More Words

Words formed from any letters in crepes, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   escaper   respace

h -   perches

i -   piecers   pierces   precise   recipes

k -   peckers

n -   spencer

s -   precess

t -   recepts   respect   scepter   sceptre   specter   spectre

6 letters

a -   capers   crapes   crease   escape   escarp   pacers   parsec   peaces   recaps   scrape   secpar   serape   spacer

b -   rebecs

c -   creeps   crepes   recces

d -   ceders   creeds   creped   screed

e -   creeps   creese   crepes

g -   repegs

h -   cheeps   cheers   creesh   herpes   speech   sphere

i -   cerise   cripes   piecer   pieces   pierce   precis   prices   recipe   specie   spicer

k -   creeks   kreeps   pecker

l -   clepes   creels   lepers   repels

m -   cremes   sempre

n -   censer   preens   screen   secern   spence

o -   copers   corpse   repose

p -   creeps   crepes

r -   creeps   crepes

s -   creeps   crepes   perses   recess   screes   speers   sprees

t -   certes   erects   pester   peters   preset   recept   resect   secret   terces

u -   cereus   ceruse   peruse   purees   recuse   rescue   rupees   secure   spruce

v -   vesper

w -   spewer

x -   prexes

y -   creepy   crepey   cypres

z -   prezes

5 letters

a -   acres   apers   apres   asper   caper   capes   cares   carps   carse   cease   crape   craps   erase   escar   pacer   paces   pares   parse   peace   pears   pease   perea   prase   presa   races   rapes   reaps   recap   saree   scape   scare   scarp   scrap   serac   space   spare   spear

b -   beeps   beers   brees   rebec

c -   cepes   ceres   creep   crepe   recce   scree

d -   ceder   cedes   cered   creed   deeps   deers   drees   pedes   preed   redes   reeds   seder   sered   speed

e -   cepes   ceres   creep   crepe   epees   peers   perse   prees   prese   resee   scree   speer   spree

f -   feces   feres   frees   reefs

g -   egers   grees   reges   repeg   serge

h -   cheep   cheer   eches   heres   pechs   perch   sheep   sheer

i -   cires   cries   cripe   crisp   epics   peise   peris   piece   piers   price   pries   prise   rices   ripes   scrip   sepic   siree   speir   spice   spier   spire

j -   jeeps   jeers

k -   creek   esker   keeps   kreep   pecks   peeks   pekes   perks   recks   reeks   speck

l -   clepe   creel   leers   leper   peels   peles   reels   repel   sleep   speel

m -   creme   meres   perms   sperm

n -   cense   ernes   neeps   peens   pence   penes   preen   scene   sneer

o -   ceros   coper   copes   copse   cores   corps   corse   crops   erose   pores   poser   prose   repos   ropes   scope   score   spore

p -   cepes   creep   crepe   peeps   peers   perps   perse   prees   preps   prese   repps   speer   spree

r -   ceres   creep   crepe   peers   perse   prees   prese   scree   serer   speer   spree

s -   cepes   ceres   cress   erses   peers   perse   prees   prese   press   scree   seeps   seers   seres   specs   speer   spree

t -   cetes   crept   crest   erect   ester   peter   prest   reest   reset   steep   steer   stere   strep   terce   terse   trees

u -   cruse   cures   curse   ecrus   puces   puree   purse   reuse   rupee   sprue   sucre   super

v -   serve   sever   veeps   veers   verse

w -   crews   ewers   resew   screw   sewer   sweep   sweer   weeps

x -   execs   rexes

y -   crepy   eyers   eyres   peery   preys   pyres   seepy   sycee

4 letters

a -   aces   acre   aper   apes   apse   arcs   ares   arse   cape   caps   care   carp   cars   case   crap   ears   ease   eras   pace   pacs   pare   pars   pase   pear   peas   race   rape   raps   rase   rasp   reap   scar   sear   sera   spae   spar

b -   beep   beer   bees   bree   rebs

c -   cees   cepe   ceps   cere   pecs   recs   spec

d -   cede   deep   deer   dees   dere   dree   peds   peed   rede   reds   reed   seed   sped

e -   cees   cepe   ceps   cere   epee   pecs   peer   pees   pree   recs   rees   reps   seep   seer   sere   spec

f -   fees   fere   free   reef   refs   serf

g -   eger   ergs   gees   gree   pegs   regs

h -   eche   here   hers   pech   pehs   resh

i -   cire   cris   epic   ices   ires   peri   pice   pics   pier   pies   reis   rice   ripe   rips   rise   sice   sipe   sire   spic

j -   jeep   jeer   jees

k -   ekes   keep   keps   peck   peek   peke   perk   reck   reek   seek   skee   skep

l -   cels   eels   else   leer   lees   peel   pele   reel   seel

m -   emes   mere   perm   rems   seem   seme

n -   erne   erns   neep   peen   pens   seen   sene

o -   cero   cope   cops   core   cors   crop   epos   eros   opes   orcs   ores   peso   pore   pose   pros   repo   rocs   roes   rope   rose   scop   sore

p -   cepe   ceps   pecs   peep   peer   pees   peps   perp   pree   prep   repp   reps   seep   spec

r -   cere   errs   peer   pree   recs   rees   reps   seer   sere

s -   cees   ceps   cess   eses   pecs   pees   recs   rees   reps   secs   seep   seer   sees   sere   sers   spec

t -   cete   erst   pert   pest   pets   rest   rete   rets   sect   sept   step   tees   tree

u -   crus   cues   cups   cure   curs   cusp   ecru   ecus   puce   pure   purs   rues   ruse   scup   spue   spur   suer   supe   sure   user

v -   ever   eves   revs   veep   veer   vees

w -   crew   ewer   ewes   pews   spew   weep   weer   wees   were

x -   exec   exes   prex

y -   eery   espy   eyer   eyes   eyre   prey   pyes   pyre   ryes   scry   spry   syce

z -   prez   zees

3 letters

a -   ace   ape   arc   are   ars   asp   cap   car   ear   era   pac   par   pas   pea   rap   ras   sac   sae   sap   sea   spa

b -   bee   reb

c -   cee   cep   pec   rec   sec

d -   dee   eds   ped   red

e -   cee   cep   ere   ers   pec   pee   per   pes   rec   ree   rep   res   sec   see   ser

f -   efs   fee   fer   ref

g -   erg   gee   peg   reg   seg

h -   hep   her   hes   peh   she

i -   cis   ice   ire   pic   pie   pis   psi   rei   rip   sei   sic   sip   sir   sri

j -   jee

k -   eke   kep

l -   cel   eel   els   lee   sel

m -   eme   ems   rem

n -   ens   ern   nee   pen   sen

o -   cop   cor   cos   oes   ope   ops   orc   ore   ors   ose   pro   roc   roe   sop

p -   cep   pec   pee   pep   per   pes   rep

r -   ere   err   ers   per   rec   ree   rep   res   ser

s -   ers   ess   pes   res   sec   see   ser

t -   pet   ret   set   tee

u -   cue   cup   cur   ecu   pur   pus   rue   sue   sup   ups   use

v -   eve   rev   vee

w -   ewe   pew   sew   wee

x -   rex   sex

y -   cry   eye   pry   pye   rye   spy   yep   yes

z -   zee

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