More Words

Words formed from any letters in covered, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

b -   bedcover

i -   coderive   divorcee   revoiced

k -   overdeck

t -   vectored

7 letters

b -   overbed

c -   coerced   covered

d -   covered   decoder   recoded

e -   covered

f -   deforce   overfed

h -   cohered   hovered   ochered

i -   codrive   devoice   divorce   revoice

k -   revoked

m -   removed

n -   encoder   encored

o -   codrove   covered   vocoder

p -   precode   proceed

r -   covered   coverer   recover   redrove

s -   corvees   recodes

t -   coveted   coveter   revoted

u -   decurve   overdue

v -   covered

w -   cowered

y -   decoyer   overdye

6 letters

a -   carved   craved   decare   evader   ocreae   reaved

c -   coerce   corvee   recode

d -   codder   corded   decode   droved   eroded   overed   recode

e -   corvee   decree   overed   recede   recode   reeved   veered

f -   forced

g -   codger   groved   verged

h -   cheder   cheero   chevre   chored   cohere   echoed   echoer   ochred   reecho

i -   cervid   deicer   derive   device   devoir   oreide   reived   voiced   voicer   voider

k -   corked   decker   docker   evoked   evoker   recked   redock   revoke   rocked

l -   clever   clover   colder   creole   delver   veloce

m -   emerod   remove

n -   corned   decern   encode   encore   nerved   redone   vender   vendor

o -   cooeed   corvee   overdo   overed   recode

p -   creped   proved

r -   corder   corvee   drover   overed   recode   record

s -   ceders   coders   corves   covers   credos   creeds   decors   droves   erodes   redoes   scored   screed   served   soever   versed

t -   corvet   covert   devote   revote   teredo   vector   vetoed   vetoer

u -   curved   devour   oeuvre   reduce

v -   corvee   overed   revved

w -   crewed   crowed   rewove

z -   zeroed

5 letters

a -   acred   adore   arced   cadre   cared   carve   caved   caver   cedar   crave   deave   drave   eared   eaved   evade   oared   ocrea   oread   raced   raved   reave

b -   bevor   bored   brede   breed   breve   orbed   rebec   robed

c -   ceder   cered   codec   coder   cored   coved   cover   credo   creed   decor   recce

d -   ceded   ceder   cered   coded   coder   cored   coved   credo   creed   decor   dreed   drove   erode   odder   reded   roved

e -   ceder   cered   coder   cored   coved   cover   credo   creed   decor   drove   erode   reeve   roved

f -   defer   fever   force   freed   refed

g -   edger   geode   gored   greed   grove   verge

h -   cheer   chord   chore   eched   heder   horde   hover   ocher   ochre

i -   cider   cried   deice   dicer   diver   drive   eider   reive   riced   rived   viced   video   vireo   voice

k -   coked   creek   dreck   evoke   ocker

l -   ceorl   clove   coled   creel   delve   devel   dolce   elder   elver   lever   loved   lover   older   revel   voled

m -   comer   creme   merde   moved   mover   vomer

n -   coden   coned   coven   crone   devon   donee   doven   drone   ender   nerve   never   recon   redon   roven

o -   coder   cooed   cooee   cooer   cored   coved   cover   credo   decor   drove   erode   rodeo   roved

p -   coped   coper   creep   crepe   doper   epode   pedro   pored   preed   prove   roped

r -   ceder   cered   coder   cored   corer   cover   credo   creed   crore   decor   drove   erode   erred   order   roved   rover

s -   cedes   ceres   ceros   codes   coeds   cords   cores   corse   coves   decos   deers   doers   doser   doves   drees   erose   overs   redes   redos   reeds   resod   rosed   roves   score   scree   scrod   seder   sered   serve   servo   sever   veers   verse   verso   voces

t -   coted   covet   deter   doter   erect   evert   overt   recto   revet   terce   treed   trode   trove   voted   voter

u -   coude   crude   cured   curve   deuce   douce   duroc   educe   revue   uredo

v -   coved   cover   drove   roved   verve

w -   cowed   cower   crowd   dower   rewed   rowed   vowed   vower

x -   codex   coxed   redox   vexed   vexer

y -   covey   coyed   coyer   cyder   decoy   decry   every   redye   reedy   veery

z -   croze   dozer

4 letters

a -   aced   acre   aero   arco   arvo   aver   cade   card   care   cave   coda   dace   dare   dear   deva   eave   odea   orad   orca   race   rave   read   road   vera

