derm   redd   reds

e -   deem   deer   dees   deme   dere   derm   dree   emes   meed   mere   rede   reds   reed   rees   rems   seed   seem   seer   seme   sere

f -   emfs   feds   fems   refs   serf

g -   dreg   ergs   geds   gems   germ   megs   regs

h -   edhs   hems   herd   herm   hers   mesh   resh   shed

i -   dies   dime   dims   dire   emir   idem   ides   ired   ires   mids   mire   mirs   mise   reis   ride   rids   rime   rims   rise   semi   side   sire

k -   desk   drek   merk

l -   dels   elds   elms   meld   mels   merl   sled

m -   derm   mems   rems

n -   dens   ends   erns   mend   nerd   rend   send   sned

o -   demo   doer   does   dome   doms   dore   dorm   dors   dose   eros   mode   mods   more   mors   odes   omer   ores   redo   rode   rods   roes   roms   rose   some   sord   sore

p -   peds   perm   reps   sped

r -   derm   errs   reds   rems

s -   mess   reds   rems   sers

t -   erst   rest   rets   stem   teds   term

u -   drum   dues   dure   emus   muds   mure   muse   rude   rued   rues   rums   ruse   sued   suer   surd   sure   urds   used   user

v -   devs   revs

w -   dews   drew   mews   smew   weds

y -   demy   deys   drys   dyer   dyes   emyd   ryes

z -   zeds

3 letters

a -   ads   are   arm   ars   dam   ear   era   mad   mae   mar   mas   rad   ram   ras   sad   sae   sea

b -   bed   deb   reb

c -   rec   sec

d -   eds   med   red

e -   dee   eds   eme   ems   ere   ers   med   red   ree   rem   res   see   ser

f -   efs   emf   fed   fem   fer   ref

g -   erg   ged   gem   meg   reg   seg

h -   edh   hem   her   hes   she

i -   die   dim   dis   ids   ire   ism   mid   mir   mis   rei   rid   rim   sei   sim   sir   sri

l -   del   eld   elm   els   led   mel   sel

m -   ems   med   mem   rem

n -   den   end   ens   ern   men   sen

o -   doe   dom   dor   dos   mod   mor   mos   ode   ods   oes   oms   ore   ors   ose   rod   roe   rom   sod   som

p -   ped   per   pes   rep

r -   err   ers   red   rem   res   ser

s -   eds   ems   ers   ess   res   ser

t -   met   ret   set   ted

u -   due   emu   mud   mus   rue   rum   sue   sum   urd   use

v -   dev   rev

w -   dew   mew   sew   wed

x -   dex   rex   sex

y -   dey   dry   dye   rye   yes

z -   zed

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