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Words formed from any letters in crouch, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

e -   coucher

6 letters

a -   cachou   caroch

c -   crouch

e -   rouche

g -   grouch

h -   church   crouch

i -   choric

n -   concur   crunch

o -   crouch

r -   crouch

s -   chorus   crocus   occurs   scorch   succor

t -   crotch   crutch

u -   crouch

5 letters

a -   coach   orach   roach

c -   couch   curch   occur

d -   chord   duroc

e -   chore   ocher   ochre   ruche

g -   cough   rough

h -   couch   curch

i -   chico   chiro   choir   croci   curio   houri   ichor

k -   chock   chuck   crock   cruck

l -   churl   clour   culch   lurch

m -   humor   mohur   mouch   mucor   mucro

n -   churn   conch   cornu

o -   cooch   couch   occur

p -   croup   porch   pouch

r -   churr   cruor   curch   occur

s -   crocs   crush   hocus   hours   scour

t -   court   couth   cutch   rotch   routh   torch   touch

u -   couch   curch   occur

v -   vouch

y -   ochry   yucch

z -   zorch

4 letters

a -   arch   arco   chao   char   coca   hoar   hora   orca

b -   buhr   chub   curb

c -   croc   ouch

d -   cord   crud   curd   dour   duro

e -   cero   core   cure   echo   ecru   euro   hero   hoer   roue

f -   corf   curf   four

g -   chug

h -   hour   ouch

i -   chic   coir   huic   rich   uric

k -   cock   cork   hock   huck   rock   ruck

l -   curl   hurl   loch   lour

m -   chum   corm   much

n -   chon   corn   curn   horn   unco

o -   coco   coho   croc   hour   ouch

p -   chop   coup   crop   ouph   pour   roup

r -   croc   curr   hour

s -   cors   cosh   crus   curs   orcs   ours   rhos   rhus   rocs   rush   sour   such

t -   curt   hurt   rout   ruth   thou   thro   thru   torc   tour

u -   hour   ouch

w -   chow   crow

x -   crux   roux

y -   cory   your   yuch

3 letters

a -   arc   car   hao   oar   oca   ora   rah

b -   bro   bur   cob   cub   hob   hub   orb   rob   rub   urb

c -   cor   cur   orc   roc

d -   cod   cud   doc   dor   duh   duo   hod   oud   rod   udo   urd

e -   cue   ecu   her   hoe   hue   ore   rec   roe   rue

f -   foh   for   fou   fro   fur

g -   cog   gor   hog   hug   rug   ugh

h -   huh   rho

i -   chi   hic   ich

k -   kor

l -   col

m -   cum   hum   mho   moc   mor   ohm   rom   rum

n -   con   hon   hun   noh   nor   run   urn

o -   coo   cor   oho   ooh   orc   our   rho   roc

p -   cop   cup   hop   hup   poh   pro   pur   upo

r -   cor   cur   orc   our   rho   roc

s -   cos   ohs   ors   sou

t -   cot   cut   hot   hut   ort   out   rot   rut   tho   tor

u -   cur   our

w -   cow   how   row   who

x -   cox

y -   coy   cry   hoy   you

z -   coz

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