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Words formed from any letters in deific, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

e -   edifice

t -   deficit

6 letters

c -   deific

d -   deific

e -   deific

f -   deific

i -   deific

k -   dickie

o -   coifed

r -   dicier

t -   citied

5 letters

a -   decaf   faced

b -   bifid   cebid

d -   diced   didie

e -   deice

f -   fifed

g -   fidge

h -   chide   chief   fiche

l -   felid   field   filed   flied

m -   imide   medic   medii

n -   ficin   fiend   fined   indie

o -   iodic

r -   cider   cried   dicer   fired   fried   icier   riced

s -   cedis   defis   dices   disci   fices

t -   cited   edict   fetid   teiid

v -   civie   ivied   viced

w -   wifed

x -   fixed

y -   deify   dicey   edify

4 letters

a -   aced   acid   aide   cade   cadi   cafe   caid   dace   deaf   face   fade   idea

b -   bice   bide

c -   cedi   dice   fice   iced

d -   cedi   defi   dice   died   iced

e -   cede   cedi   defi   dice   eide   feed   fice   iced

f -   defi   fice   fief   fife

g -   gied

h -   chef   chid   hide   hied

i -   cedi   defi   dice   fice   iced

k -   deck   dick   dike   feck   kief

l -   ceil   clef   deil   delf   deli   diel   file   fled   flic   idle   lice   lied   lief   life

m -   dime   emic   idem   imid   mice   midi

n -   cine   deni   dine   fend   find   fine   neif   nice   nide   nidi

o -   code   coed   coif   deco   feod   fico   fido   foci   odic

p -   epic   pice   pied

r -   cire   dire   fire   ired   irid   reif   rice   ride   rife

s -   dies   disc   feds   fids   fisc   ices   ides   seif   sice   side

t -   cite   deft   diet   dite   edit   etic   tide   tied

u -   cued   cuif   duce   duci   feud   fuci

v -   dive   five   vice   vide   vied

w -   wide   wife

y -   defy   fyce

3 letters

a -   ace   aid   cad   fad

b -   bed   bid   deb   dib   fib

c -   ice

d -   did   die   fed   fid

e -   cee   dee   die   fed   fee   fie   ice

f -   eff   fed   fid   fie   iff

g -   cig   dig   fig   ged   gid   gie

h -   chi   edh   feh   hic   hid   hie   ich

i -   die   fid   fie   ice

k -   ick   kef   kid   kif

l -   cel   del   eld   elf   fil   led   lei   lid   lie

m -   dim   emf   fem   med   mid

n -   den   din   end   fen   fin

o -   cod   doc   doe   foe   ode

p -   cep   dip   pec   ped   pic   pie

r -   fer   fir   ire   rec   red   ref   rei   rid   rif

s -   cis   dis   eds   efs   ids   ifs   sec   sei   sic

t -   dit   eft   fet   fit   ted   tic   tie

u -   cud   cue   due   dui   ecu   feu   fud

v -   dev   vie

w -   dew   few   wed

x -   dex   fix

y -   dey   dye   fey   icy   yid

z -   fez   fiz   zed

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