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Words formed from any letters in copepod, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   copepods

7 letters

a -   apocope

c -   copepod

d -   copepod

e -   copepod

h -   chopped   pooched

l -   clopped   pleopod

m -   popedom

o -   copepod

p -   copepod

r -   cropped

s -   opposed   scooped

t -   coopted

6 letters

a -   capped

b -   bopped

c -   cooped   copped

d -   cooped   copped   pooped

e -   cooeed   cooped   copped   pooped

f -   fopped

h -   hooped   hopped   poohed

i -   copied

k -   cooked   pocked

l -   cooled   locoed   looped   lopped   poodle   pooled

m -   comedo   comped   mopped

n -   ponced

o -   cooped   copped   pooped

p -   cooped   copped   pooped   popped

r -   cooper   copper

s -   oppose   scoped   sopped

t -   topped

u -   couped   cupped

5 letters

a -   caped   paced

b -   booed

c -   codec   cooed   coped

d -   coded   cooed   coped   doped

e -   cooed   cooee   coped   epode

h -   ephod   epoch   hoped   oohed   pooch

i -   piped

k -   coked   poked

l -   coled   dolce   looed   loped   poled

m -   compo   mooed   moped

n -   coden   codon   condo   coned   copen   odeon   ponce

o -   cooed   coped

p -   coped

r -   coder   cooer   coper   cored   credo   decor   doper   droop   pedro   pored   rodeo   roped

s -   codes   coeds   coops   copes   copse   decos   dopes   pepos   poods   poops   popes   posed   scoop   scope   spode

t -   coopt   coted   depot   opted   toped

u -   coude   coupe   douce   upped

v -   coved   poove

w -   cowed   wooed

x -   codex   coxed   poxed

y -   cooey   coyed   decoy   dopey

z -   oozed

4 letters

a -   aced   aped   apod   cade   cape   capo   coda   dace   dopa   odea   pace

b -   bode   oboe

c -   coco   code   coed   coop   cope   deco   poco

d -   code   coed   deco   dodo   dope   eddo   oped   pood

e -   cede   cepe   code   coed   cope   deco   deep   dope   oped   peed   peep   pepo   pope

f -   coof   feod   food   poof

g -   doge   good   goop

h -   chop   coho   echo   hoed   hood   hoop   hope   ohed   pech   pooh

i -   cedi   dice   epic   iced   odic   pice   pied   pipe

j -   dojo

k -   coke   cook   deck   dock   peck   pock   poke

l -   clod   clop   cold   cole   cool   dole   loco   lode   loop   lope   oleo   pled   plod   plop   pole   polo   pool

m -   come   comp   demo   dome   doom   mode   mood   mope   poem   pome   pomp

n -   cone   coon   done   node   nope   once   open   pend   peon   pond   pone   poon

o -   code   coed   coop   cope   deco   dope   oped   pepo   poco   pood   poop   pope

p -   coop   cope   dope   oped   pepo   poco   pood   poop   pope

r -   cero   cord   core   crop   doer   door   dore   dorp   drop   odor   ordo   perp   poor   pore   prep   prod   prop   redo   repo   repp   rode   rood   rope

s -   ceps   cods   coos   cops   docs   does   dose   epos   odes   oops   opes   pecs   peds   peps   peso   pods   pops   pose   scop   spec   sped

t -   coot   cote   dote   poet   toed   tope

u -   coup   cued   duce   dupe   puce   updo

v -   cove   dove

w -   owed   wood

x -   expo

y -   copy   dopy

z -   doze   ooze

3 letters

a -   ace   ado   ape   cad   cap   dap   oca   pac   pad   pap   pea

b -   bed   bod   boo   bop   cob   deb   obe

c -   cep   cod   coo   cop   doc   pec

d -   cod   doc   doe   odd   ode   ped   pod

e -   cee   cep   dee   doe   ode   ope   pec   ped   pee   pep

f -   fed   foe   fop

g -   cog   dog   ego   ged   god   goo   peg

h -   edh   hep   hod   hoe   hop   oho   ooh   peh   poh

i -   die   dip   ice   pic   pie   pip   poi

j -   joe

k -   kep   kop   oke

l -   cel   col   del   dol   eld   led   loo   lop   old   ole   pol

m -   dom   med   moc   mod   moo   mop   pom

n -   con   den   don   end   eon   nod   noo   one   pen

o -   cod   coo   cop   doc   doe   ode   ope   pod   pop

p -   cep   cop   ope   pec   ped   pep   pod   pop

r -   cor   dor   orc   ore   per   pro   rec   red   rep   roc   rod   roe

s -   cos   dos   eds   ods   oes   ops   ose   pes   sec   sod   sop

t -   cot   dot   oot   opt   pet   pot   ted   tod   toe   too   top

u -   cud   cue   cup   due   duo   dup   ecu   oud   pud   pup   udo   upo

v -   dev   voe

w -   cow   dew   dow   owe   pew   pow   wed   woe   woo   wop

x -   cox   dex   oxo   pox

y -   coy   dey   dye   pye   yep   yod

z -   coz   zed   zoo

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