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Words formed from any letters in cowfish, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

c -   cowfish

d -   codfish

f -   cowfish

h -   cowfish

i -   cowfish

l -   wolfish

o -   cowfish

s -   cowfish

w -   cowfish

6 letters

a -   cahows   fiasco   oafish

c -   chicos

e -   chiefs   chowse   fiches   ficoes   wiches

f -   howffs   offish   whiffs

k -   hoicks

l -   lowish   owlish

n -   chinos

o -   whoofs

r -   chiros   choirs   ichors   orchis

s -   whosis

t -   switch

u -   fichus

y -   coyish

z -   schizo

5 letters

a -   cahow   chaos   chaws   chiao   chias   hafis   ohias   schwa   waifs   wisha

c -   chico   chics   chows   cisco   coifs

d -   dhows   disco   fidos   sodic   whids

e -   chefs   chews   chief   chose   cosie   echos   fices   fiche   hoise   howes   whose   wifes

f -   coffs   coifs   howff   howfs   scoff   whiff

g -   whigs

h -   chows   howfs   which   whish

i -   coifs

j -   shoji

k -   hicks   hocks   hoick   howks   shock   sicko   whisk   wicks

l -   coils   cowls   filch   filos   flics   flocs   flows   foils   fowls   howls   lochs   scowl   wilco   wolfs

m -   ohmic   osmic   schmo   whims

n -   chino   chins   cions   coins   finch   finos   fohns   foins   icons   infos   scion   shown   sonic   whins   winch   winos

o -   chows   cohos   coifs   coofs   hoofs   howfs   whoof   whoso   woofs   woosh

p -   chips   chops   pisco   whips   whops

r -   chiro   choir   coirs   crows   frosh   frows   ichor   whirs

s -   chows   coifs   fiscs   howfs   scows   shows   swish

t -   chits   fitch   foist   hoist   shift   stich   stoic   swift   swith   whist   whits   witch

u -   cuifs   cuish   fichu   ficus   focus   hocus

w -   chows   howfs

y -   fishy   showy

4 letters

a -   asci   cash   caws   chao   chaw   chia   ciao   fash   haws   oafs   ocas   ohia   shaw   sofa   waif   wash   whoa

b -   bios   bosh   bows   cobs   fibs   fobs   hobs   obis   swob

c -   chic   chis   chow   coif   cosh   cows   fico   fisc   foci   ichs   scow   wich

d -   chid   cods   dhow   disc   dish   docs   dows   fido   fids   hods   odic   shod   whid

e -   chef   chew   echo   fehs   fice   foes   hews   hies   hoes   hose   howe   ices   owes   owse   seif   shew   shoe   sice   wife   wise   woes

f -   coff   coif   fico   fisc   fish   foci   howf   offs

g -   cigs   cogs   figs   fogs   ghis   gosh   hogs   shog   sigh   swig   whig   wigs   wogs

h -   chis   chow   cosh   fish   howf   hows   ichs   show   wich   wish

i -   chis   coif   fico   fisc   fish   foci   ichs   iwis   wich   wish

j -   josh   jows

k -   hick   hock   howk   khis   kifs   kois   sick   sock   wick   woks

l -   coil   cols   cowl   filo   fils   flic   floc   flow   foil   fowl   hols   howl   lich   loch   loci   lows   oils   owls   silo   slow   soil   soli   wolf

m -   cwms   mhos   miso   mocs   mosh   mows   ohms   shim   shmo   swim   whim   whom

n -   chin   chon   cion   coin   coni   cons   fino   fins   fohn   foin   fons   hins   hisn   hons   icon   inch   info   ions   nosh   nows   owns   shin   sinh   snow   sown   whin   wino   wins   wons

o -   chow   coho   coif   coof   coos   cosh   cows   fico   foci   hoof   howf   hows   oohs   scow   shoo   show   woof   woos

p -   chip   chop   cops   fops   hips   hops   phis   pics   pish   piso   pois   posh   pows   scop   ship   shop   soph   spic   swop   whip   whop   wisp   wops

r -   coir   corf   cors   cris   crow   firs   frow   orcs   rhos   rich   rifs   rocs   rows   shri   sori   whir

s -   chis   cosh   coss   cows   fisc   fish   foss   hiss   hows   ichs   scow   show   sics   sows   wish   wiss

t -   chit   cist   coft   cost   cots   fist   fits   hist   hits   host   hots   itch   otic   scot   shit   shot   sift   sith   soft   soth   stow   swot   thio   this   tics   tosh   tows   twos   whit   wist   with   wits   wost   wots

u -   cuif   fuci   huic   ouch   such

v -   shiv   vows

w -   chow   cows   howf   hows   scow   show   wich   wish   wows

y -   cosy   cowy   coys   foys   hoys   whys   wych   yows   ywis

z -   whiz   zoic

3 letters

a -   ais   ash   caw   fas   hao   has   haw   oaf   oca   sac   saw   sha   was   wha

b -   bio   bis   bos   bow   cob   fib   fob   hob   obi   sib   sob

c -   chi   cis   cos   cow   hic   ich   sic

d -   cod   dis   doc   dos   dow   fid   hid   hod   ids   ods   sod

e -   efs   feh   few   fie   foe   hes   hew   hie   hoe   ice   oes   ose   owe   sec   sei   sew   she   woe

f -   foh   iff   ifs   off

g -   cig   cog   fig   fog   ghi   gos   hog   wig   wog

h -   chi   foh   hic   his   how   ich   ohs   shh   who

i -   chi   cis   hic   his   ich   ifs   sic   wis

j -   jow

k -   ick   khi   kif   koi   kos   ski   wok

l -   col   fil   lis   low   oil   owl   sol

m -   cwm   him   ism   mho   mis   moc   mos   mow   ohm   oms   sim   som

n -   con   fin   fon   hin   hon   ins   ion   noh   nos   now   ons   own   sin   son   win   won

o -   coo   cos   cow   foh   how   oho   ohs   ooh   sow   who   woo   wos

p -   cop   fop   hip   hop   ops   phi   pic   pis   poh   poi   pow   psi   sip   sop   wop

r -   cor   fir   for   fro   orc   ors   rho   rif   roc   row   sir   sri

s -   cis   cos   his   ifs   ohs   sic   sis   sos   sow   wis   wos

t -   cot   fit   hit   hot   its   oft   sit   sot   tho   tic   tis   tow   two   wit   wot

u -   fou   sou

v -   vis   vow

w -   cow   how   sow   who   wis   wos   wow

x -   cox   fix   fox   six   sox   xis

y -   coy   foy   hoy   icy   shy   soy   why   yow

z -   coz   fiz   wiz

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