More Words

Words formed from any letters in cowpeas, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   cowpeas

c -   cowpeas

d -   peascod

e -   cowpeas

g -   cowages

h -   cheapos   poaches   shoepac

i -   cowpies

k -   wackoes

l -   escalop

m -   pomaces

n -   snowcap   weapons

o -   cowpeas

p -   cowpeas

s -   cowpeas   scapose

t -   capotes   cowpats   toecaps

w -   cowpeas

6 letters

a -   cowpea

b -   becaps

c -   cowpea

d -   scaped   scoped   scowed   soaped   spaced

e -   cowpea   escape   peaces   pesewa

g -   cowage   socage

h -   cahows   cashew   chapes   cheapo   cheaps   chowse   epochs

i -   apices   copies   cowpie   spicae

k -   wackes   wackos

l -   aslope   copals   places   solace

m -   cameos   campos   pomace

n -   canoes   capons   copens   oceans   paeons   pecans   ponces   weapon   weason

o -   cowpea

p -   appose   cowpea

r -   capers   coarse   copers   copras   corpse   cowers   crapes   escarp   escrow   operas   pacers   pareos   parsec   pawers   powers   recaps   scrape   secpar   soaper   sowcar   spacer

s -   copses   paseos   scapes   scopes   spaces

t -   aspect   capote   coapts   costae   cowpat   epacts   sapote   toecap

u -   coupes

w -   cowpea

x -   coaxes

y -   spacey

5 letters

a -   apace   capes   capos   pacas   paces   paseo   psoae   scape   space

b -   becap   bowse

c -   capes   capos   cocas   copes   copse   cosec   paces   scape   scope   secco   space

d -   apods   cades   caped   cased   cawed   codas   codes   coeds   coped   cowed   daces   decos   dopas   dopes   dowse   paced   pawed   posed   sawed   sowed   spade   spado   spaed   spode   wades   woads

e -   capes   cease   cepes   copes   copse   paces   paseo   peace   pease   psoae   scape   scope   space   sweep   weeps

f -   cafes   faces

g -   cages   gapes   gawps   pages   peags   swage   wages

h -   aches   cahow   caphs   chaos   chape   chaps   chase   chaws   cheap   chews   chops   chose   chows   echos   ephas   epoch   hawse   heaps   hopes   howes   opahs   peach   pechs   phase   poach   pshaw   schwa   shape   whaps   whops   whose

i -   aspic   cosie   epics   paise   picas   pisco   poise   psoai   saice   sepia   sepic   spica   spice   swipe   wipes

j -   japes

k -   askew   awoke   cakes   cokes   packs   peaks   pecks   pocks   pokes   spake   speak   speck   spoke   wacke   wacko   wacks   wakes   wekas

l -   alecs   aloes   awols   calos   claps   clasp   claws   clews   clops   close   coals   colas   coles   copal   cowls   laces   lapse   leaps   lopes   lowes   lowse   opals   pales   pawls   peals   place   pleas   plews   plows   poles   salep   scale   scalp   scowl   sepal   slope   socle   spale   swale   wales   weals

m -   acmes   cameo   cames   campo   camps   comae   comas   comes   comps   maces   meows   mopes   poems   pomes   scamp   swamp   wames

n -   acnes   aeons   aspen   canes   canoe   canso   capon   cones   copen   enows   napes   neaps   ocean   onces   opens   owsen   paeon   panes   pawns   peans   pecan   peons   ponce   pones   scena   scone   sewan   sneap   spawn   spean   wanes   weans

o -   capos   coops   copes   copse   paseo   psoae   scoop   scope   swoop   woops

p -   capes   capos   copes   copse   paces   paseo   pepos   popes   psoae   scape   scope   space

r -   acres   apers   apres   arose   asper   caper   cares   carps   carse   ceros   coper   copra   cores   corps   corse   cower   crape   craps   craws   crews   crops   crows   escar   ocrea   opera   orcas   pacer   pareo   pares   parse   pawer   pears   pores   poser   power   praos   prase   presa   proas   prose   prows   races   rapes   reaps   recap   repos   resaw   resow   ropes   sapor   sawer   scare   scarp   score   scrap   screw   serac   serow   sewar   sowar   sower   spare   spear   spore   sware   swear   swore   wares   warps   wears   worse   wraps

s -   apses   capes   capos   cases   copes   copse   coses   oases   paces   paseo   pases   passe   pesos   poses   posse   psoae   psoas   scape   scope   scops   scows   soaps   space   spaes   specs   spews   swaps   swops   wasps

t -   ascot   caste   cates   cesta   coapt   coast   coats   coset   costa   cotes   epact   escot   estop   pacts   paste   pates   peats   pesto   poets   septa   spate   stoae   stope   stowp   sweat   swept   taces   tacos   tapes   tawse   tepas   toeas   topes   twaes   waste

