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Words formed from any letters in cuspis, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

d -   cuspids

r -   prussic

6 letters

a -   aspics   scaups   spicas

c -   cuspis

d -   cupids   cuspid   discus

e -   cuisse   spices

i -   cuspis

k -   spicks

l -   piculs   sculps

m -   musics

o -   piscos

p -   cuspis

r -   crisps   scrips   sirups

s -   cuspis

t -   cistus   situps

u -   cuspis

v -   viscus

5 letters

a -   apsis   ascus   aspic   aspis   casus   picas   scaup   spica

b -   pubic   pubis

c -   cusps   scups   spics

d -   cupid   discs   pudic   scudi   scuds   spuds

e -   epics   issue   puces   puses   sepic   sices   sipes   specs   spice   spies   spues   supes

f -   cuifs   ficus   fiscs

h -   chips   cuish   ships   sushi

i -   spics

k -   cusks   picks   pucks   sicks   skips   spick   spiks   sucks

l -   clips   lisps   picul   pilus   pulis   sculp   slips   sulci

m -   music   scums   simps   sumps

n -   incus   nisus   sinus   snips   spins

o -   coups   cusso   pious   pisco   pisos   scops   soups

p -   cusps   scups   spics

q -   quips

r -   crisp   priss   puris   risus   scrip   sirup   spurs

s -   cusps   scups   spics

t -   cists   cutis   ictus   scuts   situp   situs   spits   suits

u -   cusps   scups

v -   spivs

w -   wisps

y -   cissy   pussy   spicy

4 letters

a -   asci   asps   caps   pacs   pass   pias   pica   sacs   saps   spas   upas

b -   buss   cubs   pubs   sibs   subs

c -   cups   cusp   cuss   pics   scup   sics   spic

d -   cuds   dips   disc   diss   duci   dups   puds   scud   spud   suds

e -   ceps   cess   cues   ecus   epic   ices   pecs   pice   pies   puce   secs   seis   sice   sipe   spec   spue   sues   supe   uses

f -   cuif   fisc   fuci   fuss   pfui

g -   cigs   gips   pigs   pugs

h -   chip   chis   hips   hiss   huic   ichs   phis   pish   push   ship   such

i -   pics   piss   psis   sics   sips   spic

k -   cusk   kips   kiss   pick   puck   sick   skip   skis   spik   suck

l -   clip   lips   lisp   plus   puli   puls   slip

m -   imps   isms   miss   muss   scum   simp   sims   sump   sums   umps

n -   nips   pins   puns   sins   snip   spin   spun   suns   unci

o -   cops   coss   coup   opus   piso   pois   scop   sops   soup   sous

p -   cups   cusp   pics   pips   piss   psis   pups   puss   scup   sips   spic   sups

q -   quip   suqs

r -   cris   crus   curs   puri   purs   rips   sirs   spur   sris   uric

s -   cups   cusp   cuss   pics   piss   psis   puss   scup   sics   sips   spic   sups   suss

t -   cist   cuts   pits   psst   puts   scut   sits   spit   suit   tics   tips   tuis   tups

u -   cups   cusp   cuss   puss   scup   sups

v -   spiv

w -   wisp   wiss   wuss

y -   pyic   yips   yups

z -   zips

3 letters

a -   ais   asp   ass   cap   pac   pas   pia   sac   sap   sau   spa

b -   bis   bus   cub   pub   sib   sub

c -   cis   cup   pic   sic

d -   cud   dip   dis   dui   dup   ids   pud

e -   cep   cue   ecu   ess   ice   pec   pes   pie   sec   sei   sue   use

f -   ifs

g -   cig   gip   pig   pug

h -   chi   hic   hip   his   hup   ich   phi

i -   cis   pic   pis   piu   psi   sic   sip   sis

j -   jus

k -   ick   kip   ski

l -   lip   lis   pul

m -   cum   imp   ism   mis   mus   sim   sum   ump

n -   ins   nip   nus   pin   pun   sin   sun   uns

o -   cop   cos   ops   poi   sop   sos   sou   upo

p -   cup   pic   pip   pis   piu   psi   pup   pus   sip   sup   ups

q -   suq

r -   cur   pur   rip   sir   sri

s -   cis   pis   psi   pus   sic   sip   sis   sup   ups

t -   cut   its   pit   put   sit   tic   tip   tis   tui   tup   uts

u -   cup   piu   pus   sup   ups

v -   vis

w -   wis

x -   pix   six   xis

y -   icy   spy   yip   yup

z -   zip

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