More Words

Words formed from any letters in cornels, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

e -   encloser   ensorcel

i -   incloser   licensor

l -   enscroll

o -   consoler   coronels

7 letters

a -   claroes   coalers   coarsen   corneal   corneas   escolar   lancers   loaners   narcose   oracles   recoals   reloans   solacer

b -   corbels

c -   cloners   cornels

d -   rondels   scolder   scorned

e -   cloners   cornels   crenels   creoles   enclose   encores   necrose

f -   confers

g -   congers   longers

h -   cholers

i -   cineols   coilers   coiners   cronies   inclose   nerolis   orceins   recoils   recoins

k -   conkers   lockers   reckons   relocks   snorkel

l -   cloners   cornels   enrolls

m -   cormels   merlons

n -   cloners   conners   cornels   ronnels

o -   cloners   colones   console   coolers   cornels   coronel   creosol

p -   crepons

r -   cloners   cornels   corners   scorner

s -   censors   cloners   closers   cornels   cresols

t -   colters   cornets   corslet   costrel   lectors

u -   closure   colures   counsel   lucerns   unclose

v -   clovers

w -   scowler

6 letters

a -   acorns   anoles   arseno   caners   canoes   carles   carols   casern   claros   cleans   clears   coaler   coarse   corals   cornea   cranes   lacers   lancer   lances   lanose   learns   loaner   lorans   nacres   narcos   oceans   oracle   racons   rances   reason   recoal   reloan   scaler   sclera   senora   solace

b -   boners   broncs   cobles   corbel   nobler   nobles   robles

c -   censor   ceorls   cloner   clones   closer   cornel   cresol   crones   recons   sconce   soccer

d -   cloned   closed   codens   coders   colder   corned   credos   decors   dorsel   drones   lodens   redons   resold   rondel   scored   second   snored   solder   sonder   sorned

e -   censer   censor   ceorls   cloner   clones   closer   cornel   creels   crenel   creole   cresol   crones   encore   enrols   leones   loners   nerols   recons   resole   screen   secern

f -   confer   felons   forces   fresco

g -   conger   conges   genros   goners   longer   longes   oglers

h -   choler   chores   chosen   cosher   herons   honers   nosher   ochers   ochres   schorl   senhor

i -   cineol   clines   coiler   coiner   colies   colins   conies   cosier   cosine   eloins   enolic   icones   insole   irones   lesion   liners   lories   neroli   nicols   nosier   oilers   oleins   orcein   orcins   oriels   oscine   recoil   recoin   relics   reoils   senior   slicer

k -   clerks   clonks   conker   kelson   locker   ockers   reckon   relock

l -   cellos   ceorls   cloner   clones   closer   cornel   cresol   enroll   enrols   loners   nerols   scroll

m -   celoms   comers   cormel   lemons   melons   merlon   morels   morsel   sermon   socmen   solemn

n -   censor   cloner   clones   conner   cornel   crones   enrols   loners   nelson   nerols   nonces   recons   ronnel

o -   censor   ceorls   cloner   clones   closer   colone   colons   colors   consol   cooers   cooler   cornel   cresol   crones   croons   enrols   locoes   loners   loosen   looser   nerols   nooser   recons   roscoe   sooner

p -   copens   copers   corpse   crepon   lopers   person   polers   ponces   proles   sloper   splore

r -   censor   ceorls   cloner   closer   corers   cornel   corner   cresol   crones   crores   enrols   loners   nerols   recons   scorer   snorer   sorner   sorrel

s -   censor   ceorls   clones   closer   closes   corses   cresol   crones   crosse   enrols   lesson   lessor   loners   losers   nerols   recons   scones   scores   scorns   senors   sensor   snores   socles   sorels

t -   centos   closet   colter   contes   cornet   corset   coster   escort   lector   lentos   nestor   noters   ostler   rectos   scoter   sector   sterol   stolen   stoner   telson   tenors   tensor   toners   trones

u -   cerous   clonus   clours   coleus   colure   consul   cornus   course   crouse   ensoul   lucern   lucres   oscule   ounces   rouens   source   ulcers   uncles

v -   cloven   clover   cloves   corves   covens   covers   lovers   novels   sloven   solver

w -   clowns   cowers   crowns   escrow   lowers   owners   resown   rowels   rowens   slower   worsen

