More Words

Words formed from any letters in coldish, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

d -   cloddish

e -   cheloids

g -   glochids

r -   chlorids

7 letters

a -   haloids   scholia

c -   coldish

d -   coldish

e -   cheloid   chields   childes

f -   codfish

g -   glochid

h -   coldish

i -   coldish

l -   coldish   dollish

n -   codlins

o -   coldish   coolish

r -   chlorid   orchids   orchils

s -   coldish

t -   coltish   doltish

u -   loudish

6 letters

a -   aholds   alcids   halids   haloid   laichs   lochia   social

b -   cibols   dhobis

c -   chicos   colics

d -   dildos   oddish   oldish

e -   chides   chield   chiels   childe   chiles   chisel   closed   coiled   colies   coshed   cosied   dholes   docile   helios   hoised   holies   isohel   liches   oldies   shield   siloed   sliced   soiled

g -   logics

h -   oldish

i -   chilis   lichis   oldish   solidi

k -   hoicks   shlock

l -   chills   hillos   oldish

m -   holism   holmic   modish

n -   chinos   codlin   colins   indols   nicols

o -   cholos   oldish   school

p -   polish   psocid

r -   chiros   choirs   chords   ichors   orchid   orchil   orchis   rhodic   schorl   schrod

s -   discos   dossil   oldish   scolds   sloids   solids

t -   cloths   dhotis   dicots   holist   lichts   lithos   stolid   thiols

u -   clouds   coulis   should   slouch

v -   dovish

w -   lowish   owlish

y -   cosily   coyish   hyoids

z -   schizo

5 letters

a -   acids   acold   adios   ahold   alcid   asdic   cadis   caids   calos   chads   chaos   chiao   chias   clads   clash   coals   codas   colas   dahls   dashi   dhals   dials   hails   halid   halos   laich   laics   loach   loads   ohias   salic   scald   shoal

b -   blocs   boils   bolds   cibol   dhobi

c -   chico   chics   child   cisco   clods   coils   colds   colic   disco   dolci   lochs   scold   sodic

d -   child   clods   colds   didos   dildo   diols   disco   dolci   holds   idols   lidos   scold   sloid   sodic   soldi   solid

e -   cedis   ceils   chide   chiel   chile   chose   close   codes   coeds   coled   coles   cosie   decos   deils   delis   dhole   dices   dolce   doles   echos   eidos   heils   helio   helos   hides   hoise   holed   holes   hosed   hosel   idles   isled   lodes   oiled   oldie   oleic   sheol   shied   shiel   shoed   sidle   slice   slide   socle   soled   solei

f -   coifs   fidos   filch   filos   flics   flocs   foils   folds

g -   clogs   gilds   golds   logic

h -   child   holds   lochs

i -   child   chili   coils   diols   disci   disco   dolci   idols   iodic   lichi   lidos   sloid   sodic   soldi   solid

j -   shoji   slojd

k -   dicks   docks   hicks   hocks   hoick   holks   kilos   kohls   licks   locks   shock   sicko   slick

l -   child   chill   clods   coils   colds   dills   diols   dolci   dolls   hillo   hills   holds   idols   lidos   lochs   scold   shill   sloid   soldi   solid

m -   domic   holms   limos   milch   milos   misdo   moils   molds   ohmic   osmic   schmo

n -   chino   chins   cions   clons   coins   colin   hinds   icons   indol   linos   lions   loins   nicol   noils   scion   sonic

o -   cholo   clods   cohos   coils   colds   cools   diols   disco   dolci   holds   hoods   idols   lidos   lochs   locos   olios   scold   shool   sloid   sodic   soldi   soldo   solid

p -   chips   chops   clips   clops   dipso   pisco   plods   polis   spoil

r -   chiro   choir   chord   coirs   cords   dirls   ichor   lords   loris   roils   scrod   shorl

s -   clods   coils   colds   diols   disco   discs   holds   idols   lidos   lochs   scold   silds   silos   sloid   slosh   sodic   soils   soldi   solid

t -   chits   clits   cloth   clots   colts   dhoti   dicot   ditch   doits   dolts   hilts   hoist   holts   licht   litho   lotic   odist   sloth   stich   stoic   thiol   toils

u -   cloud   could   cuish   hilus   hocus   locus   louis   lucid   ludic   oculi   schul   scudi   scudo   sulci

v -   viols   voids

w -   chows   cowls   dhows   howls   scowl   whids   wilco   wilds   wolds

x -   oxids

y -   cloys   dishy   doily   hyoid   idyls   odyls   shily   sloyd   yodhs

z -   zilch

4 letters

a -   acid   ados   aids   ails   also   asci   cadi   cads   caid   calo   cash   chad   chao   chia   ciao   clad   coal   coda   cola   dahl   dahs   dais   dals   dash   dhal   dial   hail   halo   hila   lacs   lads   laic   laid   lash   load   loca   ocas   ohia   sadi   said   sail   scad   shad   sial   soda   sola

b -   bids   bios   bloc   bods   boil   bold   bosh   cobs   dibs   hobs   libs   lobs   obis   slob

c -   chic   chid   chis   clod   cods   coil   cold   cols   cosh   disc   docs   ichs   lich   loch   loci   odic

d -   chid   clod   cods   cold   dido   diol   disc   dish   docs   dols   hods   hold   idol   lido   lids   odds   odic   olds   shod   sild   slid   sold

