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Words formed from any letters in cloves, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   alcoves   coevals

r -   clovers

6 letters

a -   alcove   calves   claves   coeval   loaves   solace   vocals

b -   cobles

c -   cloves

d -   closed   solved

e -   cloves   veloce

g -   gloves

h -   hovels   shovel

i -   clevis   colies   olives   voices   voiles

l -   cellos   cloves

m -   celoms

n -   clones   cloven   covens   novels   sloven

o -   cloves   locoes

r -   ceorls   closer   clover   corves   covers   cresol   lovers   solver

s -   closes   cloves   socles   solves

t -   closet   covets   voltes

u -   coleus   oscule   ovules

v -   cloves

w -   vowels   wolves

x -   scolex

y -   coveys

z -   clozes

5 letters

a -   alecs   aloes   calos   calve   caves   clave   coals   colas   laces   laevo   laves   oaves   ovals   salve   salvo   scale   selva   slave   soave   vales   valse   veals   vocal

b -   blocs   boles   coble   lobes

c -   close   clove   coles   cosec   coves   secco   socle   voces

d -   clods   codes   coeds   colds   coled   coved   decos   dolce   doles   doves   lodes   loved   scold   soled   velds   voled

e -   close   clove   coles   coves   elves   loves   socle   solve   voces   voles

f -   clefs   flocs   floes

g -   clogs   glove   loges   ogles

h -   chose   echos   helos   holes   hosel   hovel   lochs   sheol   shove

i -   ceils   coils   cosie   evils   lives   oleic   olive   slice   solei   veils   vices   viols   voice   voile

j -   joles

k -   cokes   koels   locks

l -   cello   cells   close   clove   coles   losel   loves   socle   solve   voles

m -   celom   comes   moles   moves

n -   clone   clons   cones   coven   enols   lenos   noels   novel   onces   ovens   scone

o -   close   clove   coles   cools   coves   locos   loose   loves   oleos   socle   solve   voces   voles

p -   clops   copes   copse   lopes   poles   scope   slope

r -   ceorl   ceros   cores   corse   cover   lores   loser   lover   orles   overs   roles   roves   score   servo   sorel   verso

s -   close   coles   coses   coves   loess   loses   loves   sloes   socle   soles   solve   voces   voles

t -   celts   clots   colts   coset   cotes   covet   escot   stole   stove   telos   toles   volte   volts   votes

u -   clues   locus   louse   luces   ousel   ovule

v -   clove   coves   loves   solve   voces   voles

w -   clews   cowls   lowes   lowse   scowl   vowel

x -   coxes   loxes

y -   cloys   cosey   covey

z -   cloze   cozes

4 letters

a -   aces   alec   ales   aloe   also   aves   avos   calo   case   cave   coal   cola   lace   lacs   lase   lave   lavs   leas   leva   loca   ocas   olea   oval   sale   save   seal   sola   vacs   vale   vase   veal   vela

b -   bels   bloc   bole   cobs   lobe   lobs   obes   slob

c -   cels   cole   cols   cove

d -   clod   code   cods   coed   cold   deco   dels   devs   docs   does   dole   dols   dose   dove   elds   lode   odes   olds   sled   sold   veld

e -   cees   cels   cole   cove   eels   else   eves   lees   levo   lose   love   oles   seel   sloe   sole   vees   voes   vole

f -   clef   floc   floe   foes   self

g -   clog   cogs   egos   gels   goes   legs   loge   logs   ogle   sego   slog

h -   cosh   echo   helo   hoes   hole   hols   hose   hove   lech   loch   shoe

i -   ceil   coil   evil   ices   isle   leis   lice   lies   live   loci   oils   sice   silo   soil   soli   veil   vice   vies   vile   viol   vise

j -   joes   jole

k -   coke   elks   koel   leks   lock   okes   sock   soke

l -   cell   cels   cole   cols   ells   levo   lose   love   oles   sell   sloe   sole   vole

m -   come   elms   mels   mocs   mole   mols   move   some

n -   clon   cone   cons   enol   eons   leno   lens   lone   noel   noes   nose   once   ones   oven   sone

o -   cole   cols   cool   coos   cove   levo   loco   loos   lose   love   oleo   oles   sloe   sole   solo   voes   vole

p -   ceps   clop   cope   cops   epos   lope   lops   opes   pecs   peso   pole   pols   pose   scop   slop   spec

r -   cero   core   cors   eros   lore   orcs   ores   orle   over   recs   revs   rocs   roes   role   rose   rove   sore

s -   cels   cess   cols   coss   less   lose   loss   oles   oses   secs   sels   sloe   sole   sols   voes

t -   celt   clot   colt   cost   cote   cots   lest   lets   lost   lots   scot   sect   slot   tels   toes   tole   vest   veto   vets   volt   vote

u -   clue   cues   ecus   luce   lues   luvs   slue   soul

v -   cove   levo   love   voes   vole

w -   clew   cowl   cows   lowe   lows   owes   owls   owse   scow   slew   slow   vows   woes   wove

x -   oxes

y -   cloy   coly   cosy   coys   levy   leys   lyes   lyse   oyes   syce

3 letters

a -   ace   ale   als   ave   avo   lac   las   lav   lea   oca   ova   sac   sae   sal   sea   vac   vas

b -   bel   bos   cob   lob   obe   sob

c -   cel   col   cos   sec

d -   cod   del   dev   doc   doe   dol   dos   eds   eld   led   ode   ods   old   sod

e -   cee   cel   eel   els   eve   lee   lev   oes   ole   ose   sec   see   sel   vee   voe

f -   efs   elf   foe

g -   cog   ego   gel   gos   leg   log   seg   veg

h -   hes   hoe   ohs   she

i -   cis   ice   lei   lie   lis   oil   sei   sic   vie   vis

j -   joe

k -   elk   kos   lek   oke

l -   cel   col   ell   els   lev   ole   sel   sol

m -   elm   ems   mel   moc   mol   mos   oms   som

n -   con   ens   eon   nos   one   ons   sen   son

o -   col   coo   cos   loo   oes   ole   ose   sol   voe

p -   cep   cop   lop   ope   ops   pec   pes   pol   sop

r -   cor   ers   orc   ore   ors   rec   res   rev   roc   roe   ser

s -   cos   els   ess   oes   ose   sec   sel   sol   sos

t -   cot   let   lot   set   sot   tel   toe   vet

u -   cue   ecu   leu   luv   sou   sue   use

v -   lev   voe

w -   cow   low   owe   owl   sew   sow   vow   woe   wos

x -   cox   lex   lox   sex   sox   vex   vox

y -   coy   ley   lye   sly   soy   yes

z -   coz   lez

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