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Words formed from any letters in cover, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

e -   corvee

i -   voicer

l -   clover

s -   corves   covers

t -   corvet   covert   vector

5 letters

a -   carve   caver   crave   ocrea

b -   bevor

c -   cover

d -   coder   cored   coved   credo   decor   drove   roved

e -   cover

f -   force

g -   grove

h -   chore   hover   ocher   ochre

i -   vireo   voice

k -   ocker

l -   ceorl   clove   lover

m -   comer   mover   vomer

n -   coven   crone   recon   roven

o -   cooer   cover

p -   coper   prove

r -   corer   cover   crore   rover

s -   ceros   cores   corse   coves   overs   roves   score   servo   verso   voces

t -   covet   overt   recto   trove   voter

u -   curve

v -   cover

w -   cower   vower

y -   covey   coyer

z -   croze

4 letters

a -   acre   aero   arco   arvo   aver   care   cave   orca   race   rave   vera

b -   bore   robe   verb

c -   cero   core   cove   croc

d -   code   coed   cord   deco   doer   dore   dove   redo   rode

e -   cere   cero   core   cove   ever   over   rove   veer

f -   corf   fore   froe

g -   ergo   goer   gore   ogre

h -   echo   hero   hoer   hove

i -   cire   coir   rice   rive   vice   vier

k -   coke   cork   kore   reck   rock

l -   cole   levo   lore   love   orle   role   vole

m -   come   corm   more   move   omer

n -   cone   corn   once   oven

o -   cero   core   cove   over   rove

p -   cope   crop   pore   repo   rope

r -   cero   core   over   rove

s -   cors   eros   orcs   ores   recs   revs   rocs   roes   rose   sore   voes

t -   cote   rote   torc   tore   vert   veto   vote

u -   cure   ecru   euro   roue

v -   cove   over   rove

w -   crew   crow   vrow   wore   wove

y -   cory   oyer   very   yore

z -   zero

3 letters

a -   ace   arc   are   ave   avo   car   ear   era   oar   oca   ora   ova   vac   var

b -   bro   cob   obe   orb   reb   rob

c -   cor   orc   rec   roc

d -   cod   dev   doc   doe   dor   ode   red   rod

e -   cee   ere   eve   ore   rec   ree   rev   roe   vee   voe

f -   fer   foe   for   fro   ref

g -   cog   ego   erg   gor   reg   veg

h -   her   hoe   rho

i -   ice   ire   rei   vie

j -   joe

k -   kor   oke

l -   cel   col   lev   ole

m -   moc   mor   rem   rom

n -   con   eon   ern   nor   one

o -   coo   cor   orc   ore   roc   roe   voe

p -   cep   cop   ope   pec   per   pro   rep

r -   cor   err   orc   ore   rec   rev   roc   roe

s -   cos   ers   oes   ors   ose   res   sec   ser

t -   cot   ort   ret   rot   toe   tor   vet

u -   cue   cur   ecu   our   rue

v -   rev   voe

w -   cow   owe   row   vow   woe

x -   cox   rex   vex   vox

y -   coy   cry   rye

z -   coz

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