b -   beer   bode   bore   bred   bree   robe   verb

c -   cede   cere   cero   code   coed   cord   core   cove   croc   deco

d -   cede   code   coed   cord   deco   deed   deer   dere   doer   dore   dove   dree   eddo   redd   rede   redo   reed   rode

e -   cede   cere   cero   code   coed   core   cove   deco   deer   dere   doer   dore   dove   dree   ever   over   rede   redo   reed   rode   rove   veer

f -   corf   feed   feod   fere   ford   fore   free   froe   reef

g -   doge   dreg   edge   eger   ergo   geed   goer   gore   gree   ogee   ogre

h -   eche   echo   heed   herd   here   hero   hoed   hoer   hove   ohed

i -   cedi   cire   coir   dice   dire   dive   eide   iced   ired   odic   rice   ride   rive   vice   vide   vied   vier   void

j -   jeed   jeer

k -   coke   cork   deck   deke   dock   dork   drek   eked   kore   reck   reek   rock

l -   clod   cold   cole   dele   dole   leer   levo   lode   lord   lore   love   orle   reel   role   veld   vole

m -   come   corm   deem   deme   demo   derm   dome   dorm   meed   mere   mode   more   move   omer

n -   cone   corn   dene   done   erne   even   need   nerd   neve   node   once   oven   rend   vend

o -   cero   code   coed   cord   core   cove   deco   doer   door   dore   dove   odor   ordo   over   redo   rode   rood   rove

p -   cepe   cope   crop   deep   dope   dorp   drop   oped   peed   peer   pore   pree   prod   repo   rope   veep

r -   cere   cero   cord   core   deer   dere   doer   dore   dorr   dree   ever   over   rede   redo   reed   rode   rove   veer

s -   cees   cods   cors   dees   devs   docs   does   dors   dose   eros   eves   odes   orcs   ores   recs   reds   rees   revs   rocs   rods   roes   rose   seed   seer   sere   sord   sore   vees   voes

t -   cete   cote   deet   dote   rete   rote   teed   toed   torc   tore   tree   trod   vert   veto   vote

u -   crud   cued   curd   cure   dour   duce   dure   duro   ecru   euro   roue   rude   rued

v -   cove   dove   ever   over   rove   veer

w -   crew   crow   drew   ewer   owed   vrow   weed   weer   were   word   wore   wove

x -   exec

y -   cory   dory   dyer   eery   eyed   eyer   eyre   oyer   very   yore

z -   doze   zero

3 letters

a -   ace   ado   arc   are   ave   avo   cad   car   ear   era   oar   oca   ora   ova   rad   vac   var

b -   bed   bee   bod   bro   cob   deb   obe   orb   reb   rob

c -   cee   cod   cor   doc   orc   rec   roc

d -   cod   dee   dev   doc   doe   dor   odd   ode   red   rod

e -   cee   dee   dev   doe   ere   eve   ode   ore   rec   red   ree   rev   roe   vee   voe

f -   fed   fee   fer   foe   for   fro   ref

g -   cog   dog   ego   erg   ged   gee   god   gor   reg   veg

h -   edh   her   hod   hoe   rho

i -   die   ice   ire   rei   rid   vie

j -   jee   joe

k -   eke   kor   oke

l -   cel   col   del   dol   eel   eld   led   lee   lev   old   ole

m -   dom   eme   med   moc   mod   mor   rem   rom

n -   con   den   don   end   eon   ern   nee   nod   nor   one

o -   cod   coo   cor   doc   doe   dor   ode   orc   ore   roc   rod   roe   voe

p -   cep   cop   ope   pec   ped   pee   per   pod   pro   rep

r -   cor   dor   ere   err   orc   ore   rec   red   ree   rev   roc   rod   roe

s -   cos   dos   eds   ers   ods   oes   ors   ose   res   sec   see   ser   sod

t -   cot   dot   ort   ret   rot   ted   tee   tod   toe   tor   vet

u -   cud   cue   cur   due   duo   ecu   oud   our   rue   udo   urd

v -   dev   eve   rev   vee   voe

w -   cow   dew   dow   ewe   owe   row   vow   wed   wee   woe

x -   cox   dex   rex   vex   vox

y -   coy   cry   dey   dry   dye   eye   rye   yod

z -   coz   zed   zee

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