x -   scolex

y -   coneys   cresyl   sorely

z -   clozes   cozens   crozes   zoners

5 letters

a -   acnes   acorn   acres   aeons   alecs   aloes   alone   anole   arles   arose   arson   calos   caner   canes   canoe   canso   cares   carle   carls   carns   carol   carse   clans   claro   clean   clear   coals   colas   coral   crane   earls   earns   elans   escar   lacer   laces   lance   lanes   lares   laser   leans   learn   lears   loans   loran   nacre   narco   narcs   nares   nears   ocean   ocrea   orals   orcas   races   racon   rales   rance   reals   renal   roans   salon   saner   scale   scare   scena   serac   seral   snare   snarl   solan   solar   sonar

b -   blocs   boles   boner   bones   bores   borne   brens   bronc   brose   coble   ebons   lobes   noble   robes   roble   sober

c -   ceorl   ceros   clone   clons   close   coles   cones   cores   corns   corse   cosec   crocs   crone   onces   recon   scone   score   scorn   secco   socle

d -   clods   coden   coder   codes   coeds   colds   coled   coned   cords   cored   credo   decor   decos   doers   dolce   doles   doser   drone   lends   loden   lodes   lords   nerds   nodes   nosed   olden   older   redon   redos   rends   resod   rosed   scend   scold   scrod   soled   sonde

e -   cense   ceorl   ceres   ceros   clone   close   coles   cones   cores   corse   creel   crone   enols   enrol   ernes   erose   leers   lenes   lenos   lense   leone   loner   lores   loser   nerol   noels   onces   orles   recon   reels   roles   scene   scone   score   scree   senor   sneer   snore   socle   sorel

f -   clefs   felon   ferns   flocs   floes   force   fores   froes   frons   rolfs

g -   clogs   conge   genro   glens   goers   goner   gores   gorse   loges   longe   longs   ogler   ogles   ogres   segno

h -   chore   chose   echos   helos   herls   herns   heron   heros   hoers   holes   honer   hones   horns   horse   hosel   hosen   lehrs   lochs   ocher   ochre   sheol   shoer   shone   shore   shorl   shorn

i -   ceils   cines   cions   cires   cline   coils   coins   coirs   colin   cosie   cries   eloin   eosin   icons   irone   irons   lenis   liens   liers   liner   lines   linos   lions   loins   loris   nicer   nicol   noils   noirs   noise   noris   oiler   oleic   olein   orcin   oriel   ornis   osier   reins   relic   reoil   resin   rices   riels   riles   rinse   risen   roils   rosin   scion   serin   since   siren   slice   slier   solei   sonic

j -   joles   jones

k -   clerk   clonk   cokes   conks   corks   kenos   kerns   koels   krone   locks   necks   nocks   ocker   recks   rocks   sneck

l -   cello   cells   ceorl   clone   clons   close   coles   enols   enrol   lenos   loner   lores   losel   loser   nerol   noels   orles   roles   rolls   snell   socle   sorel

m -   celom   comer   comes   corms   enorm   lemon   melon   merls   meson   moles   morel   mores   morns   morse   nomes   norms   omens   omers

n -   clone   clons   cones   conns   corns   crone   enols   enrol   lenos   loner   neons   nerol   noels   nonce   nones   onces   recon   scone   scorn   senor   snore

o -   ceorl   ceros   clone   clons   close   coles   colon   color   cones   cooer   cools   coons   cores   corns   corse   crone   croon   enols   enrol   lenos   locos   loner   loons   loose   lores   loser   nerol   noels   nolos   noose   oleos   onces   orles   recon   roles   roose   scone   score   scorn   senor   snool   snore   socle   solon   sorel

p -   clops   copen   coper   copes   copse   corps   crops   loper   lopes   opens   pelon   peons   poler   poles   ponce   pones   pores   porns   poser   prole   prone   prose   repos   ropes   scope   slope   spore

r -   ceorl   ceros   corer   cores   corns   corse   crone   crore   enrol   loner   lores   loser   nerol   orles   recon   roles   score   scorn   senor   snore   sorel   sorer

s -   ceros   clons   close   coles   cones   cores   corns   corse   coses   cress   cross   enols   lenos   loess   lores   loser   loses   noels   noses   onces   orles   roles   roses   scone   score   scorn   senor   sloes   snore   socle   soles   sones   sorel   sores   sorns

