More Words

Words formed from any letters in corpses, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

l -   cropless

m -   compress

o -   scoopers

t -   prosects

u -   corpuses

7 letters

a -   escarps   parsecs   scapose   scrapes   secpars   soapers   spacers

c -   corpses   process   soccers

d -   crossed

e -   corpses   precess   process   reposes

f -   forceps   frescos   profess

h -   coshers   porches

i -   copiers   poisers   prossie   spicers

l -   closers   cresols   plessor   slopers   splores

n -   censors   crepons   persons

o -   coopers   corpses   process   roscoes   scooper   scroops

p -   coppers   corpses   oppress   process

r -   corpses   crosser   pressor   process   prosers   recross   scorers

s -   corpses   crosses   process   prosses

t -   copters   corsets   costers   escorts   posters   prestos   prosect   respots   scoters   sectors   stopers

u -   courses   croupes   percuss   poseurs   recoups   sources   spruces   sucrose

w -   escrows   prowess

y -   cypress   ospreys

6 letters

a -   across   aspers   capers   caress   carses   coarse   copras   crapes   crases   escarp   escars   operas   pacers   pareos   parsec   parses   paseos   passer   prases   recaps   repass   sapors   scapes   scares   scarps   scrape   scraps   secpar   seracs   serosa   soaper   spacer   spaces   spares   sparse   spears

b -   broses   probes   rebops   sobers

c -   copers   copses   corpse   corses   cosecs   crosse   scopes   scores   seccos   soccer

d -   coders   credos   decors   dopers   dosers   dosser   pedros   prosed   resods   scoped   scored   scrods   spodes   spored

e -   copers   copses   corpse   corses   creeps   crepes   crosse   eposes   eroses   perses   posers   proses   recess   repose   scopes   scores   screes   speers   spores   sprees

f -   forces   fresco

g -   gorses   gropes   ogress

h -   chores   choses   cosher   coshes   ephors   epochs   hopers   horses   ochers   ochres   posher   shoers   shores

i -   copier   copies   cosier   cosies   cripes   crises   crisps   osiers   piscos   pisser   poiser   poises   posies   precis   prices   prises   scries   scrips   seisor   speirs   spicer   spices   spiers   spires

k -   ockers   pokers   specks   spokes

l -   ceorls   closer   closes   cresol   lessor   lopers   losers   polers   proles   sloper   slopes   socles   sorels   splore

m -   comers   mopers   mosser   proems   sperms

n -   censor   copens   crepon   crones   person   ponces   recons   scones   scorns   senors   sensor   snores

o -   cooers   cooper   copers   copses   corpse   corses   crosse   porose   posers   proses   prosos   rooses   roscoe   scoops   scopes   scores   scroop   sopors   spoors   spores

p -   copers   copper   copses   corpse   posers   proses   scopes   spores

r -   copers   corers   corpse   corses   crores   crosse   posers   proser   proses   repros   ropers   scorer   scores   spores

s -   copers   copses   corpse   corses   crosse   posers   posses   proses   scopes   scores   spores

t -   cestos   copter   corset   cosets   cosset   coster   crests   escort   escots   estops   pestos   posset   poster   presto   prests   ptoses   rectos   repots   respot   rosets   scoter   sector   sorest   sports   stoper   stopes   stores   streps   strops   topers   torses   tosser   tropes   tsores

u -   cerous   corpus   coupes   course   croupe   croups   crouse   cruses   curses   cusser   opuses   poseur   purses   recoup   rouses   scours   scouse   serous   source   spouse   spruce   sprues   sucres   supers   uprose

v -   corves   covers   proves   servos   versos

w -   cowers   escrow   powers   resows   screws   serows   sowers   worses

y -   coseys   cypres   osprey   pyoses   recopy   sepoys

z -   crozes

5 letters

a -   acres   apers   apres   apses   arose   arses   asper   caper   capes   capos   cares   carps   carse   cases   copra   crape   craps   crass   escar   oases   ocrea   opera   orcas   pacer   paces   pareo   pares   parse   paseo   pases   passe   pears   praos   prase   presa   proas   psoae   psoas   races   rapes   rases   rasps   reaps   recap   sapor   saros   scape   scare   scarp   scars   scrap   sears   serac   soaps   soars   soras   space   spaes   spare   spars   spear

b -   bores   brose   probe   rebop   robes   sober   sorbs

c -   ceros   coper   copes   copse   cores   corps   corse   cosec   coses   cress   crocs   crops   cross   scope   scops   score   secco   specs

d -   coder   codes   coeds   coped   cords   cored   credo   decor   decos   doers   doper   dopes   dorps   doser   doses   dress   drops   dross   pedro   pored   posed   prods   redos   resod   roped   rosed   scrod   sords   spode

