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Words formed from any letters in crofter, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   crofters

7 letters

a -   creator   reactor   refract

c -   correct   crofter

e -   crofter   erector

f -   coffret   crofter   troffer

i -   rotifer

n -   fronter   refront

o -   crofter

p -   porrect

r -   crofter

s -   forcers   rectors

t -   crofter

u -   courter

y -   rectory   torrefy

6 letters

a -   carrot   carter   coater   crater   factor   farcer   frater   rafter   tracer   trocar

c -   forcer   rector

d -   corder   forced   record

e -   ferret   forcer   rector   refect   retore

f -   coffer   effort   forcer

g -   forger   forget   grocer

h -   hector   rhetor   rochet   rotche   tocher   troche

i -   corrie   erotic   ferric   forrit   orrice   rioter

k -   corker   forker   recork   rocker   rocket

l -   colter   floret   lector   lofter   rolfer

m -   former   reform   termor   tremor

n -   confer   corner   cornet   retorn

o -   cooter   foetor   footer   forcer   rector   reroof   roofer   rooter   torero

p -   copter   porter   pretor   report

r -   forcer   rector   terror

s -   corers   corset   coster   crofts   crores   escort   fetors   forces   forest   fortes   foster   fresco   rectos   resort   retros   roster   scorer   scoter   sector   softer   sorter

t -   cotter   rector   retort   rotter

u -   couter   curter   furore   router   tourer

v -   corvet   covert   fervor   trover   vector

w -   crower   twofer

x -   cortex

z -   crozer

5 letters

a -   actor   afore   after   carer   caret   carte   cater   craft   crate   facer   facet   farce   farer   oater   ocrea   orate   racer   rater   react   recta   taroc   tarre   terra   trace

b -   borer

c -   corer   croft   crore   force   recto

d -   coder   cored   coted   credo   decor   doter   order   trode

e -   corer   crore   erect   fetor   force   forte   freer   frere   frore   ofter   recto   refer   retro   terce

f -   croft   fetor   force   forte   frore   offer   ofter

g -   ergot   forge   gofer   roger

h -   chert   chore   fetch   forth   froth   ocher   ochre   other   retch   rotch   throe   torch

i -   citer   crier   firer   frier   recti   refit   ricer   rifer   toric   trice   trier

k -   frock   ocker   toker   trock   troke

l -   ceorl   cleft

m -   comer   comet   comte   forme   metro   ormer

n -   cento   conte   crone   front   noter   often   recon   tenor   toner   trone

o -   cooer   corer   croft   crore   fetor   force   forte   frore   ofter   recto   retro   rotor

p -   coper   crept   repot   repro   roper   toper   trope

r -   corer   croft   crore   error   fetor   force   forte   frore   ofter   recto   retro

s -   ceros   cores   corse   coset   cotes   crest   escot   fores   forts   frets   froes   frost   roset   rotes   score   sorer   store   torcs   tores   torse

t -   croft   fetor   forte   octet   ofter   otter   recto   retro   rotte   torte   toter

u -   court   cruet   cruor   curer   curet   cuter   eruct   furor   outer   outre   recur   recut   route   truce   truer

v -   cover   covet   overt   rover   trove   voter

w -   cower   rower   tower   wrote

x -   oxter

y -   coyer   ferry   forty   foyer   fryer   refry   retry   terry   toyer

z -   croze   froze

4 letters

a -   acre   aero   arco   cafe   care   carr   cart   cate   coat   face   fact   fare   faro   fart   fate   fear   feat   feta   fora   frae   frat   orca   orra   race   raft   rare   rate   rato   rear   roar   rota   tace   taco   tare   taro   tear   toea   tora

b -   bore   bort   forb   robe

c -   cero   coft   core   corf   cote   croc   torc

d -   code   coed   cord   deco   deft   doer   dore   dorr   dote   feod   ford   redo   rode   toed   trod