t -   celts   cento   cents   clots   colts   conte   coset   cotes   crest   escot   lento   nerts   noter   notes   onset   recto   rents   roset   rotes   rotls   scent   seton   snort   steno   stern   stole   stone   store   telos   tenor   terns   toles   toner   tones   torcs   tores   torse   trone

u -   clour   clues   conus   cornu   cruel   cruse   cures   curls   curns   curse   ecrus   euros   locus   lours   louse   luces   lucre   lunes   lures   nurls   nurse   ounce   ousel   rouen   roues   rouse   rules   runes   scour   sucre   ulcer   uncle   uncos

v -   clove   coven   cover   coves   lover   loves   novel   ovens   overs   roven   roves   servo   solve   verso   voces   voles

w -   clews   clown   cower   cowls   crews   crown   crows   enows   lower   lowes   lowse   owner   owsen   resow   rewon   rowel   rowen   scowl   screw   serow   sower   swore   sworn   worse   wrens

x -   coxes   exons   loxes

y -   cloys   coney   corny   cosey   coyer   crony   lyres   nosey   onery   oyers   slyer   sonly   syren   yores

z -   cloze   cozen   cozes   croze   zeros   zoner   zones

4 letters

a -   aces   acne   acre   aeon   aero   alec   ales   aloe   also   anes   arco   arcs   ares   arse   calo   cane   cans   care   carl   carn   cars   case   clan   coal   cola   earl   earn   ears   elan   eras   lace   lacs   lane   lars   lase   lean   lear   leas   loan   loca   naos   narc   near   oars   ocas   olea   oral   orca   osar   race   rale   rase   real   roan   sale   sane   scan   scar   seal   sear   sera   soar   sola   sora

b -   bels   bens   bloc   bole   bone   bore   born   bren   bros   cobs   ebon   lobe   lobs   nebs   nobs   obes   orbs   rebs   robe   robs   slob   snob   sorb

c -   cels   cero   clon   cole   cols   cone   cons   core   corn   cors   croc   once   orcs   recs   rocs

d -   clod   code   cods   coed   cold   cord   deco   dels   dens   docs   doer   does   dole   dols   done   dons   dore   dors   dose   elds   ends   lend   lode   lord   nerd   node   nods   odes   olds   redo   reds   rend   rode   rods   send   sled   sned   sold   sord

e -   cees   cels   cere   cero   cole   cone   core   eels   else   enol   eons   erne   erns   eros   leer   lees   leno   lens   lone   lore   lose   noel   noes   nose   oles   once   ones   ores   orle   recs   reel   rees   roes   role   rose   seel   seen   seer   sene   sere   sloe   sole   sone   sore

f -   clef   corf   fens   fern   floc   floe   foes   fons   fore   froe   refs   rolf   self   serf

g -   clog   cogs   egos   engs   ergo   ergs   gels   gens   glen   goer   goes   gone   gore   legs   loge   logs   long   nogs   ogle   ogre   regs   sego   slog   snog   song

h -   chon   cosh   echo   helo   hens   herl   hern   hero   hers   hoer   hoes   hole   hols   hone   hons   horn   hose   lech   lehr   loch   nosh   resh   rhos   shoe

i -   ceil   cine   cion   cire   coil   coin   coir   coni   cris   ices   icon   inro   ions   ires   iron   isle   leis   lice   lien   lier   lies   line   lino   lins   lion   lire   loci   loin   nice   nils   noil   noir   nori   oils   rein   reis   rice   riel   rile   rins   rise   roil   sice   silo   sine   sire   soil   soli   sori

j -   jeon   joes   jole

k -   coke   conk   cork   elks   keno   kens   kern   koel   kore   kors   leks   lock   neck   nock   okes   reck   rock   sock   soke

l -   cell   cels   clon   cole   cols   ells   enol   leno   lens   lone   lore   lorn   lose   noel   oles   orle   role   roll   sell   sloe   sole

m -   come   corm   elms   mels   meno   merl   mocs   mole   mols   mons   more   morn   mors   nome   noms   norm   omen   omer   rems   roms   some

n -   clon   cone   conn   cons   corn   enol   eons   erns   leno   lens   lone   lorn   neon   noel   noes   none   nose   once   ones   sone   sorn

o -   cero   clon   cole   cols   cone   cons   cool   coon   coos   core   corn   cors   enol   eons   eros   leno   loco   lone   loon   loos   lore   lorn   lose   noel   noes   nolo   nose   oleo   oles   once   ones   orcs   ores   orle   rocs   roes   role   rose   sloe   sole   solo   sone   soon   sore   sorn

