More Words

Words formed from any letters in creosol, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

d -   coloreds   decolors

h -   reschool

n -   consoler   coronels

p -   precools

r -   colorers   recolors

s -   colessor   creosols

7 letters

a -   aerosol   claroes   coalers   escolar   oracles   recoals   roseola   solacer

b -   boleros   corbels

c -   coolers   creosol

d -   colored   decolor   scolder

e -   coolers   creoles   creosol

g -   regosol   scrooge

h -   cholers   chooser   soroche

i -   coilers   coolies   orioles   recoils

k -   cookers   lockers   lookers   recooks   relocks   relooks

l -   coolers   creosol

m -   coeloms   cormels

n -   cloners   colones   console   cornels   coronel

o -   coolers   creosol

p -   coopers   loopers   precool   scooper

r -   colorer   coolers   creosol   recolor

s -   closers   coolers   creosol   cresols   roscoes

t -   colters   coolest   cooters   corslet   costrel   lectors   looters   ocelots   retools   scooter   toolers

u -   closure   colours   colures

v -   clovers

w -   scowler   woolers

6 letters

a -   carles   carols   claros   clears   coaler   coarse   corals   lacers   oracle   recoal   scaler   sclera   solace

b -   bolero   cobles   corbel   oboles   robles

c -   ceorls   closer   colors   cooers   cooler   cresol   locoes   roscoe   soccer

d -   closed   coders   colder   cooled   credos   decors   dolors   dorsel   drools   locoed   loosed   oodles   resold   rodeos   roosed   scored   solder   soloed

e -   ceorls   closer   cooees   cooers   cooler   creels   creole   cresol   locoes   looser   resole   roscoe

f -   floors   forces   fresco

g -   cologs   oglers

h -   choler   cholos   choose   chores   cosher   ochers   ochres   school   schorl

i -   coiler   colies   coolie   cosier   looies   lories   oilers   oriels   oriole   recoil   relics   reoils   slicer

j -   jocose

k -   clerks   cooker   crooks   locker   looker   ockers   recook   relock   relook

l -   cellos   ceorls   closer   colors   cooler   cresol   locoes   looser   scroll

m -   celoms   coelom   comers   comose   cormel   morels   morose   morsel   osmole   romeos

n -   censor   cloner   clones   colone   colons   consol   cornel   crones   croons   enrols   loners   loosen   nerols   nooser   recons   sooner

o -   ceorls   closer   colors   cooers   cooler   cresol   locoes   looser   roscoe

p -   cooper   copers   corpse   looper   lopers   orlops   polers   porose   proles   scroop   sloper   splore

r -   ceorls   closer   colors   cooers   cooler   corers   cresol   crores   looser   rooser   roscoe   scorer   sorrel

s -   ceorls   closer   closes   colors   cooers   corses   cresol   crosse   lessor   locoes   looser   looses   losers   rooses   roscoe   scores   socles   sorels

t -   cloots   closet   colter   cooter   corset   coster   escort   lector   looter   ocelot   ostler   rectos   retool   scoter   sector   sterol   tooler   torose

u -   cerous   clours   coleus   colour   colure   course   crouse   lucres   oscule   source   ulcers

v -   clover   cloves   corves   covers   lovers   solver

w -   cowers   escrow   lowers   rowels   slower   wooers   wooler

x -   scolex

y -   cooeys   cresyl   looeys   sorely

z -   clozes   crozes

5 letters

a -   acres   alecs   aloes   arles   arose   calos   cares   carle   carls   carol   carse   claro   clear   coals   colas   coral   earls   escar   lacer   laces   lares   laser   lears   ocrea   orals   orcas   races   rales   reals   scale   scare   serac   seral   solar

b -   blocs   boles   bolos   boors   bores   broos   brose   coble   lobes   lobos   oboes   obole   obols   robes   roble   sober

c -   ceorl   ceros   close   cocos   coles   color   cooer   cools   cores   corse   cosec   crocs   locos   score   secco   socle

d -   clods   coder   codes   coeds   colds   coled   cooed   cords   cored   credo   decor   decos   doers   dolce   doles   dolor   doors   doser   drool   lodes   looed   lords   odors   older   ordos   redos   resod   rodeo   roods   rosed   scold   scrod   soldo   soled

e -   ceorl   ceres   ceros   close   coles   cooee   cooer   cores   corse   creel   erose   leers   loose   lores   loser   oleos   orles   reels   roles   roose   score   scree   socle   sorel

f -   clefs   coofs   flocs   floes   floor   fools   force   fores   froes   loofs   rolfs   roofs