u -   cause   coupe   coups   pause   puces   sauce   scaup

v -   avows   caves   coves   oaves   paves   soave   voces   waves

x -   coxae   coxes   expos   paxes   poxes   waxes

y -   cosey   poesy   sepoy   soapy   spacy   waspy   yawps   yowes

z -   cozes   zoeas

4 letters

a -   aces   apes   apse   asea   awes   cape   capo   caps   casa   case   caws   ocas   paca   pace   pacs   pase   paws   peas   soap   spae   swap   waes   waps   wasp

b -   abos   baps   base   boas   bops   bows   cabs   cobs   obes   sabe   scab   swab   swob   wabs   webs

c -   aces   cape   capo   caps   case   caws   ceca   ceps   coca   cope   cops   cows   ocas   pace   pacs   pecs   scop   scow   spec

d -   aced   ados   aped   apod   awed   cade   cads   coda   code   cods   coed   dace   daps   daws   deco   dews   docs   does   dopa   dope   dose   dows   odea   odes   oped   owed   pads   peds   pods   sade   scad   soda   sped   wade   wads   weds   woad

e -   aces   apes   apse   awee   awes   cape   case   cees   cepe   ceps   cope   ease   epos   ewes   opes   owes   owse   pace   pase   peas   pecs   pees   peso   pews   pose   seep   spae   spec   spew   waes   weep   wees   woes

f -   cafe   face   foes   fops   oafs   safe   sofa

g -   ages   cage   cogs   egos   gaes   gape   gaps   gasp   gawp   goas   goes   page   peag   pegs   sage   sago   scag   sego   swag   wage   wags   wogs

h -   ache   caph   cash   chao   chap   chaw   chew   chop   chow   cosh   each   echo   epha   haes   haps   hasp   haws   heap   hews   hoes   hope   hops   hose   howe   hows   opah   pash   pech   pehs   phew   posh   shaw   shea   shew   shoe   shop   show   soph   wash   whap   whoa   whop

i -   asci   ciao   epic   ices   pias   pica   pice   pics   pies   piso   pois   sice   sipe   spic   wipe   wise   wisp

j -   jape   jaws   jews   joes   jows   soja

k -   cake   cask   coke   kaes   keas   keps   koas   kops   oaks   okas   okes   pack   peak   peck   pock   poke   sack   sake   skep   skew   soak   sock   soke   wack   wake   weak   weka   woke   woks

l -   alec   ales   aloe   alow   alps   also   awls   awol   calo   cels   clap   claw   clew   clop   coal   cola   cole   cols   cowl   lace   lacs   laps   lase   laws   leap   leas   loca   lope   lops   lose   lowe   lows   olea   oles   opal   owls   pale   pals   pawl   peal   plea   plew   plow   pole   pols   sale   salp   seal   slap   slaw   slew   sloe   slop   slow   sola   sole   wale   weal

m -   acme   amps   came   camp   cams   coma   come   comp   cwms   mace   macs   maes   maps   maws   meow   mesa   mews   moas   mocs   mope   mops   mows   pams   poem   pome   poms   same   samp   scam   seam   smew   soma   some   spam   swam   wame

n -   acne   aeon   anes   anew   awns   cane   cans   cone   cons   enow   eons   naos   nape   naps   neap   news   noes   nope   nose   nows   once   ones   open   owns   pane   pans   pawn   pean   pens   peon   pone   pons   sane   sawn   scan   sewn   snap   snaw   snow   sone   sown   span   swan   wane   wans   wean   wens   wons

o -   capo   coop   coos   cope   cops   cows   epos   ocas   oops   opes   owes   owse   peso   poco   pose   pows   scop   scow   soap   swop   woes   woos   wops

p -   apes   apse   cape   capo   caps   ceps   cope   cops   epos   opes   pace   pacs   paps   pase   paws   peas   pecs   pepo   peps   peso   pews   pope   pops   pose   pows   scop   soap   spae   spec   spew   swap   swop   waps   wasp   wops

r -   acre   aero   aper   arco   arcs   ares   arse   care   carp   cars   cero   core   cors   crap   craw   crew   crop   crow   ears   eras   eros   oars   orca   orcs   ores   osar   pare   pars   pear   pore   prao   proa   pros   prow   race   rape   raps   rase   rasp   raws   reap   recs   repo   reps   rocs   roes   rope   rose   rows   scar   sear   sera   soar   sora   sore   spar   ware   warp   wars   wear   wore   wrap