e -   cere   cero   cete   core   cote   feet   fere   fete   fore   free   fret   froe   reef   reft   rete   rote   tore   tree   tref

f -   coff   coft   corf   fore   fort   fret   froe   reft   teff   toff   tref

g -   ergo   frog   goer   gore   grot   ogre

h -   chef   echo   etch   heft   hero   hoer   thro

i -   cire   cite   coif   coir   etic   fice   fico   fire   foci   frit   otic   reif   rice   rife   rift   riot   rite   roti   tier   tire   tiro   tori   trio

k -   coke   cork   feck   fork   kerf   keto   kore   reck   rock   toke   trek

l -   celt   clef   clot   cole   colt   felt   floc   floe   left   loft   lore   orle   role   rolf   rotl   tole

m -   come   corm   form   from   more   mort   mote   omer   term   tome

n -   cent   cone   corn   fern   font   note   once   rent   tern   tone   torn

o -   cero   coft   coof   coot   core   corf   cote   foot   fore   fort   froe   roof   root   rote   roto   torc   tore   toro   torr

p -   cope   crop   pert   poet   pore   port   prof   repo   rope   tope   trop

r -   cero   core   corf   fore   fort   fret   froe   reft   rote   torc   tore   torr   tref

s -   cors   cost   cots   efts   eros   errs   erst   fets   foes   orcs   ores   orts   recs   refs   rest   rets   rocs   roes   rose   rots   scot   sect   serf   soft   sore   sort   toes   tors

t -   coft   cote   fort   fret   reft   rote   toft   torc   tore   torr   tort   tote   tref   tret   trot

u -   cure   curf   curr   curt   cute   ecru   euro   four   roue   rout   ruer   tofu   tour   true   turf

v -   cove   over   rove   vert   veto   vote

w -   crew   crow   frow   trow   weft   wert   wore   wort

y -   cory   fyce   oyer   ryot   tory   trey   troy   tyer   tyre   tyro   yore

z -   zero

3 letters

a -   ace   act   aft   arc   are   arf   art   ate   car   cat   ear   eat   era   eta   far   fat   oaf   oar   oat   oca   ora   rat   tae   tao   tar   tea

b -   bet   bot   bro   brr   cob   fob   obe   orb   reb   rob

c -   cor   cot   orc   rec   roc

d -   cod   doc   doe   dor   dot   fed   ode   red   rod   ted   tod

e -   cee   eft   ere   err   fee   fer   fet   foe   ore   rec   ree   ref   ret   roe   tee   toe

f -   eff   eft   fer   fet   foe   for   fro   off   oft   ref

g -   cog   ego   erg   fog   get   gor   got   reg   teg   tog

h -   eth   feh   foh   her   het   hoe   hot   rho   the   tho

i -   fie   fir   fit   ice   ire   rei   rif   tic   tie

j -   jet   joe   jot

k -   kef   kor   oke

l -   cel   col   elf   let   lot   ole   tel

m -   emf   fem   met   moc   mor   mot   rem   rom   tom

n -   con   eon   ern   fen   fon   net   nor   not   one   ten   ton

o -   coo   cor   cot   foe   for   fro   oft   oot   orc   ore   ort   roc   roe   rot   toe   too   tor

p -   cep   cop   fop   ope   opt   pec   per   pet   pot   pro   rep   top

r -   cor   err   fer   for   fro   orc   ore   ort   rec   ref   ret   roc   roe   rot   tor

s -   cos   efs   ers   oes   ors   ose   res   sec   ser   set   sot

t -   cot   eft   fet   oft   ort   ret   rot   tet   toe   tor   tot

u -   cue   cur   cut   ecu   feu   fou   fur   our   out   rue   rut

v -   rev   vet   voe

w -   cow   few   owe   row   tew   tow   two   wet   woe   wot

x -   cox   fox   rex

y -   coy   cry   fey   foy   fry   rye   toy   try   tye   yet

z -   coz   fez

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