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Words formed from any letters in cosets, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

i -   cosiest

k -   sockets

l -   closest   closets

r -   corsets   costers   escorts   scoters   sectors

s -   cossets

6 letters

a -   ascots   castes   cestas   coasts   costae

b -   besots

c -   cestos   cosecs   cosets   cosset   escots   seccos

d -   costed   tossed

e -   cestos   cosets   cosset   escots   setose

h -   chests   choses   coshes   shotes   toshes

i -   cestoi   cosies   stoics

k -   socket   stocks   stokes

l -   closes   closet   socles   stoles

m -   comets   comtes

n -   centos   contes   onsets   scents   scones   setons   stenos   stones

o -   cestos   cosets   cosset   escots   scoots

p -   copses   estops   pestos   posset   ptoses   scopes   stopes

r -   corses   corset   coster   crests   crosse   escort   rectos   rosets   scores   scoter   sector   sorest   stores   torses   tosser   tsores

s -   cestos   cosets   cosset   escots   tosses

t -   cestos   cosets   cosset   escots   octets

u -   cestus   custos   scouse   scouts   scutes   setous   touses

v -   covets   stoves

x -   sextos

y -   coseys   coyest

5 letters

a -   ascot   asset   cases   caste   casts   cates   cesta   coast   coats   costa   easts   oases   oasts   sates   scats   seats   stoae   stoas   taces   tacos   tasse   toeas

b -   besot   bests   stobs

c -   cosec   coses   coset   costs   cotes   escot   scots   secco   sects

d -   codes   coeds   coted   decos   doest   doses   dotes

e -   cetes   coses   coset   cotes   escot   sects

f -   fosse   softs

g -   gesso   gests   segos

h -   chess   chest   chose   echos   ethos   hests   hoses   hosts   shoes   shote   shots   soths   those

i -   cesti   cists   cites   cosie   sices   sites   sties   stoic

j -   jests

k -   cokes   socks   sokes   stock   stoke   tokes

l -   celts   close   clots   coles   colts   loess   loses   sloes   slots   socle   soles   stole   telos   toles

m -   comes   comet   comte   moste   mosts   motes   smote   stems   tomes

n -   cento   cents   cones   conte   nests   noses   notes   onces   onset   scent   scone   seton   snots   sones   steno   stone   tones

o -   coots   coses   coset   costs   cotes   escot   scoot   scots   soots

p -   copes   copse   estop   pesos   pesto   pests   poets   poses   posse   posts   scope   scops   septs   specs   spots   steps   stope   stops   topes

r -   ceros   cores   corse   cress   crest   cross   recto   rests   roses   roset   rotes   score   sores   sorts   store   torcs   tores   torse   tress

s -   coses   coset   costs   cotes   escot   scots   sects   stoss

t -   coset   costs   cotes   escot   octet   scots   sects   setts   stets   tests   totes

u -   cusso   cutes   ousts   scout   scute   scuts   souse   suets   touse

v -   coves   covet   stove   vests   voces   votes

w -   scows   stews   stows   swots   wests

x -   coxes   sexto   sexts

y -   cosey   cysts   styes   syces

z -   cozes   zests

4 letters

a -   aces   acts   ates   case   cast   cate   cats   coat   east   eats   etas   oast   oats   ocas   ossa   sacs   sate   scat   seas   seat   seta   stoa   tace   taco   taos   tass   teas   toea

b -   best   bets   boss   bots   cobs   obes   sobs   stob

c -   cess   coss   cost   cote   cots   scot   secs   sect

d -   code   cods   coed   deco   docs   does   dose   doss   dost   dote   dots   odes   sods   teds   tods   toed

e -   cees   cess   cete   cote   eses   oses   secs   sect   sees   sets   tees   toes

f -   coft   efts   fess   fets   foes   foss   soft

g -   cogs   egos   gest   gets   goes   sego   segs   tegs   togs

h -   cosh   echo   etch   eths   hest   hets   hoes   hose   host   hots   shes   shoe   shot   soth   tosh

i -   cist   cite   etic   ices   otic   seis   sice   sics   site   sits   tics   ties

j -   jess   jest   jets   joes   joss   jots

k -   coke   keto   koss   okes   sock   soke   toke   tsks

l -   cels   celt   clot   cole   cols   colt   less   lest   lets   lose   loss   lost   lots   oles   sels   sloe   slot   sole   sols   tels   tole

m -   come   mess   mocs   moss   most   mote   mots   some   stem   tome   toms

n -   cent   cone   cons   eons   ness   nest   nets   noes   nose   note   once   ones   sent   snot   sone   sons   tens   tone   tons

o -   coos   coot   coss   cost   cote   cots   oots   oses   scot   soot   sots   toes   toss

p -   ceps   cope   cops   epos   opes   opts   pecs   peso   pest   pets   poet   pose   post   pots   psst   scop   sept   sops   spec   spot   step   stop   tope   tops

r -   cero   core   cors   eros   erst   orcs   ores   orts   recs   rest   rets   rocs   roes   rose   rote   rots   sers   sore   sort   torc   tore   tors

s -   cess   coss   cost   cots   oses   scot   secs   sect   sets   sots   toes   toss

t -   cost   cote   cots   scot   sect   sets   sett   sots   stet   test   tets   toes   toss   tost   tote   tots

u -   cues   cuss   cute   cuts   ecus   oust   outs   scut   sous   sues   suet   uses

v -   cove   vest   veto   vets   voes   vote

w -   cows   owes   owse   scow   sews   sows   stew   stow   swot   tews   tows   twos   west   wets   woes   wost   wots

x -   oxes   sext

y -   cosy   coys   cyst   oyes   soys   stey   stye   syce   toys   tyes

z -   zest

3 letters

a -   ace   act   ass   ate   cat   eat   eta   oat   oca   sac   sae   sat   sea   tae   tao   tas   tea

b -   bet   bos   bot   cob   obe   sob

c -   cos   cot   sec

d -   cod   doc   doe   dos   dot   eds   ode   ods   sod   ted   tod

e -   cee   ess   oes   ose   sec   see   set   tee   toe

f -   efs   eft   fet   foe   oft

g -   cog   ego   get   gos   got   seg   teg   tog

h -   eth   hes   het   hoe   hot   ohs   she   the   tho

i -   cis   ice   its   sei   sic   sis   sit   tic   tie   tis

j -   jet   joe   jot

k -   kos   oke   tsk

l -   cel   col   els   let   lot   ole   sel   sol   tel

m -   ems   met   moc   mos   mot   oms   som   tom

n -   con   ens   eon   net   nos   not   one   ons   sen   son   ten   ton

o -   coo   cos   cot   oes   oot   ose   sos   sot   toe   too

p -   cep   cop   ope   ops   opt   pec   pes   pet   pot   sop   top

r -   cor   ers   orc   ore   ors   ort   rec   res   ret   roc   roe   rot   ser   tor

s -   cos   ess   oes   ose   sec   set   sos   sot

t -   cot   set   sot   tet   toe   tot

u -   cue   cut   ecu   out   sou   sue   use   uts

v -   vet   voe

w -   cow   owe   sew   sow   tew   tow   two   wet   woe   wos   wot

x -   cox   sex   sox

y -   coy   soy   sty   toy   tye   yes   yet

z -   coz

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