s -   aces   apes   apse   asps   awes   caps   case   caws   ceps   cess   cops   coss   cows   epos   ocas   opes   oses   ossa   owes   owse   pacs   pase   pass   paws   peas   pecs   peso   pews   pose   pows   sacs   saps   saws   scop   scow   seas   secs   sews   soap   sops   sows   spae   spas   spec   spew   swap   swop   waes   waps   wasp   woes   wops

t -   acts   ates   atop   cast   cate   cats   coat   cost   cote   cots   east   eats   etas   oast   oats   opts   pact   past   pate   pats   peat   pest   pets   poet   post   pots   sate   scat   scot   seat   sect   sept   seta   spat   spot   staw   step   stew   stoa   stop   stow   swat   swot   tace   taco   taos   tape   taps   taws   teas   tepa   tews   toea   toes   tope   tops   tows   twae   twas   twos   wast   wats   wept   west   wets   wost   wots

u -   coup   cues   cups   cusp   ecus   opus   puce   scup   soup   spue   supe   upas

v -   aves   avos   avow   cave   cove   pave   save   vacs   vase   vaws   voes   vows   wave   wove

w -   awes   caws   cows   owes   owse   paws   pews   pows   scow   spew   swap   swop   waes   waps   wasp   waws   woes   wops   wows

x -   apex   axes   coax   coxa   expo   oxes

y -   ayes   cays   copy   cosy   cowy   coys   easy   espy   eyas   oyes   pays   posy   pyas   pyes   soya   spay   sway   syce   ways   wyes   yaps   yawp   yaws   yeas   yews   yowe   yows

z -   spaz   zaps   zoea

3 letters

a -   aas   ace   ape   asp   awa   awe   cap   caw   oca   pac   pas   paw   pea   sac   sae   sap   saw   sea   spa   wae   wap   was

b -   abo   abs   bap   bas   boa   bop   bos   bow   cab   cob   obe   sab   sob   wab   web

c -   ace   cap   caw   cep   cop   cos   cow   oca   pac   pec   sac   sec

d -   ado   ads   cad   cod   dap   daw   dew   doc   doe   dos   dow   eds   ode   ods   pad   ped   pod   sad   sod   wad   wed

e -   ace   ape   awe   cee   cep   ewe   oes   ope   ose   owe   pea   pec   pee   pes   pew   sae   sea   sec   see   sew   wae   wee   woe

f -   efs   fas   few   foe   fop   oaf

g -   age   ago   cog   ego   gae   gap   gas   goa   gos   peg   sag   seg   wag   wog

h -   ash   hae   hao   hap   has   haw   hep   hes   hew   hoe   hop   how   ohs   pah   peh   poh   sha   she   wha   who

i -   ais   cis   ice   pia   pic   pie   pis   poi   psi   sei   sic   sip   wis

j -   jaw   jew   joe   jow

k -   ask   kae   kas   kea   kep   koa   kop   kos   oak   oka   oke   ska   wok

l -   ale   alp   als   awl   cel   col   els   lac   lap   las   law   lea   lop   low   ole   owl   pal   pol   sal   sel   sol

m -   amp   cam   cwm   ems   mac   mae   map   mas   maw   mew   moa   moc   mop   mos   mow   oms   pam   pom   som

n -   ane   awn   can   con   ens   eon   nae   nap   naw   new   nos   now   one   ons   own   pan   pen   sen   son   wan   wen   won

o -   coo   cop   cos   cow   oca   oes   ope   ops   ose   owe   pow   sop   sow   woe   woo   wop   wos

p -   ape   asp   cap   cep   cop   ope   ops   pac   pap   pas   paw   pea   pec   pep   pes   pew   pop   pow   sap   sop   spa   wap   wop

r -   arc   are   ars   car   cor   ear   era   ers   oar   ora   orc   ore   ors   par   per   pro   rap   ras   raw   rec   rep   res   roc   roe   row   ser   war

s -   asp   ass   cos   ess   oes   ops   ose   pas   pes   sac   sae   sap   saw   sea   sec   sew   sop   sos   sow   spa   was   wos

t -   act   apt   ate   cat   cot   eat   eta   oat   opt   pat   pet   pot   sat   set   sot   tae   tao   tap   tas   taw   tea   tew   toe   top   tow   twa   two   wat   wet   wot

u -   cue   cup   eau   ecu   pus   sau   sou   sue   sup   upo   ups   use

v -   ave   avo   ova   vac   vas   vaw   voe   vow

w -   awe   caw   cow   owe   paw   pew   pow   saw   sew   sow   wae   wap   was   waw   woe   wop   wos   wow

x -   axe   cox   pax   pox   sax   sex   sox   wax

y -   aye   ays   cay   coy   pay   pya   pye   say   soy   spy   way   wye   yap   yaw   yea   yep   yes   yew   yow

z -   azo   coz   zap   zoa

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