e -   cedi   ceil   cels   code   coed   cole   deco   deil   deli   dels   dice   diel   dies   does   dole   dose   echo   edhs   elds   elhi   heil   held   helo   hide   hied   hies   hoed   hoes   hole   hose   iced   ices   ides   idle   isle   lech   leis   lice   lied   lies   lode   lose   odes   ohed   oles   shed   shoe   sice   side   sled   sloe   sole

f -   coif   fico   fido   fids   filo   fils   fisc   fish   flic   floc   foci   foil   fold

g -   cigs   clog   cogs   digs   dogs   ghis   gids   gild   gods   gold   gosh   hogs   logs   shog   sigh   slog

h -   chid   chis   cosh   dish   hods   hold   hols   ichs   lich   loch   shod

i -   chid   chis   coil   diol   disc   dish   hili   ichs   idol   lich   lido   lids   loci   odic   oils   sild   silo   slid   soil   soli

j -   josh

k -   dick   disk   dock   hick   hock   holk   ilks   khis   kids   kilo   kohl   kois   lick   lock   sick   silk   skid   sock

l -   clod   coil   cold   cols   dill   diol   doll   dols   hill   hold   hols   idol   ills   lich   lido   lids   loch   loci   oils   olds   sild   sill   silo   slid   soil   sold   soli

m -   dims   doms   holm   limo   mhos   mids   mild   milo   mils   miso   mocs   modi   mods   moil   mold   mols   mosh   ohms   shim   shmo   slim

n -   chin   chon   cion   clon   coin   coni   cons   dins   dons   hind   hins   hisn   hons   icon   inch   ions   lino   lins   lion   loin   nils   nodi   nods   noil   nosh   shin   sinh

o -   clod   cods   coho   coil   cold   cols   cool   coos   cosh   diol   docs   dols   hods   hold   hols   hood   idol   lido   loch   loci   loco   loos   odic   oils   olds   olio   oohs   shod   shoo   silo   soil   sold   soli   solo

p -   chip   chop   clip   clop   cops   dips   hips   holp   hops   lips   lisp   lops   phis   pics   pish   piso   plod   pods   pois   pols   posh   scop   ship   shop   slip   slop   soph   spic

r -   coir   cord   cors   cris   dirl   dors   lord   orcs   rhos   rich   rids   rocs   rods   roil   shri   sord   sori

s -   chis   cods   cols   cosh   coss   disc   dish   diss   docs   dols   doss   hiss   hods   hols   ichs   lids   loss   oils   olds   shod   sics   sild   silo   slid   sods   soil   sold   soli   sols

t -   chit   cist   clit   clot   colt   cost   cots   dits   doit   dolt   dost   doth   dots   hilt   hist   hits   holt   host   hots   itch   list   lits   lost   loth   loti   lots   otic   scot   shit   shot   silt   sith   slit   slot   soth   thio   this   tics   tils   tods   toil   told   tosh

u -   cuds   duci   duos   huic   loud   lush   ouch   ouds   scud   shul   soul   such   udos

v -   shiv   viol   void

w -   chow   cowl   cows   dhow   dows   howl   hows   lows   owls   scow   show   slow   whid   wich   wild   wish   wold

x -   oxid

y -   cloy   coly   cosy   coys   holy   hoys   idly   idyl   odyl   oily   oldy   syli   yids   yodh   yods

z -   zoic

3 letters

a -   ado   ads   aid   ail   ais   als   ash   cad   dah   dal   had   hao   has   lac   lad   las   oca   sac   sad   sal   sha

b -   bid   bio   bis   bod   bos   cob   dib   hob   lib   lob   obi   sib   sob

c -   chi   cis   cod   col   cos   doc   hic   ich   sic

d -   cod   did   dis   doc   dol   dos   hid   hod   ids   lid   odd   ods   old   sod

e -   cel   del   die   doe   edh   eds   eld   els   hes   hie   hoe   ice   led   lei   lie   ode   oes   ole   ose   sec   sei   sel   she

f -   fid   fil   foh   ifs

g -   cig   cog   dig   dog   ghi   gid   god   gos   hog   log

h -   chi   hic   hid   his   hod   ich   ohs   shh

i -   chi   cis   dis   hic   hid   his   ich   ids   lid   lis   oil   sic

k -   ick   ilk   khi   kid   koi   kos   ski

l -   col   dol   ill   lid   lis   oil   old   sol

m -   dim   dom   him   ism   mho   mid   mil   mis   moc   mod   mol   mos   ohm   oms   sim   som

n -   con   din   don   hin   hon   ins   ion   lin   nil   nod   noh   nos   ons   sin   son

o -   cod   col   coo   cos   doc   dol   dos   hod   loo   ods   oho   ohs   oil   old   ooh   sod   sol

p -   cop   dip   hip   hop   lip   lop   ops   phi   pic   pis   pod   poh   poi   pol   psi   sip   sop

r -   cor   dor   orc   ors   rho   rid   roc   rod   sir   sri

s -   cis   cos   dis   dos   his   ids   lis   ods   ohs   sic   sis   sod   sol   sos

t -   cot   dit   dot   hit   hot   its   lit   lot   sit   sot   tho   tic   til   tis   tod

u -   cud   duh   dui   duo   oud   sou   udo

v -   vis

w -   cow   dow   how   low   owl   sow   who   wis   wos

x -   cox   lox   six   sox   xis

y -   coy   hoy   icy   shy   sly   soy   yid   yod

z -   coz

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