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Words formed from any letters in cupeled, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

d -   decupled

l -   cupelled

n -   peduncle

o -   decouple

r -   preclude

s -   decuples

7 letters

c -   cupeled   decuple

d -   cupeled   decuple

e -   cupeled   decuple

i -   clupeid   pedicel   pedicle

k -   plucked

l -   cupeled   decuple

m -   clumped   deplume

o -   coupled

p -   cupeled   decuple

r -   cupeler   prelude   ulcered

s -   sculped   seclude

u -   cupeled   decuple

x -   exclude

y -   ycleped

6 letters

a -   caudle   cedula   culpae   leaped   peaced   pealed   placed

c -   cleped

d -   cleped   cuddle   deduce   delude   deuced   dueled   educed   eluded   peddle   puddle

e -   cleped   peeled

f -   fueled

g -   cudgel   deluge   gulped   pledge

h -   helped   leched   peched   upheld

i -   ceiled   decile   pieced

k -   deckel   deckle   kelped   lucked   pecked

l -   celled   cleped   culled   pulled

m -   culmed   lumped   plumed

n -   pencel

o -   coulee   couped   couple   eloped   louped

p -   cleped   cupped   peepul   pulped

r -   creped   curdle   curled   dueler   eluder   pedler   perdue   pureed   purled   reduce   repled

s -   clepes   cupels   cusped   deuces   educes   eludes   leudes   pulsed   seduce

t -   depute   dulcet   eluted   pelted   teledu

u -   cupule

w -   clewed

x -   deluxe   duplex

y -   deeply   eyecup   yelped

5 letters

a -   caped   cauld   clade   culpa   decal   ducal   laced   paced   padle   paled   peace   pedal   place   plead

b -   bedel   bleed   bleep   blued   celeb   cubed   lubed   plebe

c -   clepe   clued   cupel   deuce   educe

d -   ceded   clued   deled   deuce   duped   duple   educe   elude   puled

e -   clepe   clued   cupel   deuce   duple   educe   elude   puled

f -   feued   flued

g -   glede   gleed   glued   ledge   luged

h -   cheep   eched   leech

i -   cupid   deice   edile   elide   lucid   ludic   picul   piece   piled   plied   pudic

j -   julep

k -   cleek   kelep   pluck   puked

l -   clepe   clued   cupel   duple   elude   puled

m -   clump   muled   plume   umped

n -   dunce   endue   pence   uncle   undee   unled   upend

o -   cloud   coled   coped   coude   could   coupe   dolce   douce   elope   epode   loped   loupe   poled

p -   clepe   cupel   duple   puled   upped

r -   ceder   cered   creed   creel   creep   crepe   crude   cruel   cured   drupe   duper   elder   leper   lucre   lured   perdu   preed   prude   puler   puree   repel   ruled   rupee   ulcer

s -   cedes   cepes   clues   deeps   deles   duces   duels   dulse   dupes   leuds   luces   ludes   pedes   peels   peles   pseud   puces   pules   pulse   sculp   sleep   slued   speed   speel   spued   suede

t -   clept   culet   educt   elect   elute   etude   letup   luted

u -   clued   cupel   deuce   duple   educe   elude   puled

v -   delve   devel

w -   wedel

x -   culex   excel   expel   exude

y -   lycee

4 letters

a -   aced   alec   alee   aped   auld   cade   cape   caul   clad   clap   dace   dale   deal   dual   lace   lade   laud   lead   leap   pace   pale   peal   plea   pula

b -   bedu   beep   bled   blue   club   cube   lube   pleb

c -   cede   cepe   clue   cued   duce   luce   puce

d -   cede   cued   deed   deep   dele   duce   dude   duel   dupe   leud   lude   peed   pled

e -   cede   cepe   clue   cued   deep   dele   duce   duel   dupe   epee   leud   luce   lude   peed   peel   pele   pled   puce   pule

f -   clef   delf   feed   feel   feud   fled   flee   flue   fuel   pelf

g -   edge   geed   geld   gled   glee   glue   gude   gulp   luge   plug

h -   eche   heed   heel   held   help   hued   lech   pech

i -   cedi   ceil   clip   deil   deli   dice   diel   duci   eide   epic   iced   idle   lice   lied   lieu   lipe   pice   pied   pile   plie   puli

j -   jeed   jeep   jupe

k -   cuke   deck   deke   duck   duke   eked   keel   keep   kelp   leek   leke   leku   luck   peck   peek   peke   puck   puke

l -   cell   clue   cull   dele   dell   duel   dull   leud   luce   lude   peel   pele   pled   pule   pull

m -   culm   deem   deme   dump   emeu   lump   meed   meld   mule   plum

n -   dene   dune   lend   lune   need   neep   nude   peen   pend   unde

o -   clod   clop   code   coed   cold   cole   cope   coup   deco   dole   dope   lode   lope   loud   loup   oped   plod   pole   updo

p -   cepe   deep   dupe   peed   peel   peep   pele   pled   puce   pule   pulp

r -   cere   crud   curd   cure   curl   deer   dere   dree   dure   ecru   leer   lure   peer   pree   pure   purl   rede   reed   reel   rude   rued   rule

s -   cees   cels   ceps   cuds   cues   cups   cusp   dees   dels   dues   dups   ecus   eels   elds   else   lees   lues   pecs   peds   pees   plus   puds   puls   scud   scup   seed   seel   seep   sled   slue   spec   sped   spud   spue   sued   supe   used

t -   celt   cete   cult   cute   deet   delt   duct   duet   leet   lept   lute   pelt   teed   teel   tele   tule

u -   clue   cued   duce   duel   dupe   leud   luce   lude   puce   pule

v -   veep   veld

w -   clew   lewd   plew   weed   weel   weep   weld

x -   exec   luxe

y -   duly   eely   eyed   yeld   yelp   yule

3 letters

a -   ace   ale   alp   ape   cad   cap   dal   dap   eau   lac   lad   lap   lea   pac   pad   pal   pea

b -   bed   bee   bel   bud   cub   deb   dub   pub

c -   cee   cel   cep   cud   cue   cup   ecu   pec

d -   cud   dee   del   dud   due   dup   eld   led   ped   pud

e -   cee   cel   cep   cue   dee   del   due   ecu   eel   eld   led   lee   leu   pec   ped   pee

f -   elf   fed   fee   feu   flu   fud

g -   dug   ged   gee   gel   gul   leg   lug   peg   pug

h -   duh   edh   hep   hue   hup   peh

i -   die   dip   dui   ice   lei   lid   lie   lip   pic   pie   piu

j -   jee   jeu

k -   eke   elk   kep   kue   lek   uke

l -   cel   del   eel   eld   ell   led   lee   leu   pul

m -   cum   elm   eme   emu   lum   med   mel   mud   ump

n -   den   dun   end   nee   pen   pun

o -   cod   col   cop   doc   doe   dol   duo   lop   ode   old   ole   ope   oud   pod   pol   udo   upo

p -   cep   cup   dup   pec   ped   pee   pep   pud   pul   pup

r -   cur   ere   per   pur   rec   red   ree   rep   rue   urd

s -   eds   els   pes   pus   sec   see   sel   sue   sup   ups   use

t -   cut   let   pet   put   ted   tee   tel   tup

u -   cud   cue   cup   due   dup   ecu   leu   pud   pul   ulu

v -   dev   eve   lev   luv   vee

w -   dew   ewe   pew   wed   wee   wud

x -   dex   lex   lux

y -   dey   dye   eye   ley   lye   ply   pye   yep   yup

z -   lez   zed   zee

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