e -   cepes   ceres   ceros   coper   copes   copse   cores   corse   coses   creep   crepe   cress   erose   erses   peers   perse   pesos   pores   poser   poses   posse   prees   prese   press   prose   repos   ropes   roses   scope   score   scree   seeps   seers   seres   sores   specs   speer   spore   spree

f -   force   fores   fosse   froes   profs   serfs

g -   gesso   goers   gores   gorps   gorse   grope   gross   ogres   progs   segos

h -   chess   chops   chore   chose   echos   ephor   epoch   heros   hoers   hoper   hopes   horse   hoses   ocher   ochre   pechs   perch   porch   shoer   shoes   shops   shore   sophs

i -   cires   coirs   cosie   cries   cripe   crisp   epics   osier   peris   piers   pisco   pisos   poise   price   pries   prise   priss   rices   ripes   rises   scrip   sepic   sices   sipes   sires   speir   spice   spics   spier   spies   spire

k -   cokes   corks   ocker   pecks   perks   pocks   poker   pokes   porks   recks   rocks   skeps   socks   sokes   speck   spoke

l -   ceorl   clops   close   coles   loess   loper   lopes   lores   loser   loses   orles   poler   poles   prole   roles   sloes   slope   slops   socle   soles   sorel

m -   comer   comes   comps   corms   moper   mopes   mores   morse   omers   perms   poems   pomes   proem   proms   romps   sperm

n -   cones   copen   corns   crone   noses   onces   opens   peons   ponce   pones   porns   prone   recon   scone   scorn   senor   snore   sones   sorns

o -   ceros   cooer   coops   coper   copes   copse   cores   corps   corse   coses   crops   cross   pesos   pores   poser   poses   posse   prose   proso   pross   repos   roose   ropes   roses   scoop   scope   scops   score   sopor   sores   spoor   spore

p -   coper   copes   copse   corps   crops   pepos   perps   pesos   popes   pores   poser   poses   posse   preps   press   props   prose   pross   repos   repps   ropes   scope   scops   specs   spore

r -   ceros   coper   corer   cores   corps   corse   cress   crops   crore   cross   pores   poser   press   prose   pross   repos   repro   roper   ropes   roses   score   sorer   sores   spore

s -   ceros   copes   copse   cores   corps   corse   coses   cress   crops   cross   pesos   pores   poser   poses   posse   press   prose   pross   repos   ropes   roses   scope   scops   score   sores   specs   spore

t -   coset   costs   cotes   crept   crest   escot   estop   pesto   pests   poets   ports   posts   prest   prost   recto   repot   rests   roset   rotes   scots   sects   septs   sorts   sport   spots   steps   stope   stops   store   strep   strop   toper   topes   torcs   tores   torse   tress   trope

u -   coupe   coups   croup   cruse   cures   curse   cusps   cusso   ecrus   euros   pours   puces   purse   puses   roues   roups   rouse   ruses   scour   scups   sorus   soups   sours   souse   sprue   spues   spurs   sucre   suers   super   supes   users

v -   cover   coves   overs   prove   roves   servo   verso   voces

w -   cower   crews   crows   power   prows   resow   scows   screw   serow   sower   spews   swops   swore   worse

x -   coxes   expos   poxes

y -   cosey   coyer   crepy   oyers   poesy   preys   prosy   pyres   ropey   sepoy   syces   sysop   yores

z -   cozes   croze   zeros

4 letters

a -   aces   acre   aero   aper   apes   apse   arco   arcs   ares   arse   asps   cape   capo   caps   care   carp   cars   case   crap   ears   eras   oars   ocas   orca   osar   ossa   pace   pacs   pare   pars   pase   pass   pear   peas   prao   proa   race   rape   raps   rase   rasp   reap   sacs   saps   scar   sear   seas   sera   soap   soar   sora   spae   spar   spas

b -   bops   bore   boss   bros   cobs   obes   orbs   rebs   robe   robs   sobs   sorb

c -   ceps   cero   cess   cope   cops   core   cors   coss   croc   crop   orcs   pecs   recs   rocs   scop   secs   spec

d -   code   cods   coed   cord   deco   docs   doer   does   dope   dore   dorp   dors   dose   doss   drop   odes   oped   peds   pods   prod   redo   reds   rode   rods   sods   sord   sped

e -   cees   cepe   ceps   cere   cero   cess   cope   core   epos   eros   eses   opes   ores   oses   pecs   peer   pees   peso   pore   pose   pree   recs   rees   repo   reps   roes   rope   rose   secs   seep   seer   sees   sere   sers   sore   spec

f -   corf   fess   foes   fops   fore   foss   froe   prof   refs   serf

g -   cogs   egos   ergo   ergs   goer   goes   gore   gorp   ogre   pegs   prog   regs   sego   segs

h -   chop   cosh   echo   hero   hers   hoer   hoes   hope   hops   hose   pech   pehs   posh   resh   rhos   shes   shoe   shop   soph