p -   ceps   clop   cope   cops   crop   epos   lope   lops   nope   open   opes   pecs   pens   peon   peso   pole   pols   pone   pons   pore   porn   pose   pros   repo   reps   rope   scop   slop   spec

r -   cero   core   corn   cors   erns   eros   errs   lore   lorn   orcs   ores   orle   recs   rocs   roes   role   rose   sore   sorn

s -   cels   cess   cols   cons   cors   coss   eons   erns   eros   lens   less   lose   loss   ness   noes   nose   oles   ones   orcs   ores   oses   recs   rocs   roes   rose   secs   sels   sers   sloe   sole   sols   sone   sons   sore   sorn

t -   celt   cent   clot   colt   cost   cote   cots   erst   lent   lest   lets   lost   lots   nest   nets   note   orts   rent   rest   rets   rote   rotl   rots   scot   sect   sent   slot   snot   sort   tels   tens   tern   toes   tole   tone   tons   torc   tore   torn   tors

u -   clue   crus   cues   cure   curl   curn   curs   ecru   ecus   euro   lour   luce   lues   lune   lure   nous   nurl   onus   ours   roue   rues   rule   rune   runs   ruse   slue   slur   soul   sour   suer   sure   unco   urns   user

v -   cove   levo   love   oven   over   revs   rove   voes   vole

w -   clew   cowl   cows   crew   crow   enow   lowe   lown   lows   news   nows   owes   owls   owns   owse   rows   scow   sewn   slew   slow   snow   sown   wens   woes   wons   wore   worn   wren

x -   exon   oxen   oxes

y -   cloy   coly   cony   cory   cosy   coys   leys   lory   lyes   lyre   lyse   nosy   only   oyer   oyes   rely   rosy   ryes   scry   snye   syce   sync   syne   yens   yore

z -   zero   zone

3 letters

a -   ace   ale   als   ane   arc   are   ars   can   car   ear   era   lac   lar   las   lea   nae   oar   oca   ora   ran   ras   sac   sae   sal   sea

b -   bel   ben   bos   bro   cob   lob   neb   nob   obe   orb   reb   rob   sob

c -   cel   col   con   cor   cos   orc   rec   roc   sec

d -   cod   del   den   doc   doe   dol   don   dor   dos   eds   eld   end   led   nod   ode   ods   old   red   rod   sod

e -   cee   cel   eel   els   ens   eon   ere   ern   ers   lee   nee   oes   ole   one   ore   ose   rec   ree   res   roe   sec   see   sel   sen   ser

f -   efs   elf   fen   fer   foe   fon   for   fro   ref

g -   cog   ego   eng   erg   gel   gen   gor   gos   leg   log   nog   reg   seg

h -   hen   her   hes   hoe   hon   noh   ohs   rho   she

i -   cis   ice   ins   ion   ire   lei   lie   lin   lis   nil   oil   rei   rin   sei   sic   sin   sir   sri

j -   joe

k -   elk   ken   kor   kos   lek   oke

l -   cel   col   ell   els   ole   sel   sol

m -   elm   ems   mel   men   moc   mol   mon   mor   mos   nom   oms   rem   rom   som

n -   con   ens   eon   ern   nor   nos   one   ons   sen   son

o -   col   con   coo   cor   cos   eon   loo   noo   nor   nos   oes   ole   one   ons   orc   ore   ors   ose   roc   roe   sol   son

p -   cep   cop   lop   ope   ops   pec   pen   per   pes   pol   pro   rep   sop

r -   cor   ern   err   ers   nor   orc   ore   ors   rec   res   roc   roe   ser

s -   cos   els   ens   ers   ess   nos   oes   ons   ors   ose   res   sec   sel   sen   ser   sol   son   sos

t -   cot   let   lot   net   not   ort   ret   rot   set   sot   tel   ten   toe   ton   tor

u -   cue   cur   ecu   leu   nus   our   rue   run   sou   sue   sun   uns   urn   use

v -   lev   rev   voe

w -   cow   low   new   now   owe   owl   own   row   sew   sow   wen   woe   won   wos

x -   cox   lex   lox   rex   sex   sox

y -   coy   cry   ley   lye   rye   sly   soy   syn   yen   yes   yon

z -   coz   lez

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