g -   clogs   colog   goers   goose   gores   gorse   loges   logos   ogler   ogles   ogres   sorgo

h -   cholo   chore   chose   cohos   echos   helos   herls   heros   hoers   holes   horse   hosel   lehrs   lochs   ocher   ochre   sheol   shoer   shool   shore   shorl

i -   ceils   cires   coils   coirs   cosie   cries   liers   looie   loris   oiler   oleic   olios   oorie   oriel   osier   relic   reoil   rices   riels   riles   roils   slice   slier   solei

j -   joles

k -   clerk   cokes   cooks   corks   crook   koels   kolos   locks   looks   ocker   recks   rocks   rooks   socko   sokol

l -   cello   cells   ceorl   close   coles   color   cools   locos   loose   lores   losel   loser   oleos   orles   roles   rolls   socle   sorel

m -   celom   comer   comes   corms   looms   merls   moles   mools   moors   moose   morel   mores   morse   omers   osmol   romeo   rooms

n -   clone   clons   colon   cones   coons   corns   crone   croon   enols   enrol   lenos   loner   loons   nerol   noels   nolos   noose   onces   recon   scone   scorn   senor   snool   snore   solon

o -   ceorl   ceros   close   coles   color   cooer   cools   cores   corse   locos   loose   lores   loser   oleos   orles   roles   roose   score   socle   sorel

p -   clops   coops   coper   copes   copse   corps   crops   loops   loper   lopes   orlop   poler   poles   polos   pools   pores   poser   prole   prose   proso   repos   ropes   scoop   scope   sloop   slope   sopor   spool   spoor   spore

r -   ceorl   ceros   color   cooer   corer   cores   corse   crore   lores   loser   orles   roles   roose   score   sorel   sorer

s -   ceros   close   coles   cools   cores   corse   coses   cress   cross   locos   loess   loose   lores   loser   loses   oleos   orles   roles   roose   roses   score   sloes   socle   soles   solos   sorel   sores

t -   celts   cloot   clots   colts   coots   coset   cotes   crest   escot   loots   lotos   recto   roost   roots   roset   rotes   rotls   rotos   scoot   sotol   stole   stool   store   telos   toles   tools   torcs   tores   toros   torse   torso

u -   clour   clues   cruel   cruse   cures   curls   curse   ecrus   euros   locus   lours   louse   luces   lucre   lures   ousel   roues   rouse   rules   scour   sucre   ulcer

v -   clove   cover   coves   lover   loves   overs   roves   servo   solve   verso   voces   voles

w -   clews   cower   cowls   crews   crows   lower   lowes   lowse   resow   rowel   scowl   screw   serow   sower   swore   wooer   wools   worse

x -   coxes   loxes

y -   cloys   cooey   cooly   cosey   coyer   looey   lyres   oyers   slyer   sooey   yores

z -   cloze   cozes   croze   oozes   orzos   zeros

4 letters

a -   aces   acre   aero   alec   ales   aloe   also   arco   arcs   ares   arse   calo   care   carl   cars   case   coal   cola   earl   ears   eras   lace   lacs   lars   lase   lear   leas   loca   oars   ocas   olea   oral   orca   osar   race   rale   rase   real   sale   scar   seal   sear   sera   soar   sola   sora

b -   bels   bloc   bole   bolo   boor   boos   bore   broo   bros   cobs   lobe   lobo   lobs   obes   oboe   obol   orbs   rebs   robe   robs   slob   sorb

c -   cels   cero   coco   cole   cols   cool   coos   core   cors   croc   loco   orcs   recs   rocs

d -   clod   code   cods   coed   cold   cord   deco   dels   docs   doer   does   dole   dols   door   dore   dors   dose   elds   lode   lord   odes   odor   olds   ordo   redo   reds   rode   rods   rood   sled   sold   sord

e -   cees   cels   cere   cero   cole   core   eels   else   eros   leer   lees   lore   lose   oleo   oles   ores   orle   recs   reel   rees   roes   role   rose   seel   seer   sere   sloe   sole   sore

f -   clef   coof   corf   floc   floe   foes   fool   fore   froe   loof   refs   rolf   roof   self   serf

g -   clog   cogs   egos   ergo   ergs   gels   goer   goes   goos   gore   legs   loge   logo   logs   ogle   ogre   regs   sego   slog

h -   coho   cosh   echo   helo   herl   hero   hers   hoer   hoes   hole   hols   hose   lech   lehr   loch   oohs   resh   rhos   shoe   shoo