i -   cire   coir   cris   epic   ices   ires   peri   pice   pics   pier   pies   piso   piss   pois   psis   reis   rice   ripe   rips   rise   seis   sice   sics   sipe   sips   sire   sirs   sori   spic   sris

j -   jess   joes   joss

k -   coke   cork   keps   kops   kore   kors   koss   okes   peck   perk   pock   poke   pork   reck   rock   skep   sock   soke

l -   cels   clop   cole   cols   less   lope   lops   lore   lose   loss   oles   orle   pole   pols   role   sels   sloe   slop   sole   sols

m -   come   comp   corm   mess   mocs   mope   mops   more   mors   moss   omer   perm   poem   pome   poms   prom   rems   romp   roms   some

n -   cone   cons   corn   eons   erns   ness   noes   nope   nose   once   ones   open   pens   peon   pone   pons   porn   sone   sons   sorn

o -   cero   coop   coos   cope   cops   core   cors   coss   crop   epos   eros   oops   opes   orcs   ores   oses   peso   poco   poor   pore   pose   pros   repo   rocs   roes   rope   rose   scop   sops   sore

p -   ceps   cope   cops   crop   epos   opes   pecs   pepo   peps   perp   peso   pope   pops   pore   pose   prep   prop   pros   repo   repp   reps   rope   scop   sops   spec

r -   cero   core   cors   crop   eros   errs   orcs   ores   pore   pros   recs   repo   reps   rocs   roes   rope   rose   sers   sore

s -   ceps   cess   cops   cors   coss   epos   eros   opes   orcs   ores   oses   pecs   peso   pose   pros   recs   reps   rocs   roes   rose   scop   secs   sers   sops   sore   spec

t -   cost   cote   cots   erst   opts   orts   pert   pest   pets   poet   port   post   pots   psst   rest   rets   rote   rots   scot   sect   sept   sets   sort   sots   spot   step   stop   toes   tope   tops   torc   tore   tors   toss   trop

u -   coup   crus   cues   cups   cure   curs   cusp   cuss   ecru   ecus   euro   opus   ours   pour   puce   pure   purs   puss   roue   roup   rues   ruse   scup   soup   sour   sous   spue   spur   suer   sues   supe   sups   sure   user   uses

v -   cove   over   revs   rove   voes

w -   cows   crew   crow   owes   owse   pews   pows   prow   rows   scow   sews   sows   spew   swop   woes   wops   wore

x -   expo   oxes   prex

y -   copy   cory   cosy   coys   espy   oyer   oyes   posy   prey   pyes   pyre   ropy   rosy   ryes   scry   soys   spry   syce   yore

z -   prez   zero

3 letters

a -   ace   ape   arc   are   ars   asp   ass   cap   car   ear   era   oar   oca   ora   pac   par   pas   pea   rap   ras   sac   sae   sap   sea   spa

b -   bop   bos   bro   cob   obe   orb   reb   rob   sob

c -   cep   cop   cor   cos   orc   pec   rec   roc   sec

d -   cod   doc   doe   dor   dos   eds   ode   ods   ped   pod   red   rod   sod

e -   cee   cep   ere   ers   ess   oes   ope   ore   ose   pec   pee   per   pes   rec   ree   rep   res   roe   sec   see   ser

f -   efs   fer   foe   fop   for   fro   ref

g -   cog   ego   erg   gor   gos   peg   reg   seg

h -   hep   her   hes   hoe   hop   ohs   peh   poh   rho   she

i -   cis   ice   ire   pic   pie   pis   poi   psi   rei   rip   sei   sic   sip   sir   sis   sri

j -   joe

k -   kep   kop   kor   kos   oke

l -   cel   col   els   lop   ole   pol   sel   sol

m -   ems   moc   mop   mor   mos   oms   pom   rem   rom   som

n -   con   ens   eon   ern   nor   nos   one   ons   pen   sen   son

o -   coo   cop   cor   cos   oes   ope   ops   orc   ore   ors   ose   pro   roc   roe   sop   sos

p -   cep   cop   ope   ops   pec   pep   per   pes   pop   pro   rep   sop

r -   cor   err   ers   orc   ore   ors   per   pro   rec   rep   res   roc   roe   ser

s -   cos   ers   ess   oes   ops   ors   ose   pes   res   sec   ser   sop   sos

t -   cot   opt   ort   pet   pot   ret   rot   set   sot   toe   top   tor

u -   cue   cup   cur   ecu   our   pur   pus   rue   sou   sue   sup   upo   ups   use

v -   rev   voe

w -   cow   owe   pew   pow   row   sew   sow   woe   wop   wos

x -   cox   pox   rex   sex   sox

y -   coy   cry   pry   pye   rye   soy   spy   yep   yes

z -   coz

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