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Words formed from any letters in cruller, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

e -   crueller

s -   crullers

7 letters

a -   allurer   carrell

c -   cruller

d -   curdler

e -   crueler   cruller

h -   lurcher

i -   curlier

k -   kruller

l -   cruller

o -   coruler

r -   cruller

s -   cullers   curlers   sculler

u -   cruller

y -   cruelly

6 letters

a -   allure   caller   carrel   cellar   crural   curare   laurel   recall

b -   burler   curber

c -   culler   curler

d -   cruder   culled   curdle   curled   curred   duller

e -   culler   curler

f -   fuller   furler

h -   huller   hurler

i -   currie   rulier

k -   lurker   ruckle

l -   culler   curler

m -   muller

n -   lucern

o -   colure   locule   reroll   roller

p -   puller

r -   culler   curler

s -   curers   curser   lucres   lurers   recurs   rulers   ulcers

t -   cullet   curter   cutler   reluct

u -   culler   curler   curule

v -   culver

w -   curlew

5 letters

a -   carer   carle   cella   clear   crura   lacer   racer   rural   urare   ureal

b -   bluer   cuber   ruble

c -   cruel   curer   lucre   recur   ulcer

d -   clued   crude   cured   lured   ruder   ruled

e -   creel   cruel   curer   lucre   lurer   recur   ruler   ulcer

g -   gluer   gruel   luger   urger

h -   churl   churr   lurch   ruche

i -   celli   crier   curie   iller   relic   ricer   rille   ureic

j -   jurel

k -   clerk

l -   cruel   lucre   lurer   ruler   ulcer

m -   lemur   murre

n -   rerun   uncle

o -   cello   ceorl   clour   corer   crore   cruor

p -   cupel   puler   purer

q -   quell

r -   cruel   curer   lucre   lurer   recur   ruler   ulcer

s -   cells   clues   cruse   culls   cures   curls   currs   curse   ecrus   luces   lures   ruers   rules   scull   sucre   surer

t -   cruet   culet   curet   cuter   eruct   recut   truce   truer   trull   tulle

u -   cruel   curer   lucre   lurer   recur   ruler   ulcer

v -   curve

x -   culex

y -   cully   curly   curry

4 letters

a -   acre   alec   call   care   carl   carr   caul   earl   lace   leal   lear   race   rale   rare   real   rear   urea

b -   bell   blue   blur   bull   burl   burr   club   cube   curb   lube   rube

c -   cell   clue   cull   cure   curl   curr   ecru   luce

d -   crud   cued   curd   dell   duce   duel   dull   dure   durr   leud   lude   rude   rued

e -   cell   cere   clue   cure   ecru   leer   luce   lure   reel   ruer   rule

f -   clef   curf   fell   flue   fuel   full   furl

g -   glue   grue   gull   luge   urge

h -   hell   herl   hull   hurl   lech   lehr

i -   ceil   cire   lice   lier   lieu   lire   rice   riel   rile   rill   uric

j -   jell

k -   cuke   leku   luck   lurk   reck   ruck

l -   cell   clue   cull   curl   luce   lull   lure   rule

m -   culm   mell   merl   mule   mull   mure   murr

n -   curn   lune   null   nurl   rune

o -   cero   cole   core   euro   lore   lour   orle   role   roll   roue

p -   puce   pule   pull   pure   purl   purr

r -   cure   curl   curr   ecru   lure   ruer   rule

s -   cels   crus   cues   curs   ecus   ells   errs   lues   recs   rues   ruse   sell   slue   slur   suer   sure   user

t -   celt   cult   curt   cute   lute   tell   true   tule

u -   clue   cull   cure   curl   curr   ecru   luce   lulu   lure   ruer   rule

w -   clew   crew   well

x -   crux   luxe

y -   lyre   rely   ruly   yell   yule

3 letters

a -   ace   ale   all   arc   are   car   ear   eau   era   lac   lar   lea

b -   bel   brr   bur   cub   reb   rub   urb

c -   cel   cue   cur   ecu   rec

d -   cud   del   due   eld   led   red   urd

e -   cee   cel   cue   ecu   eel   ell   ere   err   lee   leu   rec   ree   rue

f -   elf   fer   feu   flu   fur   ref

g -   erg   gel   gul   leg   lug   reg   rug

h -   her   hue

i -   ice   ill   ire   lei   lie   rei

j -   jeu

k -   elk   kue   lek   uke

l -   cel   ell   leu

m -   cum   elm   emu   lum   mel   rem   rum

n -   ern   run   urn

o -   col   cor   ole   orc   ore   our   roc   roe

p -   cep   cup   pec   per   pul   pur   rep

r -   cur   err   rec   rue

s -   els   ers   res   sec   sel   ser   sue   use

t -   cut   let   ret   rut   tel

u -   cue   cur   ecu   leu   rue   ulu

v -   lev   luv   rev

x -   lex   lux   rex

y -   cry   ley   lye   rye

z -   lez

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