i -   ceil   cire   coil   coir   cris   ices   ires   isle   leis   lice   lier   lies   lire   loci   oils   olio   reis   rice   riel   rile   rise   roil   sice   silo   sire   soil   soli   sori

j -   joes   jole

k -   coke   cook   cork   elks   koel   kolo   kore   kors   leks   lock   look   okes   reck   rock   rook   sock   soke   sook

l -   cell   cels   cole   cols   cool   ells   loco   loos   lore   lose   oleo   oles   orle   role   roll   sell   sloe   sole   solo

m -   come   corm   elms   loom   mels   merl   mocs   mole   mols   mool   moor   moos   more   mors   omer   rems   roms   room   some

n -   clon   cone   cons   coon   corn   enol   eons   erns   leno   lens   lone   loon   lorn   noel   noes   nolo   nose   once   ones   sone   soon   sorn

o -   cero   cole   cols   cool   coos   core   cors   eros   loco   loos   lore   lose   oleo   oles   orcs   ores   orle   rocs   roes   role   rose   sloe   sole   solo   sore

p -   ceps   clop   coop   cope   cops   crop   epos   loop   lope   lops   oops   opes   pecs   peso   poco   pole   polo   pols   pool   poor   pore   pose   pros   repo   reps   rope   scop   slop   spec

r -   cero   core   cors   eros   errs   lore   orcs   ores   orle   recs   rocs   roes   role   rose   sore

s -   cels   cess   cols   coos   cors   coss   eros   less   loos   lose   loss   oles   orcs   ores   oses   recs   rocs   roes   rose   secs   sels   sers   sloe   sole   solo   sols   sore

t -   celt   clot   colt   coot   cost   cote   cots   erst   lest   lets   loot   lost   lots   oots   orts   rest   rets   root   rote   rotl   roto   rots   scot   sect   slot   soot   sort   tels   toes   tole   tool   torc   tore   toro   tors

u -   clue   crus   cues   cure   curl   curs   ecru   ecus   euro   lour   luce   lues   lure   ours   roue   rues   rule   ruse   slue   slur   soul   sour   suer   sure   user

v -   cove   levo   love   over   revs   rove   voes   vole

w -   clew   cowl   cows   crew   crow   lowe   lows   owes   owls   owse   rows   scow   slew   slow   woes   wool   woos   wore

x -   oxes

y -   cloy   coly   cory   cosy   coys   leys   lory   lyes   lyre   lyse   oyer   oyes   rely   rosy   ryes   scry   syce   yore

z -   ooze   orzo   zero   zoos

3 letters

a -   ace   ale   als   arc   are   ars   car   ear   era   lac   lar   las   lea   oar   oca   ora   ras   sac   sae   sal   sea

b -   bel   boo   bos   bro   cob   lob   obe   orb   reb   rob   sob

c -   cel   col   coo   cor   cos   orc   rec   roc   sec

d -   cod   del   doc   doe   dol   dor   dos   eds   eld   led   ode   ods   old   red   rod   sod

e -   cee   cel   eel   els   ere   ers   lee   oes   ole   ore   ose   rec   ree   res   roe   sec   see   sel   ser

f -   efs   elf   fer   foe   for   fro   ref

g -   cog   ego   erg   gel   goo   gor   gos   leg   log   reg   seg

h -   her   hes   hoe   oho   ohs   ooh   rho   she

i -   cis   ice   ire   lei   lie   lis   oil   rei   sei   sic   sir   sri

j -   joe

k -   elk   kor   kos   lek   oke

l -   cel   col   ell   els   loo   ole   sel   sol

m -   elm   ems   mel   moc   mol   moo   mor   mos   oms   rem   rom   som

n -   con   ens   eon   ern   noo   nor   nos   one   ons   sen   son

o -   col   coo   cor   cos   loo   oes   ole   orc   ore   ors   ose   roc   roe   sol

p -   cep   cop   lop   ope   ops   pec   per   pes   pol   pro   rep   sop

r -   cor   err   ers   orc   ore   ors   rec   res   roc   roe   ser

s -   cos   els   ers   ess   oes   ors   ose   res   sec   sel   ser   sol   sos

t -   cot   let   lot   oot   ort   ret   rot   set   sot   tel   toe   too   tor

u -   cue   cur   ecu   leu   our   rue   sou   sue   use

v -   lev   rev   voe

w -   cow   low   owe   owl   row   sew   sow   woe   woo   wos

x -   cox   lex   lox   oxo   rex   sex   sox

y -   coy   cry   ley   lye   rye   sly   soy   yes

z -   coz   lez   zoo

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